It had passed two years after delivery of the diploma, the day on which the lives of Doremi and the others changed radically. We contacted each other almost every day, told each other all, with the enthusiasm that they had when they were together and when they couldn't call each other, they wrote email or letters. They were in contact, maybe for fear that the distance was divided them forever.

Onpu was acting in a film in Europe, when she could, she answered to emails of others, but it was difficult to keep up with everything, and slowly she stopped phone and send the emails. The truth is that she hadn't time...

Aiko was went to Osaka to live with his parents, who in the meantime, they had married and her mother was expecting a child. Aiko hadn't problems to make friends. Doremi and the otherslacked,but over time she began to be heard less and less,between the mother's pregnancy and taking care of his grandfather in her stead. Also she hadn't time...

Momoko was returned to America with her parents and resumed contact with her old friends. His life was divided between the school, friends and patisserie where, meanwhile, she worked. Her Japanese became stunted and it was increasingly difficult to converse with each other while she working. Her email became rare and stopped calling. She hadn't time…

Hazuki was in private school for women, which it had a hardly programm, tough materials and a world-class violin, since she played as a professional. With Doremi she saw sometimes, but then she had to redouble its efforts and soon could no longer see her, call her or write her. She hadn't time…

No longer had time for a past now gone, no longer had time for a friend who had so much love, friendship, pure and simple, who did not want anything in return.
The phone rang at home, but no one answered Senoo.
The phone rang at home, but no one answered the Fujiwara.
The phone rang at home, but no one answered Asuka.
The phone rang at home, but no one answered Segawa.
Doremi lowered his cornet. Nobody answered her. "As always," she found herself thinking with a bitter smile on the lips. She didn't felt closer as they once were. They spoke rarely and none of the four had found her.

"The distance divides and the the time does forget. "

That Doremi repeated by almost a year, not knowing make peace, did not find reason for their behavior. They had promised that they would be kept in touch, always, even if they were always friends far away.

"But that was not true at all. "

It was the third year of middle school. Among his old friends, Masaru was in her class. He, like her, he felt the lack of Hazuki, but he at least could see her . . .

The first day of early spring, Hazuki was retourned at home and then in front of her saw Masaru. For a year and a half they saw both pleased and to meet after a long time. They did the road together and when they were in front of house of Hazuki, Masaru was a thing never would have dreamed of doing long ago. Hugged her . . .

Doremi found herself thinking about what was the beginning of the story between Masaru and Hazuki, told her the last time Hazuki spoke before stopping her.
Masaru watched Doremi. Her eyes were increasingly turned off by two years. He stood up when the bell rang of recreation and he went in the next class. Kotake was a nice guy,great football player get away with and knew the school. He was popular in school and many girls liked him, but he had eyes only for a girl, one who was letting go of yielding to melancholy. When he saw Masaru in front of the door he realized that the situation was worsening. Doremi is not angry anymore when he teased, which he did worry about all those who knew her, but she always answered with a sweet smile saying that everything was fine, not to worry.

"She hiding her pain behind smiles that they knew of tears. "

Masaruled Kotake in his class, but of Doremi no trace. They came out to ask if anyone had seen her.
"Of course, as you may not notice a still carrying the Odango in fourteen years? And then say it's a land slide at school, "said a giggling boy.
By Masaru Kotake, was stopped just in time. How to speak evil of "his" Doremi? Even knew her! And then only he could take it around. Split and each sought to own. Kotake went on the terrace of the school and found her there. Resting on the railing, she dissolved his long hair now, moved by the wind and the tears streaming down her face. Doremi turned towards him trying to hide the tears. The heart of Kotake lost a beat. Ever wanted to see her cry, but she was crying after two years had accumulated wascoming out.

She had sent to air her dream of becoming a witch simply because she knew that she wouldn't see her family and her friends,but she was wrong. Now she was far from her friends and above all the others were there with her, the other had forgotten her, and she had sent to air her dream for them. Now she was alone, she hadn't nobody. Even her little girl, her Hana.

Kotake came up to her, took her hand and raise the ground embracing her. She tore, shed all the tears that the heart could hold. Kotake stroking her hair, stretching it even to himself with making possessive.
"You're not alone, I'll take care of you myself," said Kotake watching her in the eyes. After so long believed the words of Doremi and hugged her in turn, but Kotake knew it wouldn't managed to make her forget the pain, the Flat 4, Ojamajo and Hana had caused, not so easily. They went down and walking down the corridors Kotake had put his arm over her shoulders and walked in that half embrace, under the astonished gaze of all.

"Wow! Beautiful! But who is it? "asked the guy who first spoke bad of Doremi.
"She is Doremi, and she is my girlfriend" Kotake said kissing her in front of everyone.
"Finally you decided" said Masaru and their old friends of elementary. But Masaru knew that alone, Kotake, he wouldn't be able to make happy Doremi as a time. Doremi wanted, "must" have some answers about why the others were abandoned her. That day Masaru had to meet with Hazuki.
"You heard Doremi these days?" Masaru asked at point-blank range. Hazuki taken to looked at him with an indecipherable gaze.
"I didn't have time" said Hazuki lowering the gaze. It was true she hadn't time for anyone, barely she had to Masaru. Masaru stood up and headed towards the door.
"Wait! Where are you going? "asked Hazuki.
"Now you haven't time, have you? If you don't have time for her, the same thing is for me. But when you want to love to a person and keep you, you find the wheather, "said Masaru coming home.
Hazuki knew that Masaru was right, and she felt she had ruined everything. At that moment she remembered an episode happened a few days before.

Hazuki ran not to arrive late to the violin lesson, she had done late at school and she risked getting angered the teacher. She ran until she met a red hair tied in two odango. She recognized immediately Doremi, but simply without turning. If she would have done later hailed and couldn't afford it. With the corner of her eye she saw Doremi shake a hand in
direction and then lower it right away.

Put down the violin on the couch and ran in front of the pc, the lit and sent a message to Aiko, Onpu and Momoko, which for a case of destiny were all connected.

"I have ruined everything, I ruined our friendship with my behavior. I made her feel bad and I have no excuse, "wrote Hazuki.

"Not even you have contacted the other? I feel a worm to be made hear all this time, not having responded to the email and I regret not having ever invoked Doremi "wrote Aiko.

"We proposed that despite the distance we always feel,but I have not kept the promise. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to forget our friendship, I wanted to respond to emails and calls of Doremi, but I was never the time or the words "wrote Momoko.

"I'm sorry for I not having replied. The acting in a film had occupied my whole day and when I had a moment of rest I had still more to do. Sorry, I haven't answered to your emails, to Doremi " wrote Onpu.

There was a moment of silence where everything seemed to stop, where time seemed to have stopped and the past to return. All of them had confessed to not having made you feel, that the only one that tried to contact all was Doremi and realized the had been abandoned her.

"I sucked . . . " wrote Aiko.

" To those who say. I don't reserve her friendship, "wrote Momoko.

"We have no excuses, but how can we remedy?" wrote Hazuki.

"We must find a way before it's too late" wrote Onpu.

Ironically, all four spoke of the past, apologysed not to be remained in contact, just as that between them they wanted most of all to hear was absent . . . Doremi.