2nd story… I can't continue my other story because, I got writer's block and I wasn't playing Fusionfall since school started. So I'm making another one, which I liked to do better.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Blair

Blair's POV:

I woke up in the morning, and as usual, I'm alone at my house so I got up and prepared my breakfast and get ready for school. Every time I look at the window, something always flashes in my mind that makes my head ache, so I'm not forcing myself to know what it was.

I finished my breakfast so I took my bath, wore m uniform and combed my hair. I waited outside with my friends, the Kids Next Door Sector V

At the Delightfuls:

"Kids, it's time to go to school" Father called his "children" to come down the stairs.

"We're coming!" Bruce, the short blonde boy said

And they finished breakfast so they all went to school.

Normal POV:

- At School –

"Hey Blair, so are coming with us at the cafeteria later?" Kuki or Numbuh 3 asked

"Ummm. I think no. Sorry" Blair said bowing her head to Kuki while adjusting her glasses.

"Oh, it's ok. Let's go to our class now"

"Ok" The rest of the KND answered and so does Blair.

When they entered the classroom, the delightfuls, who was undelightfulized at the moment, was glaring at Blair as if they were going to eat her or something.

"You're gonna regret that you leave us." David, the tall brunette boy murmured

"You will be running back to Father sooner or later" Ashley, the blonde girl added

"You're going DOWN!" Lenny, the African Boy, ruined the serious moment so Ogie pinched him.

So classes start and it was boooooring. And finally, classes were dismissed because of the heavy rain so everyone went home but Blair is still fixing her things with the Delightfuls.

"Well, well, well, if it wasn't Ms. Blair Traitorheart" Ogie teased while snapping her fingers

"Ummm. It's Sugarheart, and what do you want?" Blair asked

"We will get you back to Father!" Bruce exclaimed

"To who?" Blair wondered raising an eyebrow

"Oh come on! Don't pretend you just forgot what you did!" Ashley said pointing to Blair's face

"Oh, sorry, you guys must be mistaken, I don't know what you were saying and if you'll excuse me, I'll go home"

"No you're not!"


So yeah, hinting of Blair's true identity. This is going to be a short story, I think. Well, reviews are welcomed!