Once we finished eating we wasted no time in departing for the pub we had visited the previous night. It was all but deserted in the morning and only a couple of drunkards remained. The bartender grinned when he heard us come in and beckoned us closer. Obligingly we went forwards and leaned close to him to hear him whisper to us,
"You're in luck this morning sirs. Mr Stevenson appeared in here merely an hour after you two disappeared. He drank rather too much and I was forced to throw him out. Fortunately for you two he appeared on the doorstep the moment I opened up the pub demanding a pint of ale. He's sat over in that corner right now." he pointed at a dark figure sat with his legs propped up on the table casually.
"Many thanks for your help." Sherlock grinned while speaking in a low voice. I noticed him casually slip some money into the bar tenders hand. We walked together into the shadowy corner and I copied Sherlock as he sat down opposite the man. I noticed he was smoking a pipe and a huge cloud of smoke appeared as he exhaled. I coughed a little as the smoke tickled my lungs but Sherlock seemed to enjoy the taste of it and inhaled it deeply.
"Good morning gentlemen." he smiled widely as he played with his pipe.
"Morning Mr Stevenson."
"You must be the two men that Henry told me about. He said you two were looking for me."
"Did he indeed? Well you were informed correctly. We wish to know your connection to the late Charles Taylor."
"Charles Taylor? Why yes! I do know ol' Charlie! What do you mean the late Charles Taylor? He's dead?"
"This is a small town. Surely you must've heard something about his death?" I frowned sceptically.
"I don't tend to speak to many locals here." he shrugged.
"I assumed as much. Now, when was the last time you spoke to Mr Taylor?"
"Charlie and I spoke only last week. We are...were old friends." he corrected himself quickly.
"So you spoke often?"
"Yeah I suppose we met lots in here. We mostly drank together and played cards."
"Thank you for your help Mr Stevenson."
"Goodbye sirs." he smiled and took another long breath through his pipe.

Mrs Taylor was just leaving her house when we arrived.
"Oh! Mr Holmes, Dr Watson to what do I owe this pleasure?" she asked as she slipped her gloves onto her hands.
"We were just coming to inspect the will once again."
"Certainly Mr Holmes. My maid is in and I believe that the will is where you left it on the dining room table. I shall be out till four because I'm having tea with Mr Brooks my gardener."
"That will be perfectly fine. I'm sure we shan't be long." Sherlock nodded. Mrs Taylor smiled slightly and continued on her way down the street. Sherlock and I were let into the house by the maid and we sat around the dining room table with the will between us. Sherlock retrieved the newspaper cutting from his pocket. He closed his eyes and pressed his fingertips together in deep thought. I picked up the paper and examined it closely. I noticed Sherlock glance towards me and looked away again. Quickly he did a double take and leapt to his feet. His eyes were wide and animated.
"Watson! There is no time to explain but we have to catch up with Mrs Taylor NOW! Bring your revolver!" he ordered and ran out of the room. I was left a little bemused but after a couple of seconds I managed to recover rational thought and raced after him. Sherlock was fast and athletic so he was already halfway down the street. My breathing was heavy and laboured within seconds but I forced myself to keep sprinting after him. The bright, blazing sun didn't help and simply made me sweat more profusely. Sherlock finally turned down a street and burst into a house. I followed after him with my revolver in my hand. I went crashing through the door while brandishing my gun. A shocked Mrs Taylor was sat on an armchair with a saucer in her hand. Beside her sat the bearded man I had met in the pub the day before. Tea dripped from his nose and saturated his facial hair with the scolding hot liquid. Sherlock was holding his revolver as well and pointing it at the gardener. Seeing the scene I quickly put the revolver away.
"What are you doing Watson?" he demanded.
"Putting my revolver away. I assumed you wanted us to run because there was danger to Mrs Taylor! All I can see is her having tea!"
"Don't you see Watson? She was in danger?"
"In danger from what? Mr Brook?"
"Yes! Of course I'm talking about Mr Brook! He's the murderer!"

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