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Spencer POV

I walked up to the door, ready to kill whoever interrupted my special moment with Sam.

These past couples of days have been absolutely amazing. I honestly thought that I would never get to see Sam again, but now having her back brings back all those memories. It's hard to focus on Danielle and our wedding, when I have the opportunity to fight for Sam. I thought that after a year my feelings for her would've disappeared, but now I'm completely sure that they're still here.

I opened the door to find a guy that I'd never met before. He was holding a box of chocolates and roses in his hands.

"Sorry, I think you've got the wrong address, bro!" I said, I was completely sure that he wasn't any of Carly's friends, and unless those roses were for me, he was definitely in the wrong zip code.

"Wait," He said as I was about to slam the door in his face, " isn't Sam staying here?"

I immediately realized who he was. I looked him up and down. He was definitely much younger than me, around Sam's age. He was tall, not as tall as me, and muscular. He has slight tan skin and caramel brown eyes. Next to him, I looked like a monkey standing next to a Zayn Malik.

"You must be Stephen." I finally said. Sam had briefly mentioned him once or twice. She never really liked to talk about him in front of me, but you could definitely tell that she had grown tough feelings towards him.

"And you must be Spencer." He said holding straight eye contact with me for the first time. "I don't know what you want, but you better stay away from Samantha! She's with me now, so she doesn't need you anymore. What you had is in the past; she doesn't feel anything for you anymore."

So he was threatening me? I was about to reply to his rude comment when Sam walked into the room. She immediately spotted Stephen in the doorway, and ran towards him. She seemed to be whispering sweet things to him. I tried not to stare at them, but it was impossible not to notice how much he meant to her.

Finally, she pulled away from him and turned to face me. I knew she was avoiding my gaze as she introduced us to each other.

"Nice to meet you Stephen." I said pretending to have forgotten his previous remark. "I just remembered that I forgot something at Danielle's house. I'll go over and get it." I said excusing my sudden departure. I didn't feel like staying there, torturing myself as I observed Sam's affection for Stephen. I need to get out of there, or else I would be forced to kick Stephen's ass.

Sam's POV

As soon as Spencer left, I realized how selfish I was being. One moment I was there flirting with him, next thing you know, I'm jumping into Stephen's arms. I know that sooner or later I'll have to choose between them both. As for now, I just wanna enjoy these moments. I absolutely love hanging out with Stephen, and I love the way he makes me feel. Deep down, I know that my heart belongs to Spencer. I also know that Stephen has been there for me, whenever I just needed someone to comfort me. I've used him so much times this past year to help me forget about Spencer. I know that it's not fair for him, but I'm too selfish.

Stephen smiled at me as we sat on the couch, my legs sitting on his knees.

"I missed you!" He said as he wrapped his arms around me. Placing several kisses on my forehead.

I stared at him for the longest time, wondering why someone like him took the time to deal with me. He was always there for me when I needed to get away from my problems. I knew that he deserved for a girl to love, even if that girl wasn't me. But I couldn't bring myself to break his heart. Not after all the drama we had been through this past year.

"I know your birthday is coming up, babe. What do you want to do to celebrate it?" I asked, trying to reward him for everything that he had done for me this past year.

"All I want is you." He whispered into my ear. For a second, I felt my breath caught inside me. After a few moments, I just smiled at him. I was tired of pretending to be completely in love with him, but I couldn't bring myself to break his heart either.

Stephen's POV

My birthday was coming up, and I couldn't be more excited. I was planning to use this as an opportunity to finally ask Sam to marry me. I had been thinking about this for the longest time now, and I think that now is the right time to take this step in our relationship. I'm absolutely sure that she's the right girl for me. She has brought me so much happiness this past year that I can't picture a life without her. She's the reason I wake up every morning, and she's the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. I know that my time is running out, so I need to make her mine before it's too late.

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