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Chapter 5: The Final Ultimate Showdown

As Sora went inside to the arena leaving the others remained, the sky, mainly the clouds suddenly turned darker with purple shade. When the others looked above, trying to figure what's going on, Kairi nearly jumped in surprise knowing that Roxas was beside her all along.

"Roxas!? why aren't you with Sora?" Kairi asked the nobody.

Roxas only lowered his head in confusion "He wanted me to stay here. He… he said that he wanted to win this match by his own power. I don't know what he meant by that, also he made me quite worried back there."

"Why? What did he say?" Kairi asked again.

Finally had the courage to tell the truth, Roxas straightened his face to Kairi "He said something like if he can't make through this battle alive or like that. That made me worry."

'Why did Sora say something like that?' Namine asked through Kairi's mind, now began to feel worry about Sora too.

The redheaded girl only lowered then shook her head, unable to find the right answer "I don't know Namine, even Roxas doesn't know why either."

As they made into their seats, Aqua and Riku also realized that Sora wasn't like energetic and passionate like before. Instead his face was serious as he was about to face the strongest opponent in the Coliseum.

"I never seen Sora like this before." Aqua then turned to Riku "Do you know something, Riku?"

Riku shook his head while thinking the same thing "Actually I never seen him like this too Aqua. But whatever it is, I can feel that he will face a strong opponent, even stronger than the ones that we've fought."

"And I have a bad feeling about this sky..." Aqua said, looking at the now darkened sky with purple clouds with a frown on her face which made the silver haired teen nodded as his response 'Somehow this feeling is similar just like when I was in the Realm of Darkness, but this is more violent. What is this?'

At the same time, the spectators began to either fear or panic due of what happened with the Coliseum, even the announcer couldn't bring himself well enough to handle the situation with his trembling legs. "Uhhh… W-well I-I'm pretty sure this is just one of the Olympus Gods and the Goddess surprises for us. E-Everything will be really really okay folks… I hope so." said the announcer with fear in his voice at the last part. Suddenly Hades appeared beside the announcer with his wide devilish grin, freaking him out and the spectators. Hades only watched in amuse as he saw the announcer ran away like a mouse and the frightened spectators. He then began to take over the announcer position and acted as the new announcer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it seems our Olympus Gods and Goddess have a great sense of humor. Well here is your one and the only one Underworld God, HADEEESSSS! Here to announce the greatest, mightiest and yet the most brutal match ever, the UNKNOOOWWWN MAAAAAATTTTTCHHH!" The God of the Underworld proudly announced as two pillars of flames appeared from his sides "Who will be the winner? Who will earn the title 'Shadow Champion'? Or who will be the new resident of MY Underworld? We will find out soon enough. AH HA HA HA HA HA." Hades then let out his freaky evil laugh. Hercules, Zack, and Meg who saw him began to worry and angry at the same time.

"That Hades! He must have hired someone to fill this unofficial match." Hercules clenched his fist, angered from Hades' cheap tricks for cheating the game

"You mean like when he made me fought Aqua and Kairi?" asked Zack.

"No, for some reason Hades had begun to hate Sora for always ruining his plan to take over Olympus. That's why every time Sora came to visit, he always hired somebody to kill him just like how he always tried to kill me." Hercules explained. Zack who heard him was quite surprised, he didn't expect that while he was gone, that Sora kid already became one of most annoying people for Hades aside himself, Hercules, and even Terra, Ven, and Aqua.

"Still, I wonder who he will fight against. Even though he's quite strong, he's still a kid. Don't you agree Wonderboy?" Meg asked, worrying about Sora's safety too.

Inside the arena, Sora noticed that the arena was smaller than three previous fights, but the most thing that hard to miss was the gigantic black thorns that emerged from the both entrances and formed a spiked gate. Judging from the size of the arena, he knew that he would fight someone instead of something. However for some reason he got a weird sense of déjà vu, sweats and began to flow from his forehead as the spiky Keybearer tried to hide his nervousness or fear.

"Last time when I felt like this was when I fought him for the first time." Sora said to himself 'Then, my opponent is...!' Suddenly a magical circle appeared in the sky at the center of the arena. The circle then shoot a beam of light that was very bright that even Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Aqua, Hercules, Zack, Meg, and all of the other spectators had to cover their eyes from the light. As the light faded away, Zack's eyes were widened, he couldn't believe with what he saw.

'Impossible, it couldn't be him.' Zack thought with widened eyes at Sora's opponent, he never expect that he would see him again after the incident at Nibelheim Mako Reactor.

A long silver haired man who wore a black outfit with shoulder armor and one large wing from his right shoulder and 7 foot long nodachi katana on his left hand stood before Sora with eyes closed. From his expression, one can tell he was calm and yet cruel at the same time. Sora didn't expect that he had to face him again for the third time.

He who was admired so much by Cloud back at his homeworld…

He who was the first class SOLDIER who had razed Cloud's village…

He who claimed himself as the darkness of Cloud that will always back…

The One Winged Angel…


(Advent: One Winged Angel - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)

As Sephiroth began to open his eyes and looked at Sora, he only gave him a calm smile. But Sora knew he had another intention by just looking at his eyes.

"I thought I was going to face Cloud again, but it seems that I have to face you again, Sora." Sephiroth said calmly before he drew his Masamune as he mentioned his name.

Sora activated his armor and summoned his Kingdom Key, holding it tighter than usual before answering him "And I never thought that my opponent will be you again, Sephiroth." Roxas, Riku, Kairi, and Aqua only could watch in confusion, they were surprised that Sora knew that man, yet he never told them before.

"I-I never seen this man before." Roxas said in disbelieve as he watched the two.

"But how? Weren't you with Sora?" Kairi asked.

Roxas shook his head "I woke up after merged with him at the Memory Skyscraper, where I brought him into his Station of Awakening and fought him, sure I held half of his memory, but so far I never seen this man before." As he finished his words, uneasiness, fear, and nervousness began to fill the nobody, remembering what Sora was about to say before the match started.

"I-I can sense it, his darkness… It's far stronger even more than Ansem or Maleficent! Just who is this man?" Riku said, sure he knew that Ansem and Maleficent had a lot of darkness, but he never seen such a person who isn't a heartless, yet he had even stronger darkness, strong enough that made Riku quite frightened and had cold sweats.

'Is he one of Xehanort's new subordinate? I can sense a lot of darkness inside him, maybe this is even stronger than what Master Xehanort had before.' thought Aqua, she had seen enough darkness and even felt it in the Realm of Darkness, but this man's darkness felt even more powerful to her than the Realm of Darkness. In an instant everyone began to wonder, where did Sora meet this man? How did he know him and why did he know about Sora too?

"I see… So you're still chosen by the Keyblade of yours, and judging from the armor you're wearing, I'm suppose that you've achieved the 'Master' title." Sephiroth said in his calm voice, still pointing Masamune toward Sora.

"Yeah! So what if I am? As long as I can wield the Keyblade, I'll use it to bring the people out from their suffering!" Sora retorted at his words. Sephiroth who heard his answer only smiled back and began to play with his mind.

"Hmph, you're just a vessel of someone's heart who can actually wield a Keyblade, do you really think you have the right to call yourself one?" Sora was shocked after hearing his words, but he remembered what Cloud had said to him that Sephiroth always played with people's mind. As he snapped back to the reality, suddenly…

"That's enough!" Sephiroth suddenly swung his Masmune toward Sora with a quick flash attack. Already familiar with this attack Sora raised his Keyblade in defense and blocked it, the attack was like a single fast but nothing attack, suddenly Roxas, Riku, Kairi, and Aqua watched in disbelieve as they saw Sora was blocking like a multiple rapid attacks and left unscratched at all. 'Just who is he actually, what kind of attack was that?' thought them.

Finally finished guarding his attack, Sora turned back and tried to hit him with his Kingdom Key, but failed as Sephiroth evaded the attack easily. He was fast, even faster than before. He then vanished from Sora's sight and suddenly appeared from his back, giving him an unexpected attack with Masamune's grip. The attack was strong enough that made Sora pushed away from him.

Finally regained his balance, Sora tried to attack him with his Ars Arcanum attack, however Sephiroth blocked all of his attacks easily as they were nothing for him. As Sora gave him the last blow from his attacks, they had their weapons locked each other. Unfortunately, Sora got a hard time to hold his position against Sephiroth immense power. Seeing Sora struggled against him, Sephiroth brought himself closer and looked at his eyes with his green cat pupil eyes.

"You are almost same as Cloud, Sora. You can't embrace your own darkness just like him." Sora however didn't respond anything as he knew Sephiroth was trying to play with his mind. As they released their weapons and backed off, Sora dismissed his Kingdom Key and re-summoned his Keyblade, unlike his Kingdom Key, this Keyblade was quite longer than Kingdom Key, the Keyblade had a red handle and guard. At the base of the blade, there were two holes, one on top of the other, and there were three holes adjacent to the teeth, also it had a Chocobo token as the keychain. It was the first Keyblade he received from Cloud at Hercules Cup, the Metal Cocobo. Sephiroth who saw his new Keyblade suddenly noticed its resemblance with Cloud's Buster Sword. Remembering his fight with Cloud, Sephiroth only smirked at Sora.

Sephiroth began to attack Sora once again by using his Stigma attack, many flame pillars appeared around him, and Sora was pulled into the flame pillars, but he quickly cast Reflega to defend himself and counterattacked him as well. Sephiroth who didn't expect this was taken hit by the energy balls from the barrier and got thrown away. Regaining his balance, Sephiroth then tried to use his Octaslash, he attacked Sora many times only to have his attacks blocked by him, however Sora didn't expect the last attack, suddenly Sephiroth jumped above him and gave him a strong vertical slash that caused a shockwave of darkness, Sora was taken by his finishing attack that made his shoulder armor ripped apart and leaved a bleeding cutting wound on his shoulder. Ignoring the pain, Sora began to use Sonic Blade to counter, Sora then began to attack him seven times by striking him with a high speed. All of his attacks made a contact, but it seemed didn't affect Sephiroth too much as he began to use Shadow Flare to attack Sora, suddenly many dark orbs appeared and encircled Sora, trapping him inside them. Sora tried to dodge by using quick run and aerial dodge, but Sephiroth suddenly appeared before him and continued his attack with Aerial Combo, Sora didn't have enough time to recover and was taken hit many times on the air from his numerous sword slashes, ripping most of his armor and wounded him. As Sephiroth landed back, Sora fell on the arena instead of landing with many wounds and bloods that shed from his wounded body. Trying to stand up again, Sora then casted Curaga on himself so he could continue the battle. Finally regained his energy again, Sora attacked Sephiroth this time by Trinity Break Limit attack. Sephiroth who was caught off guard by Sora's sudden disappearance suddenly got attacked from behind by Sora many times, he then teleported again and this time he attacked him from the front side, and again for the last time from his left side.

Frustrated by his last attack, Sephiroth began to use his Octaslash again, but this time Sora managed to stop him by locking their weapons, again Sephiroth began to play with his mind.

"I can sense it inside you Sora, the fear of yours. The fear if you can't use the Keyblade anymore. The fear if you can't protect the people you loved, especially that girl. You are afraid to be left alone, why you are very similar with Cloud in that way, don't you agree?" Sora was shocked after hearing his words, he didn't expect that Sephiroth really knew the weak point of people's minds. The others who saw it only could watch in worry, especially Kairi, he didn't expect that Sora's last match would turn out like this.

"This is bad, at this rate Sora is going to lose." Riku said, clenching his fist as he watched the one sided match.

"We have to stop him! Sora could get himself killed if he continues on!" Kairi said with panicked and worried tone. Seeing Sora with many wounds and bloods dripping already made her covered her eyes as she couldn't bear to see it. She didn't want anymore of that "Can't we do something Aqua?"

However, the blue haired Keyblade master only shook her head "We can't, we can only hope that Sora will give up or win this match." Aqua said with apologetic tone to Kairi.

"I hope things won't turn worse than this." Roxas said with worried eyes after saw how this Sephiroth guy fought Sora.

Their conversation however didn't go unnoticed, Sephiroth who was still struggling against Sora heard everything so did Sora. "So, are you going to give up?" Sephiroth asked with his usual calm tone. "Not in your life!" Sora retorted angrily which made the one Winged Angel smirked "That's good, because if you're about to give up, then I will simply send your friends to their quick death without any pain." Sora's eyes were widened after heard what he just said, Sephiroth will kill his friends? More reason to not give up and keep fighting him. Anger and hate began to fill his eyes as he pressed his Metal Chocobo against Sephiroth's Masamune.

"I see that you're not going to give up, but still..." suddenly Sephiroth vanished and reappeared in the air in the middle of the arena "Descend, Heartless Angel."

At the moment, a black angel halo suddenly appeared above Sora's head and drained all of his energy in a black aura. Feeling exhausted from the last attack, Sora used Hi-Potion to regain some of his energy. However, as he looked around to find Sephiroth, he felt something unexpected on his chest instead.

Something that was very hurt…

Very hurt that he couldn't even scream…

Something very sharp that had pierced his chest…

"This is the pain that Cloud felt back in our world." Sephiroth then raised his Masamune, letting the blood from Sora's impaled chest flowed through his blade "Can you survive this too just like him?"

Sora could only gasped in horror as Masamune had impaled his chest. As the blood kept dripping from his chest, Sephiroth tossed him to the air, followed by many Aerial Combos. Sora who still suffered from the pain didn't have enough time to evade or even using magic, but still he had to try guarding some of his attacks but failed as all of his attacks made contact with him. As Sephiroth finished his attacks, he landed gracefully to the arena while Sora fell from his last attack on the arena, lying unconscious with even more wounds and bloods from his whole body. Roxas, Kairi, Riku, Aqua, Hercules, Meg, and Zack couldn't believe with what they just saw, it was the most horrific scene they ever had in their life.

"This is… impossible." Roxas said with disbelieve. His somebody counterpart, the one who gave him a life in a first place, fell at the middle of the arena with wounds and bloods everywhere.

"This isn't real, this can't be real, it-it can't be…" Kairi said with a cry tone while covering her mouth in disbelieve. She couldn't believe, Sora the boy that she loved so much, would end up like this. She couldn't bear to take it anymore. As she cried in horror and sorrow, she buried her head to Riku's chest who tried to comfort her, but still Riku couldn't believe too with what he just saw. Sora, the one who always competed with him in the past for winning Kairi's heart, ended up dying with bloods scattered over his body.

"No, this can't be happen, Sora is much stronger than that…" Riku said with a weak tone.

"No… Sora…" Aqua said in disbelieve after seeing what just happened to Sora. The boy who reminded her so much with her friend Ventus, was dying right before them.

"AND NOOOW, we have the WINNNERR!" Hades happily exclaimed as he thought Sora was dead from Sephiroth's last attack before he saw Sora once again tried to stand up after all of those attacks.

"What the?! How-how is this possible?! He should be dead from that last attack!" Hades said in disbelieve as his flames turned red.

Sora tried to regain his balance and stood up again using the Keyblade as support with the blood still dripping from his wounds. However he didn't care about that, all that he knew was if he gave up, Sephiroth would harm his friends. He wouldn't allow that to happen, not in his life over his dead body. As he finally able to stand up, he dismissed his Keyblade for once again and re-summoned another one. But this time, the Keyblade didn't look like any other Keyblades, It had the shape like a modern day keys with the bandages adorning its base, and it had a wolf token pendant as its keychain. It was Fenrir, the Keyblade that he received from Tifa. The strongest Keyblade that he ever had that even surpassed his Ultima Weapon in terms of strength. Again Sephiroth who saw his new Keyblade could tell the resemblance with Cloud's Fusion Sword.

At the same time, Sora could feel something strange flowed inside his body, something strong, tempting, and yet uncontrollable, he was about to be consumed by his Anti Form power. Sora couldn't let that happen again, not in this fight, sure his anger, rage, and hatred had filled the darkness inside him, but he couldn't let himself to lose his sanity over the darkness despite its incredible power. Sephiroth who saw this began to give him another smirk.

"Yes Sora… let the darkness flow in your body, embrace them, and give yourself to the darkness, you're more suitable in that." Sephiroth said to Sora as he believed Sora was about to submit himself to the darkness. But much for his surprise, he only saw a dark blue and black aura in Sora's body, the same aura when Sora entered his Anti Form. But this time, Sora wasn't consumed by the darkness from Anti Form, instead he gave Sephiroth a glare filled with determination, a determination to protect those that he cared so much.

"Haah… haaah… there is… there is no way I would give in myself to the darkness, not even in your dream Sephiroth!" Sora yelled as he ran towards Sephiroth to attack him once again. Sephiroth began to block his attack, but suddenly Sora vanished from his sight and reappeared again from behind and unleashed his Trinity Break Limit attack, however unlike the last time, the Keyblade was glowing with yellow aura similar when he used Ars Arcanum attack, making the attacks even stronger that Sephiroth didn't have a chance to evade or even counter and knocked him away.

As Sephiroth finally regained his balance, he tried to attack Sora once again with his Octaslash, however Sora blocked again all of his attacks and this time he prepared for the last blow. As Sephiroth jumped above and launched his final blow, Sora blocked his sword and counter it with Zantetsu-Counter continued with his Zantetsuken attack. The two warriors finally stood in silence until finally Sephiroth fell to his knee. (End of Advent: One Winged Angel)

"Impressive… I never thought that you will be the one who can eliminate me instead of Cloud, Sora." Sephiroth said as he held the pain in his chest. Suddenly he let his Masamune fell from his hand and disappeared in the darkness.

"And I never thought that I could win against you for the second time. I guess this time I win this battle fair and square, Sephiroth." Sora said as he dismissed his Keyblade and walked toward Sephiroth.

"Indeed, you are the true winner of this battle Sora, but… remember this, as the light in your heart grows bigger, the darkness in your heart will also grow bigger too. And darkness is easy to find, but light… is easy to lose. Never forget that Sora." As he finished his last words, suddenly Sephiroth began to vanish in a column of light and left a wing shaped keychain in black color. Sora then walked and grabbed the keychain, suddenly his Keyblade began to materialize in his hand. However the Keyblade was shaped like Sephiroth's Masamune sword with fire motif acted as the teeth and the black wing as the keychain. Sora knew it was Sephiroth's gift for beating him in this final match, the One Winged Angel Keyblade. "Thanks, Sephiroth…" Sora said to himself, now he felt a bit guilty as he finally discovered that Sephiroth wasn't that bad, but still he couldn't forgive him for threatening his friends to death.

Hades on the other hand could only watch in disbelieve for having his strongest competitor finally defeated by the hands of the same Keybearer that always ruined his plans.

"ARRRRRRRGGGGHH! HOW COULD THIS HAPPPENN! HE IS SUPPOSED TO LOSE, TO BE DEAD, TO BE THE NEW RESIDENT OF MY UNDERWOOLRRDD!" Hades yelled angrily before he felt someone tapped his back, he then turned back only to find Hercules and Zack gave him an uppercut that sent him back to the Underworld Gate.

As Sora walked back to the lobby, the others already waited for him in relieve. As he walked to them, suddenly Kairi ran towards him and hugged him tightly while she cried in relieve after fearing that she would lose him forever.

"I-I'm so glad that you're safe Sora, just don't ever do that again, never and ever! You really made me worried sick back there!" scolded Kairi to Sora.

"I-I'm sorry Kairi, I just didn't want you and the others to get hurt because of me. Sephiroth would harm you and the others if I gave up on him, so that's why I couldn't give up back there." Sora apologized to Kairi. Finally Kairi released her hug and began to help Sora walked back to the lobby where the others waited for him. Roxas was the one spoke to him first.

"Uhm... I never knew that you have known that man before. I guess being your Nobody doesn't mean I always know everything in your mind, doesn't it? Don't ever do that again for the next time, you almost gave us a heart attack, well… if I had one." Roxas said as he began to reunite with Sora's body in particles of light. Riku then was the next one to speak with him.

"You have grown stronger Sora, even stronger than me to be precise. If I was the one who had to fight him, maybe I wouldn't last even for a minute." He said while helping Sora walk too, but still he didn't expect Sora from beginning to fight a mysterious swordsman like Sephiroth. Aqua was the last one who talked with him.

"You beat him Sora. From my point he was even stronger than Master Xehanort was, maybe… you really have what it needs to defeat Xehanort. Congratulations Sora." She then ruffled his hair with her hand which made Sora grinned at her.

As the sky began to clear once again, Hercules, Zack, Meg, and Phil (who just returned from the training area) began to congratulate Sora too.

"You really defeated him! I couldn't even lay a finger on him last time when he was in this coliseum! You're really a true hero Sora!" exclaimed Hercules, Sora only could give him a small chuckle while he still tried to stand properly with Kairi and Riku's help.

"You did a great fight back there, but please don't push yourself too hard like Wonderboy for next time, Sora." Meg said, making Sora scratched his head with his sheepish smile as his apology, Aqua then began to cast Curaga spell because Sora's magic power had been completely depleted by Heartless Angel attack.

"You defeated him! Sephiroth, the 1st class SOLDIER in my homeworld! Man, I can't wait to tell Cloud about this!" Zack exclaimed happily. Sora only gave him a thumbs up as his response.

"Wait wait wait just what did I miss back there? Can somebody tell me?" Phil asked with confused look, well he didn't watch the last match from the beginning at all. In an instant everyone began to laugh due of Phil's unawareness of the last match between Sephiroth and Sora. "Heeey what's so funny? Is this what I get for training you guys from zero to hero? I got two words for ya: Just tell me what happened!" hearing his response, everyone only burst into even more laugher.

As the Keyblade warriors summoned their gilders and activated their armor, they bid farewell to Hercules, Meg, Zack, and Phil. They still had to find Terra anyway, however as they flew away from the arena, Sora was still concerned with Sephiroth's last words. 'As the light in my heart grows bigger, the darkness in my heart will also grow bigger too. And darkness is easy to find, but light… is easy to lose? What was that mean? Was he trying to tell me that no matter how big the light in my heart is, the chances of me getting swallowed by my own darkness remains same or even worse?' Sora thought as he and the other Keyblade warriors searched for Terra in another world.

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