Darkest Powers- The Changing

It's my first fanfiction of the Darkest Powers; I thought I'd have another account for it, as my taste in fanfiction writing is rapidly changing. It's my name for the 'what-could-have-been' fourth book of this series, so I will be carrying it on from the end of The Reckoning where the books left off. I

DISCLAIMER: I love this series so please don't think I'm copyrighting or anything, I am purely doing this for entertainment, no other reasons. The DP doesn't belong to me. I don't own bit in italics at the beginning.

"It was a perfect moment, one where nothing else mattered. All I could feel was him. All I could taste was his kiss. All I could hear was the pounding of his heart. All I could think about was him, and how much I wanted this, and how incredibly lucky I was to get it, and how tight I was going to hold onto it.

This was what I wanted. This guy. This life. This me. I was never getting my old life back, and I didn't care. I was happy. I was safe. I was right where I wanted to be."

I'd never felt this safe before. Not like this I was experiencing right now. I was finally, after almost what felt like a lifetime, free of worries which would usually have kept me awake into the dead of the restless nights I'd had since discovering my 'gift'.

The only light in the room was filtering weakly through a small gap between the closed curtains, and I was glad of the meagre light, it hid my blush.

Derek shifted in his sleep and his grip around me tightened slightly. His dark hair hung like a halo around his face and I felt as if the entire world could just melt away leaving only this bed, Derek and myself and I'd find it hard to care.

Not many hours ago we'd been running for our lives through the Edison Project's laboratory with that demi-demon using the guard's body to help me out. Derek had come back for me, thanks to Liz's invention of paper and pens in communicating and he'd helped us escape. We'd also grabbed Simon, Tori and Aunt Lauren and escaped thanks to Kit, Simon's dad and Derek's adopted dad. Now, we were resting in a cheap motel for the night in Pennsylvania, I think, before thinking of a plan of action tomorrow.

It had originally been planned that girls and boys would split, leaving me in a room with Tori and Aunt Lauren, and Derek with his brother and Mr Bae. But Derek's wolf-genes must have been on overdrive after our close encounter, he refused to leave my side, so when Aunt Lauren and Tori eventually fell asleep, I'd gotten up and gone to the boy's room. I'm glad I did. It was too quiet in the other room. Too dark. It reminded me of my encounter with the guard's skeleton, his bones crackling, his fingers scratching at the floor, blindly finding his way towards me, the necromancer who summoned him back to his broken shell of a body.

I know now my powers are dangerous, and I can distinctly remember Margaret's face when I'd raised that entire cemetery, I'd have to learn to control my powers. And soon.

I heard Simon's snoring from across the room as he slept. Hopefully, there are no hard feelings between me and Simon. He knew I'd chosen Derek even before I knew. But it makes me wonder, was it really that obvious?

Mr Bae seems to share his blood-son's talent for snoring; it's like some strange chorus reverberating around the room. It doesn't seem to wake Derek however, which was most likely because he'd lived with both of them for so long that the noise just became another part of the forest soundtrack for him. Like an owl at night, just another ordinary background sound, so familiar it isn't even worth turning your head at.

It kept me awake however. I'd never had anyone at home to even imagine hear snoring, so it made it extra difficult having to deal with two sets of snoring mouths instead of just Simon's occasional snore which I was accustomed to by now.

I felt Derek waking slightly as I turned and tossed, eager to block the noise. His green eyes met mine though the dark and I looked up at him apologetically.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." I whispered.

Derek's eyes stayed trained on mine, his grip on me didn't falter in the slightest.

"Don't worry about it. Can't sleep?" He asked his voice low and sleepy.

I opened my mouth to reply but Simon and his dad beat me to it. Derek seemed to understand however. He tilted his head slightly.

"Ah, snoring's bothering you, huh?" He murmured, rubbing his eyes and allowing me to lean into him. I breathed in the smell that his shirt held like I was taking my last breath.

My eyes began to close involuntarily.

I felt my muscles slowly relaxing and my jaw unclenching as I sunk into Derek. The noise of snoring was barely noticeable as he leant over me and clutched me tightly. His heavy hand fell to stroking my black hair and I felt myself slipping into an abyss of what I thought was a dreamless sleep.

I heard the screeching of old bones being brought to move, of cracking joints and snapping of teeth so close it could almost be real…

"Chloe! Chloe! Wake up!"

I awoke with a start to Derek shaking me forcefully, so much for him being affectionate I suppose.

"What?" I growled, annoyed at being disturbed from my sleep.

Derek glared at me through the darkness, and then, I heard it.

A sound so recognisable, yet it made my blood run cold.

A crack of a hip joint, a creak of floorboards underfoot, a clacking of a rusty jaw, a scrabbling of fingernails against the ground.

I held in the urge to whimper and clasped tight to Derek's shirt in small clumps. Derek slowly lifted his head with me attached to his side like a lump that won't recede.

"Chloe, you need to send it back." Derek whispered hoarsely.

It was then I noticed neither Mr Bae nor Simon seemed to have awoken to the sound of the undead corpse currently scuttling beside their beds.

I felt with my fingers under my neck and found my necklace, it glowed a faint violet in the darkness. I closed my eyes and imagined the skeleton in my head, and imagined pulling its soul from its degenerated body.

The noise got closer until I could hear each single finger bone individually hitting the floor. I could feel Derek's heartbeat rapidly thumping in his chest along with my own.

"Focus, Chloe." Derek muttered, holding me gently despite his growing worry.

I focused, I really did. I focused till I could hardly draw myself out and it was still there; still, searching, for me.

All of a sudden, I felt a strange coldness on my leg. It seemed to seep through the blankets and chill me to the bone. I shivered, and felt the feeling working its way up my leg as each finger rapped me with cold and fear.

Derek straightened, his emerald eyes glowering in the darkness, he turned to me.

"Chloe." I already knew what it was by now. "Send it back." He uttered.

I tried to keep calm as the corpse clambered closer towards me, with its vile, rotting carcass and clicking bones.

I concentrated, and finally, as the creature's fingertips caressed against my cheek, the noise began to slow, until, finally, it stopped.

It was only when I was completely sure I'd banished the soul back to the afterlife, did I finally jump from underneath its bony exterior.

Derek had already moved and allowed me to leap off the bed and to beside the door where I now stood, shaking in the cold as he moved his hand towards the light switch and flicked it on.

I looked at him in worry, "We've got to get rid of it. What will my dad and Simon say if they wake in the morning and there's a corpse in my bed?" He sighed.

I wrenched my eyes from his and dared myself to look at the bed.

It must've been an old body, because all that was left of it was bones and nothing more.

"What the hell?"

Derek and I looked over to see Simon cowering, his eyes wide with fear at the skeleton on his brother's bed.

"Chloe had a nightmare, again." Derek butted in, focusing on Simon and using his calmest voice.

Simon's gaze flitted back and forth between Derek and I, before his brain comprehended this information. He smoothed his blond locks back off of his face and smiled weakly at me in an attempt to apologise for freaking out.

Like any sane person would…

I reminded myself.

Derek looked back at Simon, "Don't wake Dad." He whispered, pointing at the still fast asleep figure of Kit.

"Hey, now's not the time for naming board games." Simon chuckled quietly, ignoring Derek's groan of impatience and winking at me.

Derek grumbled and lifted up the skeleton like it was a feather. He then disposed of it somewhere and reported back to me and Simon only a few minutes later. Although I didn't notice his presence until he was almost on top of me. Derek's so light-footed, only his werewolf instincts can explain it.

"What happened?" He asked. He tried hard to mask the growing anger on his face as he awaited an explanation.

I shook my head, "I was trying Derek, I really was! I don't know…"

"How can you NOT KNOW Chloe? You summon them, you send them back. Every time!" Derek's voice became louder, until I felt the shake of the floor beneath us.

"Now, what's going on in here?"

Derek stopped glaring at me and turned to face the other side of the room. There stood Mr Bae, his hair a mess, and eyes bloodshot from his sudden wake up. I faced away from Derek as he looked back and me and crossed my arms. No way was I going to forgive him that easily.

"Uh, nothing." Derek murmured, kicking the floor with his heel and looking annoyed.

Kit put his hand on his hips and raised an eyebrow, "You expect me to believe that, Derek? You're my son, I know when something's up. Especially when you are having a very heated conversation with who Tori mentioned was your girlfriend."

At that Derek's and my face turned so red and hot you could've got away with cooking eggs on them.

"Damn Tori." Derek muttered so his dad couldn't hear.

I just sighed and began untangling my un-naturally black hair with my shaky fingers. Simon looked at me, then at Derek, then back at his dad.

"What's going on then?" He asked again, his eyes now on me. A weak smile spread across his lips in an attempt to make me feel more comfortable.

I just shuffled on the spot in my pyjamas in the awkward silence and opened and closed my mouth with no words coming from it.

Finally, I felt Derek's resolve weakening, "She summoned a ghost back into its body, again." He spat it out like it was some sort of disease he was likely to become infected with.

Kit's eyes widened and his small smile vanished almost instantaneously. I felt myself shiver at his look. His eyebrows furrowed and his mouth was in a fine line. He looked at me with his brown eyes, but I could see there was a sense of nervousness in his gaze.

"Don't be stupid, Derek, only one of the strongest necromancers in the world can do that with tools at her age." Kit shook his head, glowering at his adopted son in ridicule.

I cowered slightly as Derek's gaze followed mine to the door which I might be able to make a break for if he wasn't watching me.

Derek snorted, breaking the silence, "Ask her. If you don't believe me."

With that all three boys stared at me, awaiting my answer. I felt angry, so angry that Derek had stood me up in front of his dad. He'd just proclaimed that I was a serious threat, which might mean that his father might not want to help me after all.

"Chloe? Is what Derek says true?" Kit asked, his eyes bulging.

I looked sideways so I could see Simon's face. He was facing away from us, but I could just see a worried look from this angle. His eyes were clouded with annoyance.

Derek just stood as he did before, arms crossed, head held high. I caught his eye and tried my best to express my complete and utter fury at his big-headed-ness at that moment.

My mouth opened and closed as Kit stood, obviously awaiting my answer eagerly. I sighed, and shook my head, "No."

Kit let out a breath of relief, and I watched Derek's face contort with anger and confusion, it brought a smile to my face.

"But-" Derek began.

I cut him off with a glare so sharp it almost made him jump.

All of a sudden, Aunt Lauren burst in; brandishing what seemed to be a water sprayer. She squirted Derek in the face and I watched in disbelief. Derek floundered at my aunt's sudden-ness.

"Aunt Lauren! What are you doing?" I said, peeling Derek from the wall, sopping wet and offering my jacket to him, though how much use it would be seeming he was two times my size, I wasn't sure. But hey, it's the thought that counts.

My aunt stopped and looked bashful. Derek watched, alert to the sprayer she held with great intent.

"When we couldn't find you, we thought Derek might've- Y'know…" My aunt suddenly stopped talking to Derek and my great relief.

Tori crept in behind my aunt and burst into fits of laughter as she spotted Derek, soaked to the skin, and looking like a drowned puppy. She then clocked my aunt's expression and me standing beside Derek.

"Oops." She murmured, plastering herself to the door frame and laughing awkwardly.

Derek stomped over to her, "Did you tell my dad about me and Chloe?" He snarled, baring his teeth at her like he'd actually changed, which of course, he had not.

Tori slowly sunk backwards into the door, "Ehe…" Was all she could manage.

My aunt slunk up beside Derek, her hands on her hips and sprayer held tightly. "You told me they went off together!" She announced.

"They did!" Tori wailed, "Look! They're right here! In HIS room!" She pointed at me and Derek wildly as the spray bottle came ever closer.

At that, everyone turned to Derek and me, but by then, it was just me standing there. The door slammed shut with such ferocity it shook the entire room.

Everyone went silent and just looked at me like I had done it. I sighed, and grabbed my now-wet jacket from the floor and headed out the door, shaking my head. I left in silence. The door slowly shut behind me. As soon as I'd exited, I heard Aunt Lauren's voice and Tori's now with Kit's and Simon's start up again, all chattering and yelling at once trying to get across their explanations and questions.


I hope you liked the first chapter; I put in the water sprayer because I thought It'd be funny, seeming as Aunt Lauren knows Derek is basically part dog and you train dogs with water sprayers… Just killed the joke, didn't I? Well, hope you like! Review please?