Outside New Orleans, Louisiana

The JLTV came to a stop in an alley. "Get out, get out!" Faraday shouted. Three of the four doors opened, and out came Faraday, Halllows, Alex, and Hannah. "Harper, stay with the vehicle!" he continued, and Harper remained inside on the machine gun.

"Kappa Five, this is Kappa Four, we've dismounted our JLTV and we are on foot with the package, over. We're going to try and get to a residential area, over." Hallows shouted into the radio.

"Understood. Don't hit any civilians, over." Omar replied through the radio.

"Alright, Miss Jones. we're going to push through a residential area. We're debating burning down a house so you can say you lost your house."

"Okay." she replied.

"Team, secure that building! Simmons, take point." Faraday ordered.

Hallows stood against the wall opposite the hinges of the back door to the building. Then, with all his force, he slammed the butt of his rifle against the door, nearly knocking the door off its hinges. He quickly swung back behind the wall, and Alex stepped through into what appeared to be a bakery kitchen, sweeping the room for any hostiles. None were found. "Clear!" The others stepped through.

"I'm taking point." Faraday said, as he opened another door, leading out to the counter of the bakery. "Clear." The others stepped through.

The ground began to rumble. "Shit. Hide!" Hallows said quickly.

"Why?" Alex asked.

"Just do it!" Hallows said, as he hid behind one of the display cases. Alex hid around one corner of the main door, Hannah hid around the other side. Faraday laid down on the ground just underneath the main window.

"This better be good..." Faraday warned.

"And it is. Enemy tank!" Hallows whispered.

The squad waited for the tank to pass.

"This is Kappa Five, Group Two has linked up with what's left of Theta. We have eyes on an enemy MBT just outside a Bakery, over."

"Kappa copies," Faraday said, "We are inside the bakery, over."

Suddenly, the tank's turret began to swivel towards the bakery. "Shit!" Alex screamed. "Kappa Six, we need that MBT down now!"

"Working on it!" Calhoun said through the radio. "There we go, lock acheived! Missile away!"

The missile streaked upwards, looped around, and hit the top of the tank, setting the tank on fire, destroying most of the inside of the tank, and killing the crew.

"Good effect on target. Nice work, Six." Hallows said.

"Thank you. We're coming to you."

"Hey. See that? Residential area." Omar said. "What do we do now? How do we get her in?"

"Damn it. I should've thought this through." Faraday said.

"I have an idea. We get close to the river and we drop her off, and she can hide wherever until midnight. I know the Westies have a ferry service on the river. Overnight, she can cross the bridge and hide wherever until dawn, when the thing opens. From there, she takes a ferry to another part of town, gets a hotel room, and does whatever until she has to catch her plane to Asia."

"I like it." Hannah said.

"Well, if you agree with it, then I guess I have no choice but to do it." Faraday said. "Alright, let's go. Squads, on me!"

The team ran West, making sure to take cover from the occasional tank or hovercraft patrol. Soon enough, they were one block east of the river. "Well, this is it, I guess." she said.

"I believe so. It was good meeting you." Faraday said, extending his hand. Hannah brought hers up too and they shook hands. Hannah next extended hers to Alex. Alex shook her hand as well. She then shook the hands of each of the other soldiers, before running off to get into position.

"Alright. Soldiers, get back to your vehicles! We still need to hit that supply convoy!"

Alex opened the door to the JLTV and quickly got back in. "Did ya miss us, Harper?" Alex asked.

"I heard explosions." Harper repliad.

"Yeah. Damn tank found us. We had to take care of it quickly before he tattled to the rest of the local force."

"What kind of tank?"

"I dunno. Probably one of our old '783s. It had a railgun, though, so they're most likely modifying our old shit with the new stuff their big brother's giving them."

"Yeah, okay. We going to hit this convoy or what?"

"You boys seem ready. 'Ere we go!" Hallows said as he started up the engine.

Moments later, they were on the road and heading north.

"The convoy is about 10 miles out." Harper said.

"Hallows, there's Kappa Five and Theta, get in formation!" Faraday said.

"Yes, sir."

Shortly after, Harper's radar display began flashing. "Shit, enemy gunship inbound! K-5 Wraith!" Harper exclaimed.

"Is our missile shield active?" Faraday asked.


The Wraith fired a volley of missiles at the convoy of JLTVs, each and every missile being intercepted by the shield.

"Damn it, we need that Wraith destroyed!" Faraday said. "Kappa Six, can you destroy that Wraith?!"

"Hold on, I'm trying to climb into the back!"

Faraday watched as Calhoun, now in the trunk of the lead JLTV, opened the rear hood and leaned out with his rocket launcher. The Wraith fired another volley of missiles, again being intercepted by the missile shield. The Wraith followed up with a burst of cannon fire, destroying the reat JLTV with the rest of Theta in it.

"I'm locked on, firing!"

Alex looked back and saw the Wraith out his window, and watched as the missile streaked towards the vehicle. The missile detonated in the air beside the Wraith, destroying one of its main engines and causing the aircraft to lose control.

"Enemy aircraft is down!" Calhoun yelled into the radio.

"Good work." Faraday replied.

They continued to drive at top speed, getting ever closer to the convoy.

"Convoy is five miles out!" Harper called out.

Minutes later, they gained visual contact.

"Visual contact, four supply trucks and a BTR-2M!" Faraday called out.

"Why are they stopped?"Omar asked through the radio.

"They must be refueling from that gas station over there. We have a perfect opportunity here. Harper, footmobiles near the IFV, let 'em have it!" Faraday said.

"Yes, sir!" Harper replied. He pressed the red button on his joystick, firing the machinegun. The soldiers instantly retaliated and fired their various firearms at the JLTVs to no avail.

"Get out, secure the vehicles!" Faraday shouted. Alex jumped out, immediately spraying a target with his SCAR-11. He quickly took cover behind a dumpster, then fired at two soldiers running for the BTR, presumably the operators. Alex looked left and watched as Calhoun fired his third and final rocket at the BTR, destroying the vehicle before anyone else could access the weapons.

"Good job!" Alex called out.

Alex reloaded his SCAR-11 and shot a few bursts at the remaining enemy soldiers, watching as his other squadmates gunned them down.

"Clear!" Abbot shouted.

"Area secure!" Hallows added.

"Alright, Kappa, search those trucks! Pyle, Hallows, get in our trucks and park 'em next to theirs."

"Yes sir!" the rest of the men responded. Alex ran over to the middle truck and searched it. It was mostly filled with ammo and guns, more specifically Krylov F-2 rifles. "Sir? Not much in this truck. Ammo and several dozen Krylov rifles. A few Type 7 Frag grenades."

"Alright. We'll blow it." Faraday said, as he unveiled red tape, which he used to mark the spots where RDX would be placed.

Alex next joined Omar as he searched the lead truck. "Found anything interesting, Omar?"

"Yeah. I found quite a few gallons of fuel. I figure we should take that. Also found a plane ticket to Mexico, and one from mexico to back Home. Seems like someone's trying to get into the US."

"Did they have a name?"

"Yeah. Richard Spitz."

"I wouldn't be surprised if one of those guys was him." Alex said, pointing to the numerous bodies of West American soldiers that littered the parking lot.

"Can you keep searching the truck? I gotta tell the cap'n about this."

"Yeah, no problem." Alex said, as Omar walked off.

Alex searched the truck's cabin, eventually finding a locked briefcase under the passenger's seat. "Hmm..." alex said to himself as he tried to open the briefcase. It was locked. "Damn."

He got out and walked up to Faraday. "Sir!"

"Yes, Simmons?" Faraday asked.

"I found this. it's locked." Alex said, holding up the briefcase to Faraday.

"Let me see." Faraday said. He inspected the case for a second, then grabbed Alex's XD pistol and fired at the lock, breaking it.

"What was that?!" Hallows shouted.

"Don't worry about it. We had to break something." Faraday replied, calming Abbot down. He then opened the briefcase.

"What the hell?" Faraday remarked, as he pulled out a folder containing files. "Project Thor? KV-55?"

"Damn." Alex said.

"Here. Take the files." Faraday said.

"Wait. There's a hidden compartment." Alex replied.

"Hmm." Faraday said, He opened the hidden compartment of the briefcase. Alex's heart froze.

Inside the compartment were two Type 7 grenades. He presumed that Faraday had activated them by opening the compartment.

"SHIT, GET BACK!" Faraday screamed. Alex got to his feet and quickly ran away as fast as he could. Faraday wasn't as quick or lucky.

The grenade detonated, knocking Alex over but otherwise leaving him unharmed. However, Faraday's right leg had nearly been blown clean off and he was severely injured.

Alex couldn't help but stare at Faraday, who was laying on the ground in an increasingly large pool of blood and without a leg.

He finally worked up the voice to scream "MEDIC!"