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There are three things I feel a burning passionate hate for. Hate is a strong word, that's why there's only three things.


Conga lines.

Draco Malfoy.

Yes, I do hate Draco Malfoy. He's vile, disgusting, repulsive...I could go on and on. It's inconvenient, my vehement hatred for the guy. He's my brother's best mate. My twin brother's best mate. Which means I see him all the time. Which is honestly, much worse then it sounds, because our families have been friends since before any of us were born. Therefore, my hatred for Malfoy has lasted since before First Year. Hogwarts was just an opportunity for us to show our hatred without worry of our parents' watchful glares. Take for example, about a week after First Year started, when he called me ugly and tried to push me in the Black Lake. I had punched him. Nearly broke his nose too, shame I aimed wrong.

"Alex!" a female voice shrieked. I turned, just in time to catch Rae Getzinger as she threw herself into my arms in the major hug of all time. I hugged her back, chuckling at her enthusiasm. Rae was a fellow Chaser on the Quidditch team. She had also been one of my best friends since First Year, when she had applauded me on 'accidentally' setting Malfoy's robes on fire during Herbology. Madame Sprout had given us both detention, where we bonded over picking dirt out of shrub clippers and how much we disliked Draco Malfoy.

"Hey Rae. How was your summer?" I asked, once she had disentangled herself from me.

"Normal enough. My parents kept asking what you were up to, I'm pretty sure they're convinced I'm a lesbian or something. In other words, nothing new!" she grinned widely.

"You know, you've really got a knack for saying the perfect thing," I rolled my eyes, taking the moment to start off in the direction of the train, heaving my trunk after me.

"Well, aren't you just a ray of sunshine?" Rae huffed, grinning anyway. She sat down in an empty compartment.

"It's one of my better qualities, don't you agree?" I countered dryly, sitting across from her. The minutes that followed found the Hogwarts Express pulling out of the station, starting its journey to school. A few minutes passed before we were joined my none other then my brother and the vile villain himself. I only shot Malfoy one glance, but when I did, I couldn't help but notice that he looked far off and somewhat sick. "What'd you do Malfoy? Eat frogsporn?" I couldn't help but point it out to him.

"Nah, I sat in here with you," he nearly sounded normal.

"Glad I provoke such reactions in you," I shot back, maybe a bit too suggestively. His glance in my direction and small eyebrow raise proved that the words were much too suggestive.

"You think about my reactions often?"

"I wasn't aware you had any to speak of."

"Guys! Shut up already!" Blaise suddenly exclaimed loudly over our dispute, glaring at us each in turn.

"You two should just shag. It might fix a lot," Rae suggested mildly, focusing on her fingernails rather in the conversation.

I couldn't do anything except choke violently on air.

"Hey, guys?" a small voice piped up from the compartment doorway, saving me from a reply. We all looked around to see a third year boy standing there, looking meek. It was Sailor, Blaise and my younger brother.

"Hey there, Gryffindork! How's the red life?" Blaise asked him instantly.

"Shut up," Sailor huffed, looking upset.

"You're so mean Blaise," I kicked his leg, hard. "He's not a communist. What is it Sailor?" Sailor glared pointedly at Blaise before turning and giving me that sweet, innocent grin of his.

"They found Lucas, he's up in the driver's compartment. They would've brought him, but they can't get him to come down," he implied the request in his words. I groaned in utter relief.

"Oh thank Merlin. I honestly thought he got left behind. Thanks Sailor. I'll go get him," I jumped up, leaving the compartment and weaving my way down the crowded corridor. People moved aside for me, remember, I'm a scary Slytherin. I ignored all of them, finally reaching the very first compartment. I knocked once before edging inside. A man who I assumed to be the driver was sitting in a chair in the far corner of the room, looking at the top of a cabinet warily. I followed his gaze and saw a massive ball of fluff sitting there, growling quietly.

"You must be Alexa," the driver breathed a huge, relieved sigh.

"That's me. Sorry about him," I gestured to the quivering animal. The driver nodded. I moved so I was right next to the cabinet, looking up at the seemingly adorable fluff ball, until you tried to make him do something. The instant Lucas saw me, he immediately arched his back, the growls fading into deep, guttural purrs. "Come down, there's a good devil cat," I called pleasantly at him. Obediently, Lucas leaped off the cabinet, allowing me to catch him. He climbed, without claws, further up to nudge at my face with his head. I rolled my eyes.

"That's uh, quite a cat you have," the driver muttered. I shot him a look. Nobody disses my cat.

"Thanks," I replied frostily. "Hope he didn't rip anything up," as I said it, my eyes fell on an armchair, the back of which was torn apart and spilling fabric from an obvious cat attack. Good job Lucas. I left, petting the still purring cat lightly. "You, are my partner in crime," I murmured to the cat as I carried him back through the train. Lucas replied by purring louder. Entering the Slytherin compartment again, I found Sailor gone, everyone else still in the position I had left them in.

The next few hours passed without event. Rae and I talked our way through various topics – clothes, the size of Hogwarts bathrooms, guys. You know, the important stuff. My brother and Malfoy pitched into our conversations randomly, sharing their usually disgusting opinions. As we neared Hogwarts, we switched off being in the compartment, first the girls, then the guys, in order to change into our school robes. Lucas was very put out when I forbade him to sit his furriness on my clean black robe, settling for climbing up and curling up at my shoulder instead. I swear, sometimes that cat is half parrot. How he can stay up there remains a mystery to me too, he's so fat.

The walk to the carriages was somewhat hectic, though it usually was. More so this time, as I had to track down a spare cat carrier for Lucas, as mine was apparently gone. Some fourth year girl finally gave me hers, mostly because she was deathly frightened of me, and Lucas. I caught up with the others, as everyone had abandoned me in search of an empty carriage to claim.

The feast was spectacular, as always. My newly achieved good mood didn't last long, because Snape decided to stop by the table halfway through dinner. He proceeded to give me and Malfoy a good earful on ignoring our Prefect duties on the train. How he finds these things out, I have yet to know. Now with the threat of detention over our heads, we stood arguing at the head of the Slytherin table.

"They're First Years not gnomes!" I hollered at my fellow Prefect, who just snickered.

"They respond better to degrading terms. See? Oi! Pygmies!" he shouted over everyone's heads. "They're small, it's fine," he told my outraged expression.

"I seem to remember you thinking yourself quite impressive in First Year," I countered.

"I'm different," he said, holding his chin that much higher. I glared at him, while Rae rolled her eyes from my other side.

"First Years!" she called importantly through the crowd. "First Years, please come over here!" she held up a hand helpfully. Within minutes, a crowd of frightened looking eleven year olds were gathered around us. "Hello everyone. This here is Alexa Zabini and Draco Malfoy. They're the Slytherin Prefects, though none of us are sure they deserve it. They're quite impossible to shut up, but they'll get you to your new dormitories. Eventually. Thank you!" Rae turned to me and smiled pointedly.

"Go away," I huffed.

"You're welcome," she stalked off.

"Come on you lot, let's get this over with," Malfoy growled at the group, making every kid's eyes widen. One girl even hid behind her friend. "Good to know this is the future of Slytherin," he mumbled to me as we started off through the school.

"Good to know you're one of Slytherin's finest," I shot back. He glared, and I could see the swearing threatening to come from his mouth. I covered my mouth in mock horror. "Not in front of the First Years! Poor, impressionable, little eleven year olds!"

"You're lucky we're around other people," Malfoy pushed open the door towards the dungeons, probably with a little too much force.

"Why? Can't try to hex me when other people are around to watch me kick your ass?"

"Malfoy! Zabini!" we looked up to see Snape striding towards us. I heard the First Years start whispering to themselves.

"Professor," Malfoy and I chorused dully back to him.

"May I remind you that we haven't even been back at school one day? I've already endured multiple complaints about the pair of you. As Slytherin Prefects and members of the Quidditch team, I'd expect you to present a better example to the new members of our house," he said, slowly and dangerously. He was actually pissed. I blinked at him for a moment before whirling around, smiling broadly at the group of students behind us.

"These are the dungeons! Our common room is just this way, then off to your dormitories! Boys, please stick with Draco here, girls follow me! We're moments away from warm beds and sleep, all for the purpose of getting up bright and early tomorrow to further our magical education! If you will," I made a sweeping hand gesture back towards the front. "Better?" I asked Snape's impassive face.

"It would do you both good to remember that I can change Prefects whenever I please. If Miss Getzinger continues to do handle your duties more effectively then the two of you combined, I may have to consider a switch," Snape enunciated. With that note, he whirled around and stalked back into the darkened corridors.

After showing the First Years around the common room and to their dorms, Malfoy and I left, heading up one floor. This floor was still part of the dungeons, housing the Slytherin Prefect common room. "How dare he threaten to take away Prefect status! It's ludicrous," Malfoy was ranting.

"He can probably hear you, smart one. On second thought, the whole school can probably hear you. Shut up," I huffed, stopping in front of the intricate tapestry that hid our common room. "Bloodline," I half shouted at it. I was slowly getting more and more pissed with my companion, and a headache was brewing already. To think, I'd only been back a few hours. "That is such a ridiculous password. We need to change it," I claimed, marching inside as the tapestry was magically pulled aside.

"I have no words for how hopeless your cat is," Malfoy replied, staring down at Lucas with a sort of disgust or distain. I wanted to defend my poor animal. He made such a task quite hard, as he was flopped over a dark green ottoman, legs dangling off all sides and his stomach in the air for all too see.

"I call the window!" I shouted instead, running off in the direction of the right side bedroom. It was obviously better, as it had a huge bay window seat taking up one side of the room. The left side bedroom was much more cave-like.

"No way," Malfoy stated, outraged as he followed me. "We put in a 'fair share' rule last year."

"What are we, Hufflepuffs?" I rolled my eyes, scowling. Malfoy obviously agreed, because he had a look that suggested nausea. "Anyway, we also put in a 'dibs' rule in the beginning of the year. So ha ha, boo hoo, loser!" I stuck my tongue out at him, rather childishly. Malfoy opened his mouth, but I spun around and ran inside the right bedroom, slamming the door in his face.

I realized what he was going to do much too late. When I realized it, I ran towards the door that adjoined the two rooms, meaning to lock it. My wand was somewhere forgotten on the bedside table. I nearly locked it, but the door flew open. Malfoy stood there, holding a hissing and snarling Lucas.

"I'll keep your cat hostage," he threatened.

"You'll be dead before morning," I crossed my arms, watching Lucas do his damn best to bite or scratch some part of Malfoy.

"I'll put him in a cage and not feed him," he amended, holding Lucas a little further away from his face.

"I'll steal your Nimbus," I countered seriously.

"You'd never be able to find it," he scoffed.

"It's currently locked underneath the broom shed. If you move it, you have to tell at least one person where you move it to, school policy. I'm very persuasive," I jutted out my hip suggestively.

"I'll tell Snape where I move it to," Malfoy smirked evilly.

"Snape can be persuaded also. If you offer to organize the store cupboard for a month, he's easy to talk to. Didn't you ever wonder how I got out of serious trouble after hexing Robert Hugo into a puddle of acid last year? Snape convinced his parents not to take it up with the ministry, and the last twenty years of potion supply orders are reorganized and accounted for. It was a tragic mess beforehand," I smiled at him triumphantly. "If I were you, I'd hand over Lucas and go sulk in your left bedroom, and we'll forget this whole conversation happened."

"I'll trade you something for the bedroom," Malfoy suggested, all but throwing Lucas into my arms. Instantly, the hissing mass calmed down, curling up against my chest.

"My dear Malfoy. There is nothing that you have that I could possibly want," I smiled in mock warmth. "It's a pleasure doing business with you, as always," I backed up, slamming the door in his face. Again. I locked it this time before heading to the large and cozy bed to lie down. Lucas curled up next to me, and I fell asleep with his warm furriness pressed against my face.

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