Hey everyone.

Yes, I know, I'm the most horrible person to ever exist. Please don't hate me? :)

First off, I'll apologize a million bazillion times for the fact that this isn't actually an update. SORRY! Secondly (this is better news, I promise), I want to assure all of you that I'm NOT abandoning this story, I would never do that to you guys! It's still completely and utterly in progress, and believe me that it's always floating in the front of my brain. I feel really guilty for not updating in forever, but since I've gotten a request to let you all know what's going on here on my end, I'll spew a bunch of excuses at you. Ready? Okay, here it goes.

Really, the only real reason is that school started again! Believe it or not, I don't hate school at all, so I guess that's somewhat of a good thing. But not so much for my story, because school has sucked up ALL MY TIME! It's maddening. It was my brilliant idea to take three AP classes and an honors class, but still. My life is an insane whirlwind of school excitement.

Anyway, I'll assure you once again that I'm not abandoning this story in any way shape or form. It currently takes priority in the writing part of my brain. I want to do what will work in the best interest of the story's success and the happiness of you WONDERFUL readers out there.

Which leads me to my bit of bad news, though I hope it'll be a good decision in the end. As of now, I'm Sorry That I Love You is being put on hold. I SWEAR, it's not permanent at all. I'll be back, count on it :)

Just to give you an idea, I only really want to put this on hold until I organize my life. I've never taken AP classes before, so I feel like I should get into a workable pattern with school and homework and everything. So once I get that sorted, writing will come back into the mix. I think putting the story on hold is better, because it will eventually lead to consistent updates again. I considered just giving really slow updates, but I think that would eventually get annoying and wouldn't work as well.

Gosh, I feel terrible. I'll truly miss you guys in my absence, really. All you readers are so awesome, I love you more then I can say. Please don't loose faith in me, because when I do return, we'll be going strong again! I can't wait for that day :)

Keep an eye on those email alerts...

Until we meet again, darlings.

Love you guys :)