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It's hard being friends with a guy that is lazy, doesn't do any work, always gets told off and who you constantly have to look out for. But that's what I do and that's who I am. I'm a girl who is friends with a guy that is all those things.

But I'm not complaining. Why would I? He's the closest thing to family I've got. You see, when I was five my mum and dad died in a car crash. I have been living in a care home ever since. When I first moved in I had to change schools. I went to Lakeside Primary school.


It was my first day at my new school and I was in the playground, I saw four boys playing football. I was quite the tom boy, so I'd rather play with them rather than all the girls and their silly dolls. I walked over to them all they looked over to me.

"Hey can I play?" I asked shyly. The four of them stared at me shocked until one stepped forward. "No it will make the teams not fair, there's to many." He stated and I sighed and looked to the floor. "Oh" I murmured, completely defeated. "Well we'll just have to find someone else to play as well!" One of the other boys said. I looked up and gave him a big smile.

"Fine!" The first boy moped "You find someone then!" I glared at him, less than five minutes of being at this school and I already hated someone. The boy who let me stay with them looked around the playground, before his eyes landed on a very lonely boy who was sat on the bench in the corner looking very depressed. I felt so sorry for him; he looked so upset and lonely.

I think the boy I had just met felt the same as he nudged one of his friends. "What's his name?" He asked and pointed to the boy on the bench. Who was now looking up to the sky, as if he was searching for something that wasn't there. His friend mumbled an answer that I didn't quite catch and the boy nodded.

He walked over to the lonely boy and we all followed. "Excuse me!" He said, very confidently, I admired how he was able to talk to anyone as if they were his best friend. "I was wondering are you Dougie?" He asked. The boy on the bench stared at us, completely shocked and slowly nodded. "Y-you're talking to m-me?" He stuttered. He was so shy, but I thought that was quite cute.

The boy laughed and nodded. "I'm Danny!" he said, finally I know his name! I looked over to Danny and for the first time had a good look at him. He was average height, for a five year old, with short, curly brown hair that only just covered the top of his ears. He had dark blue eyes and was covered in freckles all over and had an amazing smile.

I then looked towards Dougie; he was a bit smaller than Danny and had dirty blonde hair that swung down just above his misty blue eyes. His skin looked soft and was freckle free. "This is Tom" Danny continued, pointing towards a boy behind him, he was a bit taller than Danny, with light blonde hair that had been stuck up, dark brown eyes and one dimple on his left cheek.

"Harry" Danny said, pointing to another boy who was again, taller than Danny, with short, brown hair that was flat apart from the front which had been stuck up slightly, he had a scar on the side of his head, wonder where he got that from. "Lucas" Danny pointed towards the boy that had talked to me before, the one I didn't like. He was smaller than Danny, about the same height as Dougie. With short, dark blonde hair that had been flattened to his head. Almost like it had been stuck there with glue. He had dark green eyes and a few freckles on his cheeks.

"And…Ummm…" He stopped and looked over to me. I remembered they didn't know my name. "Alexis, or Alex" I informed. He nodded and turned back to Dougie. "We were wondering if you wanted to play footie with us?" there was a slight pause before Dougie looked at us all in amazement.

"You were?" he asked astounded and we all nodded, well, except from Lucas who just looked extremely annoyed. Probably because I had crashed his little 'party' or whatever. "I would love to!" Dougie cheered and Danny smiled.

"Good good, then it will be you me and Alex against Tom, Harry and Lucas!" Tom and Harry groaned and when we were walking back I gave them I confused look. "We don't like being on a team with Lucas" he whispered and I laughed slightly. Oh and yeah, me, Danny and Dougie thrashed the other three.

*End of flashback*

From then on, me and Dougie were part of their little group. We would play football every day at school, and yes my team always won. Go in groups together in lessons and after school take it in turns to go to other people's houses, but not mine. Oh and not Lucas' he said there were 'too many' of us to fit in his house. But according to Tom his house was huge.

By the end of year three, I plucked up the courage to tell them about my parents. They were all, apart from Lucas, so supportive and understanding, especially Dougie. Ever since that day mine and Dougie's bond has been greater than ever. We were best friends and we still are.

Now where in year 9 at Canon Lee School. I'm not much of a tom boy as I was before but I still hang out with the boys. All my girl mates, apart from two who hang around with them as well, are 'jealous' that I'm such good friends with them. Mainly because all of them have a major obsession with Dougie. But they do kind of stalk Danny, Tom and Harry as well.

Lucas, not so much. I always sit with Dougie in lessons and it's quite surprising he's even in my lesson. I mean its top set and he never does his work, but he's smart don't get me wrong, and if he ever gets told he'll move down if he doesn't do his homework or doesn't get a good mark in a test, he'll do his work.

Because I tell him to. I am not letting him move done no way! But he's fine with that. Sometimes when I go round to his house I'll make him do his homework and he'll do it, half-heartedly of course but he's still doing it. But most of the time we'll just mess around.

It's fun being around Dougie and we know pretty much everything about each other. He's like family to me, like an older brother. But still, I can't help but feel differently towards him, like he's more than just a friend but not in a family kind of way. My friends say I'm falling for him but I'm not. Am I?

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