Part 2 in my take on Doctor Whoof: Vale Decem Equis, by Andrew J. Talo. I hope you people like it!

And hopefully, I will write more!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not own My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic or Doctor Who.

Dinky Doo was not supposed to go outside all by herself. She was just a little filly, her purple horn barely showing in her golden mane.

But she was hungry. And she missed her mom. And her muffins.

So, taking her first steps in a great adventure, she left her house, looking for her mother. She knew she could find her anywhere, even in a market full of other ponies. Her momma was special, her grey fur and her golden mane stood out.

And she also flew. That helped too.

So, it happened that Dinky Doo was crossing a street, too focused on looking up to find her momma, that she did not see the fruit cart that rolled downhill in her direction.

"RUN!", screamed a male voice, a little raspy.

It was too late, though, as she turned around facing the cart, too fast for her to dodge.

That's when a pony jumped in. He caught her in a hug, they rolled over to the side, the cart barely missing them.

She stood up and looked at him, laying on the floor, still hugging her. His coat was light grey, much lighter than her momma's. He wore green shirt and a jacket, black and shining new.

His mane was weird, old wood color, very short, close-cropped and slicked back. He had a short tail, as well.

And, the funniest part, for Dinky, was his long ears and big, crooked-like snout.

"You... you saved me, Mister!", she said, standing on his belly.

He looked angry. Dinky jumped out, as the colt adjusted himself, cleaning the dirt off his clothes, watching the fruit vendor finally showing up and passing by, still running after the runaway cart.

"Pears. Had to be a pears cart. Always suspected pears were evil", he mumbled, than stopped, taking notice that the filly had spoken to him.

The male pony turned his head and stared at the youngone. Dinky Doo felt something strange, like a shiver through her back, of both fear and – she did not know why – excitement.

"You stupid pony!", the colt shouted at her. Despite the harsh words, she could see he wasn't being rude, his eyes were so sad and his expression was filled with worry. "Has nobody ever told you to look both ways before crossing the street? I can see you lot are just as careless as humans, blimey! Always in need of saving."

Momma always told her to read the eyes. 'The eyes don't lie'.

His eyes were the lightest blue she had ever seen. A good blue. A nice blue.

So Dinky felt safe.

"Are you injured? Are you hurt anywhere?", he paused, thinking. "Do you… possess the ability of speech? I'm still new to this whole equine form, see?"

She blinked.

"Oh, all right. I'm sorry, let's start this over again. Name?"


"Hm. I think I'm not that good with children now. Or fillies. All right!", he positioned himself, more cordially. "Hello! I'm the Doctor. And you are…"

At that moment, out of nowhere, a grey winged pony crash landed on his side, hugging the smaller unicorn.

"DINKY! Momma was so worried, I was flying home when I saw you here, what are you doing outside?"

The small Unicorn caressed the Pegasus neck with her muzzle. Everything was all right now.

"Momma! Momma!", she said, tears of joy running in her face. "I wanted muffins, but there was no muffin, so I wanted to make muffins, but I did not know how to make them, so I was looking for you, I wanted to ask you how to make muffins – then there was a cart, and I was saved by this mister, but he is not a mister, he is a Doctor!", she said, as rapid as she could.

"Oh, my muffin! You are so smart, why did you leave the house all by yourself?"

Dinky said many things, how much she was sorry, how much she had missed her Momma, how everything was fine, except the part where she had almost being hit by a cart, but that was over, she was safe, all thanks to...

"Oh!", Dinky pushed her mother just a little, pointing at her back. "Momma, that is the Doctor…"

"Doctor? Doctor where?", Ditzy Doo asked her young filly.

He was gone.

The pony in question went down an alley, away from the crowd on the street.

"Had to go and save people, guess at least that did not change as much, and you knew that, was that why you brought me here? To save a little horse?", he was talking out-loud, or perhaps to the strange blue-box just in front of him. He touched the wooden door, like one would put a hand on an old friend's shoulder. "Thanks, by the way. It did feel nice, saving her. I missed that."

For a second, the Doctor allowed his shoulders feel the weight of the past, the consequences of his actions wash over him again.

That's when he got knocked down by a flying grey Pegasus, with a little pale purple unicorn on top of her.

The trio of ponies rolled over, The Doctor taking most of the blunt, the wings of the Pegasus absorbing the spin, the giggly horned filly protect by both grown ups in their roll.

"Why did you leave, Mister Doctor? I wanted to thank you, you saved my little muffin, but then you ran away, and I was looking for you but I did not know how you looked like, but then everypony pointed me at the alley, and you were talking to nopony around, and that is strange, but you saved Dinky, so you must be… really… shy…"

The Doctor stared at the Pegasus, who went quiet and open-mouthed all of a sudden. That's when he realized where they were, on a metal ramp aboard the most amazing ship in the whole universe, cleverly disguised as an inconspicuous blue police box.

But how did they get inside his blue box, he wondered. Unless…

"Woah…", the Pegasus could only say in awe. The Doctor noticed her peculiar golden eyes, eyes that stared in different directions simultaneously. 'Maybe esotropia?', he wondered. 'Is it even possible for equines to have crossed-eyes in the first place?'

The Pegasus started flying a few centimeters above the ground, her face full of wonder. "It's… it's…"

"Here it comes", he said, pulling himself up, noticing the sudden extra weight on his back.

The small filly beamed back at him.

"Bigger on the inside!", the Pegasus said, making the Doctor nod. "It's just like a muffin!"


Now that was something the Doctor had never heard before.

"Well, muffins are not bigger on the inside, I'm not silly, I know THAT, but they are filled with so much goodness, just like the box! Is this your house, Mister Doctor?"

The Doctor mouth actually twitched on the corner, a grin trying to creep through his serious demeanor.

"You might put it like that. But please, call me Doctor. Just 'Doctor'."

"Hi! I'm Ditzy Doo!", she proudly announced. "And you saved my little muffin, Dinky Doo!", the unicorn waved at him, still on top of him.

"Pleased to meet you, glad I could help", he said, taking out the little one with his mouth, lowering her to the floor carefully. He still did not get how to use the hooves like he had seen the other colorful ponies do – but he knew he would get it, eventually. "Now, both of you, out you go, back to your lives and forget you ever met me, all right?"

"What?", asked the smaller own, suddenly sad.

"This is no place for ponies. I mean, ponies other than me. It's dangerous being here. It's dangerous being around me."

Of course, they did not pay much of attention, as mother and daughter started trotting away – correction, trotting and flying away and around the main console.

"Is this magic?"

"No, Miss Doo. It's science."

"Oh, I see…", she spoke, floating observing the central pillar, the Doctor observing her natural innocence around the machine. "She's so pretty…"


"Your house. She is pretty!"

The Doctor was about to ask why did Ditzy choose to call his ship 'she', when the usual way (and the wrong way, in this case) would be calling his ship 'it', but he was nudged on his leg.

"I study 'scien-ceing'!", Dinky said, proudly.

"I bet you do, Little Miss Doo."

"Miss Cheerilee took us scien-ceing once in the museum!"

"Er… I think you meant 'sight-seeing'."

The filly blinked, just like before. "Oh. Right!"

The Doctor was at a loss of words, for once. Barely a day in this equine town and he had just found two very uncharacteristically ponies who felt so intrusive and yet so familiar.

A feeling he felt he was missing ever since before the Great War.

"Miss Doo, I am really enjoying your 'visit' to my 'house', but I believe you were worried about your little filly? Were you not going to take her home after the dramatic events of earlier?"

"Oh, yes!", she said, landing next to the Doctor. "I'm so sorry, I wanted to tell you that I was so happy that you helped Dinky, and I wanted to thank you for helping, but then you were gone, I got so excited, I'm so sorry for crashing inside your bigger on the inside house and…"

The Doctor raised a hoof, his face much more serene now.

"No reason to thank me, no need for apologies. I know you love your child… offspring… your 'muffin' and I'm glad I could protect her. It's the kind of thing I used to do, really, dropping by, saving little fillies from danger, running… I'm especially experienced at running, actually."

They both stopped after hearing a great rumbling noise.

"What… what was that, Doctor?"

"I'm not entirely sure, Miss Doo. I heard it as well, and I have a strange bad feeling going on in my gut…"

Dinky Doo, again by his side, looked up. "Mister Doctor, are you hungry?"

"Hm? Hungry?" he said, looking down at his own belly than up, his light blue eyes shining. "You are absolutely right, Little Miss Doo, I am actually very hungry. Fancy that!"

"Oh! Come with us, I bought a lot of muffins today, blueberry muffins, strawberry muffins, banana muffins…"

"… banana?", the Doctor asked, enticed by the idea. "Hm, great source of potassium, calcium and vitamins, not to mention the aroma and the flavor…"

"Muffins?", asked Dinky, looking around. "Where, Momma?"

"Right here, in my… basket… oh no, I forgot it in the street!", and the Pegasus flew towards the door, suddenly realizing: "Dinky, stay here with the Doctor, Momma will be right back!", and she left.

"Momma!", Dinky said, but the Pegasus was already gone. But before she knew it, Dinky was lifted from the floor by the Doctor, who put her back on his back.

"Let's go, Little Miss Doo, I reckon I am very curious about those banana muffins."

"But Momma told me to stay here…"

"She also said 'stay with the Doctor', remember?", he corrected her, trotting carefully not to drop his 'cargo'. "And I feel like stretching my legs a little, and a good running is always good for the appetite, especially when muffins are involved, don't you agree? Hey, who knows, maybe your mother bought English muffins too? That would be fantastic!"

Dinky nodded, happy, feeling how warm the Doctor's back was, cozy and safe, like there was nowhere else safer in the world.

Just like she felt with her Momma.

There already was a large crowd of ponies in front of the Carousel Boutique, waiting for the widely announced new-Fall/Winter clothes line by Rarity, the town's fashion designer and most skillful seamstress.

As a fashion, Rarity always happened to open late at times like this, because 'you always leave them expecting more', she had said.

But, this time, it was for a different reason.

Rarity shook her head, in dismay. She had been so worried about the events of last night, and even after the help of her visiting friend, Twilight Sparkle, she had no clue about who could have done such a strange thing.

She had woken up from her beauty sleep, alarmed by the sound of glash crashing. She went downstairs, afraid of thieves or maybe overzealous fans, only to discover that her mannequins had suddenly been taken!

"Why would someone steal all my mannequins, and not the precious clothes? Not that I'm complaining, but it's still… so strange!", she wondered, but neither her or Twilight could find a reason.

Rarity just finished repairing the shop, aware that the crowd outside would start getting bored and would be leaving soon.

"Whatever it is, it can wait. My public, however, can not… and should not!", she said theatrically and proceeded to welcome the curious crowd – and the occasional interested buyer.

To be continued...