Part 2 in my take on Doctor Whoof: Vale Decem Equis, by Andrew J. Talo. I hope you people like it!

And hopefully, I will write more!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not own My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic or Doctor Who.

And that's a wrap!

End of Part 2, after such a long time!

First, my thanks to you, readers, especially those who trusted in me to actually finish this story.

Keep an eye, I'm going to be posting Part 3 soon, also Ninth Doctor themed.

Also, if you enjoyed the Ninth Doctor, there will be a special story of his that is yet to be published, only depending on the development of my good fellow, The Idealist 33, I guess that's his number now, go check his "Doctor Whooves?" stories, I helped him polished it here and there, and check out also my Torch Wood: Equestria, expanding the Universe of his stories.

I'll be reviewing and rewriting Part 1 also, I was so amateurish with it, I'm embarassed tp say...

And now, as a teaser, a few bits of stuff I've been writing for the next parts.

Enjoy it!


"Ditzy Doo… Dinky Doo… allow me to introduce you… to the future!"

"Welcome, all ponies, to the greatest travelling attraction of all times! The superb, the splendid, the enchanting wonders of the one and only, the Galactic Circus!"

"This was not supposed to happen", the Doctor quickly answered, in embarrassment.

"I… am the Doctor", he announced, putting his hoof on a lever. "And my intentions must be quite clear to you by now, milady."

The allicorn tilted her head, not sure what he had meant, but the colt pulled the lever at the same time he kicked another button.

"I'm ponynapping the Royal Regent of Equestria herself, Princess Celestia! Fantastic, isn't it?"

Fluttershy pulls the rest of the wallpaper, only to reveal the words…

'Beware the Weeping Pegasus - oh, and duck!'

"Changeling Zero will vacate the equine residence, or the equine residence will be incinerated."

'Really, duck! Fluttershy, seriously, stop reading this and DUCK – NOW.'

"You have three seconds to tell what you did to our friend before I buck your teeth in, Mister!"

The bow-tie wearing colt turned straight, smirking, "Always the Loyal one, Miss Dash – and you do your element justice, indeed!"

'Signed, the Doctor – 969'

"Did you get tired of us? Me and Dinky?"

"What are you doing, Doctor?!"

"I need to go faster!"

"Stop it!", Ditzy yelled, in panic.

"I CAN'T!"

"Who… WHAT are you?!", asked the terrified mare.

"We… are… THE AUTONIES!"