We Thought It Was A Wonderful Day

Time line: After The Game

Prompt: Three people from the same office thrown together under canvas for one night. It's raining. There's no booze. There's only two sleeping bags.

A/N: My friend did this prompt first. I really wanted to write a story for Xenoblade so this prompt came to mind when thinking of the three guy Homs of the group.

Also note, I stretched the part of the prompt for office, but with the Shulk's group. It's kinda close. XD

It came faster than you could say: 'It looks like rain.'

But calling it rain would have been an understatement. More like the clouds exploded, pouring their insides down on the Bionis would fit better.

Dunban had to head to the small mining town that was a decent walk away. Two days to get there and back. It'll be one boring walk, Dunban had thought.

So he invited Shulk.

And Ryen tagged along.

Then came the storm.

It took the group all of one minute to set up the tent that Fiora had thankfully packed for them. They set it up by one of the tall mountains, hoping it would block some of the storm's force. By the time they were in the small tent, they were soaked from head to toe. Dunban had to take off his water resistant boots to pour the water out of them.

"Well, I bet the farmers are happy," Dunban said, thinking of the farmers by the growing Colony 9. It hadn't rained in nearly two months. It was the most driest time Dunban had ever seen.

"What?" Ryen said, unable to hear him over the deafening sound of the storm that might of been bigger than the Boinis.

"I can't hear you!" Shulk yelled over the storm. He was sitting at the back of the tent.

"I said 'what?'." Ryen yelled, matching Shulk's yell.

"Why?" Shulk yelled back, apparently not even hearing the start of the conversation.

"Oh, never mind!" Dunban yelled, sitting down on the right side of the tent that was so small he had to bend to stand up.

Ryen had to bend to sit down.

They had to leave their poor weapons outside the tent, suffering the onslaught of water. There was barely enough room for their other bags full of food and other needed supplies.

"How long do you think we'll have to wait?" Ryen said over the storm.

"Who knows," Shulk answered back.

"Oh well, dinnertime," Ryen said, opening one of the bags full of Fiora-made food.


Fiora looked outside.

It was a blue sky two minutes ago, she thought, watching the sudden cloud burst.

Knock knock knock.

Fiora walked to the door, opened it, and Sharla ran in.

"It's raining," she stated plainly. She look as if someone had thrown barrels of water at her.

"I can see that," Fiora said, shutting the door. She looked at the floor now to see that the rug was soaked.

Wow... she thought.

"I was heading to the medical center. And well... mind if I stay here for now?" Sharla asked.

"Sure, I'll get you a towel," Fiora said stopping her from walking across the room and making the house wetter.

Sharla put her bags that she was carrying by the door.


Dunban sighed.

Ryen had opened the thought to be bag of food to find that it was full of medical things.

He opened another one, to find medical again, no food.

After they searched all the bags, they found out that their two bags of food had been switched with Sharla's medical bags.

They really couldn't blame each other, saying that it was all their fault. Dunban had talked to Sharla about how the town's hospital was doing. She had set the bags down by their travel bags. Shulk had run in and said that someone just got beat up by a Brog, dragging Sharla off. Then Ryen had taken the wrong bags.

"What else could happen?" Dunban said to the others.

Then the loudest roar that they had ever heard went off outside. It sounded like Behemoth's roar with a cross of a dragon, a lion, and with a hint of the dramatic yells of Xord.

"Dunban, it's your fault if we die, man," Ryen said.

Then they felt the stomps of a massive thing walking outside.

Dunban unzipped the tent and was about to grab his katana. Only his hand didn't came to contact with the blade.

He stuck his head out the tent, feeling like he just stuck his head in a lake. He looked around but none of their weapons were there.


Shulk had came to the front of the tent to get his sword, too. Only to also see that it wasn't there.

He looked out the tent with Dunban, who raised a hand to point at a group of Tirkins running off with their weapons.

"Shit," Dunban said, finally getting his voice back from the shock of having his weapon stolen.

"What?" Ryen said, also sticking his head out, then saw what happened. He also mumbled a curse, and was about to go back in the tent when he tripped on one of the medical bags that they had put by the front. He fall flat on top of the other two.

"Ryen, get off!" Shulk yelled at him, now his and Dunban's faces full of mud from falling face-first into the mud by their tent.

Then there was another roar.

They all looked up to see a monster that was three times bigger than Dunban's house.

The huge monster that looked like a cross between a Behemoth, a dragon, had a head of a lion, and had Mechon parts as Armor.

Oh, and it stood on its hind legs, holding a hammer that might of even belonged to Xord.

The scale hide monster that had the fur of a Behemoth on his back, and had the tail of a dragon, then it turned its lion-like head straight at the bright yellow tent. Its blood red eyes looked right at the strange color.

Why did they make these things yellow? Dunban thought.

The monster roared again and started to charge at the odd colored thing it saw.

"MOVE," Dunban yelled at Ryen. who jumped up and out of the tent.

Shulk was smart though, and grabbed two bags at random on his way out of the tent.

By the time the thing got to the tent, they were already long gone.

Then Dunban stepped on something that cut into his foot. He looked down at his feet, and remembered that he left his boots in the tent.

They all stopped running and looked behind them. The storm was so strong they were barely able to see the monster's hammer come down on the tent.

But they still saw it.

"What do we do now?" Ryen said over the storm.

Dunban picked up his foot to see that it was a piece of glass the size of his thumb. Who just leaves glass like that around? He thought, annoyed at the new pain in his foot.

"There's a cave over there," Shulk said, pointing over to the cave.

Dunban ignored the pain in his foot, and said, "All right then, let's go."

He looked over at Shulk, seeing the couple of bags he had grabbed. Dunban sighed, maybe he could get a drink - Oh wait, he left that in his bag, at the now flat tent.

This is going to be a long day... he thought as he limped to the cave.

I will start writing the next chapter today, I'll try to get it up tomorrow. :)