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Knock, knock, knock.

Fiora, Sharla, and Riki looked to the door.

Fiora got up to see who it was. When she opened the door, she was greeted by one of the defense force men.

He was holding his shield-spear over his head, trying to use it as an umbrella. Which wasn't working too well, he was soaked from head to toe with rainwater that was still falling as hard as ever. Fiora could barely tell night was falling due to all the clouds.

"May I speak to Dunban?" the man asked, his voice sour from having to walk though the storm.

"Uh," Fiora said, "Dunban already left this morning."

"Oops... " the man said.

Fiora could tell that this wasn't good. "Why?"

"The order was canceled... We didn't need him to go anymore."

Fiora sighed. "Haven't you guys learned by now that Dunban always leaves for those kind of trips the second the sun rises?"

"Forgot," the man said, "Sorry." He turned around and started to walk back to where he came from.

She shut the door.

"Don't worry, they'll find out when they get there. The defense force most likely told the mining town about the cancel by radio," Sharla said.

Fiora sat down at the couch. "I guess," she said, sighing again.


They all just sat in the mud.

Dunban's sleeping-bag-tent blocked some of the rain, but they still were all wet beyond belief.

And grumpier than hell.

"Dunban," Ryen said.

"Hm?" Dunban said, watching the falling darkness.

"May I ask why you had to leave so early? If ya left at a normal time, we would of saw the storm and said, 'hm, guess we won't go today.'"

"Ryen," Dunban said, "If you don't want to die, then I suggest you shut up." His voice was so scary that Ryen scooted away from him, pushing Shulk out of the tent and into the blast of rainwater.

Shulk, who was beyond caring, just sat there.

"Hey Shulk," Ryen said.

Said man didn't say anything, so Ryen took that as he could talk. "What do you think that the others are doing right now?"

"Who knows," Shulk answered.

"I bet Fiora's just making dinner about now... she could be cooking meaty potatoes with that wonderful bread she makes and I bet she made that tea with those-"

"Ryen shut up!" both Shulk and Dunban yelled, so loud that the unlucky men awoke the monster unknowingly sleeping quite close to them.

The mighty monster got up to see if it could find a meal.

The heavy stomps of its feet came closer to them.

They all turned around to see the most horrifying monster known to all.

"What the hell is that doing here?" Ryen exclaimed.

Dunban and Shulk were already running.

"Shit!" Ryen yelled, running after his so-called friends.

The monster seemed to smile, it hadn't had a good chase in a while. It spread its wings, and started flying after them.


"YOU IDIOT!" the colonel yelled at the man standing in front of him.

"B-bu-but s-sir! I didn't know the road was muddy," a man tried to reason with the mad colonel.

"Gimme a million push ups, NOW!" Vangarre shouted.

Melia sighed.

She was on her way back to Alcamoth. The city had been cleaned up and people were living there again, all the of races, Homs, High Entia, Nopon, and Machina, and it was time for their leader to return.

Her 'armed escort' to Alcamoth, consisted of her six personal guards, and a group of the Hom's defense force...

Whose driver got the artillery (which Melia didn't even understand why they took) stuck in the mud.

They had given her a carriage, but she chose not to take it.

She really regretted it. The pouring rainwater was making rivers on the roads, making it very hard to walk. The fact that she was soaked wasn't even worth thinking about at this point.

"We're never going to get anywhere like this..." One of her High Entia guards said, watching the cruel colonel put his foot on the man's back who was doing the push ups, making him fall into the mud.

"Start over!" Vangarre yelled at him.

Melia sat down, she didn't care if her clothes got muddy.

The sun had fallen and it was night, along with the storm making it rather hard to see.

"I told her we should of took the transport. I said so, but 'nooo let's walk'." One of her guards was mumbling, mocking her voice, apparently thinking she couldn't hear him.

"You're a disgrace to the defense force! You know what I'm gonna do? I'm going to make you do a million more push-ups when we get back and - HOLY SHIT!" Vangarre yelled so loud, they all jumped.

Three people ran right by them.

"Was that Shulk?-" Melia was cut off from her sentence by the monster that flew by.

The monster was the dragon Avalanche Abaasy, the strongest monster ever recorded.

Everyone just stood in shock, then noticed that those poor people were about to become dinner. They grabbed their weapons and ran after the huge dragon.

Just when the Avalanche Abaasy was going to eat Dunban, who he had caught by the leg, he saw the reinforcements come for the ones he was chasing. The Dragon decided that he'd get dinner elsewhere and dropped the man he was holding. Besides, over twenty people would be a bit too filling anyway.

The three people the dragon was after, Ryen, Shulk, and Dunban all fell over in exhaustion when the dragon flew away.

"What are you guys doing out here?" Melia asked Dunban.

Dunban, who was breathing so hard she had to worry, started to try and answer."We... were going... to.. a mining... town for something..." he said in between breaths.

Melia eyes went wide. "I told them I wasn't going to go by transporter, you were going to go and pick up the ether power source my transporter used. But I said I'd walk..." Melia was trying to find out why they all looked horrified.

Then Ryen screamed out for both Dunban and Shulk. "WE WERE DOING ALL THIS FOR NOTHING?"


Dunban walked in his house door.

Fiora dropped what she was cooking.

Sharla's mouth fell open.

What Riki was eating fell from his mouth.

Dunban was covered in mud and blood. His shirt was torn, and his pants were ripped by claws, and most importantly, he could of filled a five gallon bucket with the water on him.

"Uh, Dunban?" Fiora started to say. Dunban walked right across the house, making sploshing sounds of water with every step he took. "What happen-" Fiora tried to continue. But Dunban held up a hand to silence her, and walked up the stairs to his room and went to bed in his torn-wet-bloody-muddy clothes.

She decided that she'd try and get the story out of Shulk tomorrow.



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