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Sawada Tsunami had been known as Dame-Tsuna for the longest time—probably since the beginning of elementary school—and Hibari Kyouya had been ruling the school for just as long. She had the worst grades in the school and miserably failed at everything else, until she got a hitman-turned-tutor with the name of Reborn. Reborn literally flipped her life upside-down and finally things were starting to look up for the brunette. She had two best friends now, her grades were slowly increasing, and her stamina for running (obtained from running away from Reborn's bullets mostly) had improved drastically. The only thing that she didn't particularly appreciate were the chaotic events that took place in her life, but they were quickly becoming normal occurrences. However, nothing topped this most unusual moment in her life thus far...

"Go out with me."

"Huh..?" Tsunami looked very confused at the other's sudden approach. The boy's eyes narrowed before he spoke again.

"Go out with me, or I'll bite you to death."

"Eh... HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" She shrieked, but she cut herself off, seeing him glare at her for disturbing the delicate peace at Namimori Middle School. "Ah, I'm sorry, H-Hibari-san..."

"You still haven't given me a reply." Hibari muttered and focused on something behind her.

"Oh, um, b-but why?"

"Why what?"

"Why d-do you want me to g-go out with you?" She managed to stutter out, looking extremely nervous and wringing her hands in her skirt.

"..." Hibari didn't look like he would reply, but very quietly he said, "... Because you have 'nami' in your name... And that reminds me of Namimori."

WHAT KIND OF REASONING IS THAT? Tsunami couldn't help but wonder what kind of mental disability the feared prefect had, but then she realized that this was quite plausible for the male.

Giving a long sigh, she finally replied, "No."

Hibari actually looked a bit shocked. This no-good-girl had the guts to deny him?

Hm... Maybe she isn't Dame-Tsuna after all... Hibari thought, while smirking.

"Fine. Maybe this time you won't concede, but perhaps next time." Hibari swiftly turned on his foot and sauntered away with his school blazer billowing behind him.

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