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The Night of the Comet


Today I'll be moving back to Mystic Falls, I thought I could continue living in Georgia after my parent's death but I was wrong. I couldn't live in Georgia anymore. I was headed back to Virginia. My home.

I'm Elizabeth Gilbert. I guess I can say I used to be an artist since it's the reason I left Georgia to begin with. I used to go to art school; I was never interested in going to Mystic Falls High. I actually wanted to get out of my hometown and explore some place new, unlike my twin sister Elena. She's always wanted to stay home and go to school at Mystic Falls, fall in love, get married and have kids and maybe go to college.

I wanted more than her, I guess that's one of the things that make us different even though we are twins. We have different expectations for our future. Until now, today I'm moving back to Mystic Falls and I'll be going back to school with my sister and friends.

I was nervous about moving back, I knew every one was going to be wondering why I didn't stay at Georgia at art school. Why I would even want to be at Mystic Falls High when I promised myself I never would but the truth is I'm just no longer interested in art like I used to be. I no longer love drawing.

My mom was the one who encouraged me to draw just like my brother Jeremy, but my parents passed away now. Everything is different now. My mom isn't here to keep pushing me to draw. To keep me inspired like she always did.

I clutch to my bag that was currently resting on my lap while I sitting inside the taxi that was driving me back home. I turn to look out the window and familiarize myself with what will be my home once again. I hated to think about my parents, I always ended up crying after I looked at a picture of them or thought about them.

But I needed to be strong to be strong for my parents and myself. I missed my parents so much but being home will keep the memories of them still alive. I felt like the memories of them were leaving me while I was in Georgia. I felt like I was forgetting them and it's wrong of me to feel that way.

I missed my family very deeply and what is used to be, and I missed Elena, Jeremy and Aunt Jenna. I don't want to be negative when I get back but I know I need to be back home with the small amount of family that I had left. I needed them for support.

My parents died in a car accident and thanks to a miracle my twin sister Elena survived the accident. No one knew how she made it out alive but I'm glad that she did. I would miss her terribly if she was gone.

It was early afternoon and I was anxious as to what everyone would think once they would figure out that I was back home and this time for good. I didn't want anyone to have a pity party for me being back. I wanted to feel welcome and comfortable.

I get out of the taxi that was taking me home and they guy helps me take all my luggage bags inside the house. I open the door and notice that Aunt Jenna pokes her head to see who it is.

"Eli! You're finally here. I've been waiting for you to get here all day," Jenna runs towards the door and hugs me tightly. I smile immediately oh how I love Jenna.

"Sorry Aunt Jenna, my flight ran late but, I'm here now," she lets go of me and we both smile together, and she brings be back to another tight hug.

She quickly pulls out some cash out her pocket and pays the taxi man waiting in front of the doorstep after getting all my bags out of the trunk.

"Come on, let's put your stuff back in your room and we can go eat. I bought tacos for dinner."

"Yum, my favorite. Are Elena and Jeremy home2?" We both grab two of my bags and head upstairs to put in my old room. I quickly look around and notice all the photographs of my parents and of Jeremy, Elena, and I when we were little.

"They're out. They both made plans to go watch the comet tonight; you should go too if you're not too tired. Don't forget you're going back to school tomorrow morning." She adds. We drop off my things in my room and together we head towards the kitchen downstairs.

Everything looks exactly the same. Nothing has been changed or moved it's almost like my parents are still here alive but I know they are watching me from above. At least I hope they both are. I take a deep breath and promise myself to not be sad.

"I think I'm going to stay in tonight actually, get some rest. It's been a long day besides I don't want to get too tired and then miss my first day back to school," I respond and look up at Aunt Jenna and smile.

"Oh Eli, don't think I don't know you. You better be awake or I will throw some very cold water on your beautiful face in the morning," Jenna says.

I giggle and start to dig out the food out of the bags when I hear the door open and Jeremy begins to walk inside towards the kitchen.

"Eli!" He speaks as he runs towards me to hug me. Oh I've missed him so much. I quickly remember he's going through his Emo/Drug phase.

"Jer! Oh I've missed you so much little brother!" I hug him tightly and he returns the love.

"How long since you got here?" He asks still holding me in a hug.

"Only a couple of minutes. Jenna tells me you're going out to see the comet tonight? I didn't think you'd be interested." I say pushing for some information.

He smirks. "Things have changed," he says and smiles and goes towards the chair to grab his jacket.

"I picked up dinner, tacos, I had an urge for guacamoles." Jenna speaks as she walks behind the kitchen counter. She's serious about something. I wonder what Jer did now that will make Jenna mad, that never happens. Elena wrote to me about Jeremy who's going to a rough time and has now started smoking pot. I thought he'd change by now but it looks like I was hoping for the impossible.

"No I'm good thanks," Jeremy says while heading toward the back of the back door but Jenna quickly stops him/

"Eat anyways, it's a ruse, I want to talk." Jenna adds trying to convince him to stay but Jeremy is not having it. He sure is stubborn now.

"Just stay a little while Jer," I add.

He's almost out the door when Jenna speaks louder this time, "Hey you! Come, sit!" You don't want to get Aunt Jenna angry.

Jeremy turns around angrily and takes a seat next to me.

"Back at school, freshman year I could eat my weight in nachos with extra cheese. It was my munchies food whenever I got stoned."

"You get high?" Jeremy asks smiling.

"Aunt Jenna gross," I add Jenna looks back and smiles at me, Jeremy scoffs and I punch his arm. I'm about to but I hold it in. I'll make him pay later it's always fun beating him up.

"Did. Past tense. But yeah, loved it anything to get a little distraction from life. Reality. And it works for a while, never lasts though. I'm not saying I would love to rail back and kick it but with a thesis summing and a waist line expanding…"

"He's gone Aunt Jenna," I say when I notice Jer getting up and walking away. We both look back at the door together and watch as Jeremy leaves the room.

"I can't believe you just told him that. I swear I'm going to punch him for smoking myself," I begin to put the food on a plate and start to eat.

"I'll deal with it," Jenna adds. She's frustrated with Jeremy's attitude. I would be too. The little devil needs to learn he needs to grow up.

"I'm going to go upstairs and unpack," I say and leave the room leaving Aunt Jenna angry with herself.


I knock on Stefan's door before backing out of what I needed to do. I needed to kiss him. I need to make sure we are meant to be that there could be something there between us. I know he's the mysterious guy but I need to know more about him. I'm hungry for information but he keeps so much inside. I feel like I tell him so much about me but he doesn't share much.

That doesn't stop me from wanting to kiss him. Caroline was right. He wasn't going to stick around if we did nothing even though he doesn't seem like the type of guy to just a girl like that.

When I knock on the door opens it quickly opens by itself and I look to see if there's anyone behind it but there's no one there. I wonder if any one is even home.

"Hello?" I walk inside and look around and notice everything is quiet. I listen for any one but I find I'm inside alone.

"Stefan?" I try again and after speaking a little louder a crow enters the house and I scream to myself. Why is there a crow constantly following me around recently? It's getting really creepy.

I turn around and I'm shocked to see someone was behind me this whole time.

"I'm sorry for barging in, the door was open," I say and turn around to notice that the front door is now closed. When did that happen? I must look like an idiot right now.

The man stares at me for a couple of seconds and I begin to get uncomfortable. Who is he? Stefan said he lived with his uncle but this man looks too young to be an uncle. He must be someone else distant family member maybe.

"I'm Damon, Stefan's brother." He finally speaks and I'm dumbfounded. Stefan never told me he had a brother. He didn't even tell me he had a brother that was living with him right now. He said he didn't talk to anyone from his family anymore. Was he lying?

"He didn't tell me he had a brother," I tell him. I look curiously up at him. This was complete new information to me. I wonder what else Stefan is hiding from me.

"Well Stefan isn't one to brag. Please come in, I'm sure Stefan will be along any second."

We both walk together towards the living room and I'm immediately impressed by the place. I've never been inside Stefan's house before and it's amazing how much room there is in here. The walls are dark and all the sofas are a very dark red. There are many lamps on but the windows are all closed.

"Wow. This is your living room?" I ask. This place is amazing.

"Living room slash pallor." He responds and we stop in the middle of the room together.

"I see why my brother is so smitten. It's about time, for a while I didn't think he'd get over the last one. Nearly destroyed him." He adds.

I'm stopped by all my thoughts running around my head about Stefan to a new one. The last one, what does that even mean? Was he heart broken by another woman?

I didn't know, again another thing I don't know about Stefan and I'm learning about through his brother.

"The last one?" I ask, once more hungry for information. If Stefan won't tell me I must find out by some one else who's willing to speak right? I don't want to seem pushy though.

"Yeah, Katherine, his girlfriend," Damon replies simply.

I'm shocked. So there is an ex. I look back up at Damon again shocked.

"Oh, you two haven't had the awkward exes conversation yet?" He asks. Making this conversation a little awkward now but I only have myself to blame I asked for it.

"No," I reply simply clearly uncomfortable being in this position. This is something I should be talking about with Stefan but he's not here though I really do wish he were.

"Oops. I'm sure it'll come up now," he adds, "Or maybe he didn't want to tell you he was on the rebound."

I look back at him uncomfortably and then around the living room trying to distract myself from my terrible thoughts.

"We all know how those relationships end," He continues.

"You say like every relationship is doomed to end," I reply back. Why would any one think that? There are relationships that can end in good terms.

He smirks at me, "I'm a fatalist."


"Hello Stefan," Damon says to me.

What is he doing now? I begin to walk towards the living room and I'm stopped when I look over and realize Damon isn't alone. Elena is here, alone with Damon. This is bad.

"Elena, I didn't know you were coming over," I speak. This is bad. Damon is going to take advantage of this situation to ruin any kind of relationship I can have with Elena. She has to go, she has to leave.

What is his game? I've spent the whole day trying to fix his mess and here he is planting another seed filled with trouble only this time it's with Elena.

"I know I should have called…" Damon stops Elena's sentence.

"Oh don't be silly. You're welcome anytime, isn't she Stefan?" He asks me.

I can't stop staring at him with anger. If I could kill him right here I sure would. He's ruining everything but that's what Damon does.

"You know I should break out the family photo albums, or some home movies but, I should warn you he wasn't always such a looker." Damon tells Elena. She smiles softly.

She's beautiful. "Thank you for stopping by Elena," She needs to leave. I need to sort this out with my brother. He must go.

"Nice to see you," I add still angry.

"Yeah, I should probably go," she continues but I barely listen, "It was nice to meet you Damon," she finished.

"Great meeting you too, Elena." Damon takes her hand and quickly kisses it.

Elena begins to walk and stops right in front of me but I'm still staring at Damon. He must be stopped this time.


I keep staring at Damon who smirks back at me. He has a plan I have to figure out why he's back in Mystic Falls.

"Stefan?" I look down at Elena who is trying to catch my attention but she must leave as quickly as possible before Damon makes this any worse. I move out of the way so she can leave.

She's confused by my actions I can tell. I've never been so angry around her before. I hear the door close and Damon whistles.

"Great gal. She's got spunk. You on the other hand, look pooped. Did you over throw yourself today?" He continues to talk and moves further into the living room. He's having fun with this, torturing me. "Let me guess, hospital?"

He finally finishes. "I had to clean your mess," I walk in further into the living room.

"Were you successful? Did the power of persuasion work? Remember is you don't feed properly none of those little tricks work right."

Don't I know it but something had to be done. Vicky couldn't let this town know about vampires. We can't be exposed again.

"How long was Elena here?" I ask him. I begin to play with my ring just to hold in my anger. I can't fight him. Damon is much more stronger than me. He drinks human blood, he's much more faster than me.

"Are you worried Stefan? Scared we may be doomed to repeat the past? Isn't that why you play you're little game of high school?" Damon continues his torture.

History isn't going to repeat itself I'm sure I'm never going to let that happen. Elena is not Katherine.

"I'm not playing any game," I reply but Damon doesn't believe me.

"Of course you are. We both know the closes place you'll ever get to humanity is when you rip it open and feed on it," he replies.

My hands turn into fist while I'm trying to keep myself composed. I can't let Damon get to me not when it comes to Elena. I have to keep her safe.

"What kind of game are you playing?"

"Guess you're going to have to see and wait," he adds and walks away. I must protect Elena from Damon. He cannot get to her like he's trying to get to me. I need to find out what he told her.

Damon won't get away with this.


"About time we can get some time for girl talk. I've been waiting for you all day Lena," I say and Elena smiles when I call her Lena like when we were little.

"I know I'm sorry. I was talking with Stefan," she sighs. Something is wrong. From what she told me Stefan was supposed to be a good guy what's got her in such a funk.

"Did something bad happen today?" I ask. I will get it out of her besides I need to know more about this guy.

"He's on the rebound and has raging family issues," she replies.

Aunt Jenna walks in while holding her apple. I smile; everything seems so normal again I've missed this.

"At least it's an ex-girlfriend. Wait until you date a guy with mommy problems or cheating problems." She smiles and stares at her apple.

I giggle. "Yeah Elena, mommy issues are the worst. You can do better," I giggle again and Elena tries to hide a smile. She's coming back to us.

Elena goes to the kitchen to make herself a sundae and I hear the door open. Jeremy is back.

"Jeremy!" Aunt Jenna yells but he ignores her. She should really hurt him or something.

"Jeremy! Where were you?" She heads over to him and I follow. He ignores us once again and tries to go upstairs to his room.

"More stoner stories? I get it Aunt Jenna, you were cool and that's cool," he smiles and continues going up the stairs and Jenna throws her apple at him.

I laugh, "About time someone hit him."

Jeremy gets angry and Jenna looks at me frustrated.

"Ow, why? Why did you do that?" he asks.

"You deserved it to be honest," I add and smile up at him and he ignores me. He's such a kid.

"Listen up. Quit ditching your classes or you're grounded. No discussion." Jenna yells at him.

"Parental authority. I like it. Sleep tight," he smirks and goes up to his room.

Aunt Jenna takes a deep breath and tries to remain calm. He really needs a reality check; maybe I should throw another apple at him.

"Good job about time you hit him. Don't worry it'll get him back for being such a jerk," I add as we both walk back towards the living room.

Elena and Jeremy left once again to go see the comet and I stayed back with Aunt Jenna. I sit back in my room and I hear some one next-door moving around stuff. I wonder if Jeremy is back home.

I get up from my bed and he over towards his room to see what's all the noise.

"Aunt Jenna?" I ask as I poke my head to look inside.

She gets up and looks at me worried. "What are you doing in Jeremy's room?"

"Looking for his stash. All his hiding spots want to help me?" She asks and I smile. This should be fun.

"Oh yes. Anything to ruin Jeremy's buzz." I walk over towards his drawers and start to look for anything illegal.

"Jer?" I hear Elena call out.

"No it's me, the hypocritical control." Jenna replies as she continues to look around Jeremy's room.

"More like the buzz police. We need to control Jeremy's obsession with getting high," I speak and giggle. If Jeremy caught us in his room he'd freak. I love it.

"What you two doing in here?" Elena knows Jeremy would freak out too. He'd probably ignore us for months, years if he found out about this.

"I've become my worst nightmare the authority figure that violates a 15-year-old privacy. Jackpot!" Jenna says while taking out a bong from one of Jeremy's boot.

Very creative Jer I think to myself.

"I see the hiding places haven't gotten that creative," she adds while placing the boot back on the floor. Elena sits down and takes a hold of the bong.

"Would you help?" I ask. "Sitting down isn't helping."

"Oh be quiet Eli," I laugh and continue too look around for anything suspicious.

"What's brought this on?" Elena asks.

"Your ass hat of a history teacher shamed me good yesterday," she says while looking through Jeremy's second drawers.

"Ugh. You got Tannered didn't you? That man just doesn't give up, always inflicting misery on people," I add.

Elena smiles. "Been there," she adds.

"I think we all have. I wonder what he'll think when he finds out he has both of us together. I can inflict misery on him then."

Elena giggles.

"Discovered the impossible. Found another, got it!" She takes out a smaller pipe this time from Jeremy's sock drawer again very creative Jer.

"Like I didn't know I was already screwing up." She adds. Oh Aunt Jenna please don't think that way, I hear her voice of sadness and I frown.

"You're not screwing up!" I pipe up.

"Yes I am. You know why? Because I'm not her, she made everything look so easy. High school, marriage, having both of you," she adds. I walk up to her and hug her and Elena joins in and we sit on Jeremy's bed together.

"I can't do it. I'll either say or do the wrong thing and he's going to get worse and it'll be my fault." Jenna continues.

I grab her hand and give her a gentle squeeze. "It's impossible," she adds quietly.

Elena moves closer to Jenna and grabs her other hand. "This is just the fear talking. You're a little scared that all."

"We all are," I add. It's true. We've all been scared since the accident we all have to be strong for each other.

She smiles softly and looks at both us.

"I have to do something. Are you going to be okay?"

"Of course, I'll be here to keep her happy. Right Jenna?" I speak up.

I look at her and smile and she laughs softly. "I'll be good. I'm happy I have both of you two here with me."

"Always here to help," I add and smile again. We hug and Elena leaves once more.

"Come on, let's go eat some ice cream and throw away all of Jeremy's crap!" I say while getting up from Jeremy's bed.

Jenna laughs and keeps a tight hold on my hand. "Sounds like a plan."

We leave Jeremy's room together with his pipes and throw them away. We get some bowls and I make both us sundaes and together we talk about art school and then head to bed after a while.

I lie in bed and think about mom and dad. It's been a long day but I'm glad I have those memories still close to me keeping mom and dad close to my heart.

We're all going through a tough time but I hope that with a little more time we can get the hang of things. It's hard not having mom and dad here.

It still seems like yesterday they were both here together and we were all a happy family but we can get to that point again. We can all be happy again. Being back isn't going to be easy and I knew that the second I decided to move back but I know together we can make things work and we can make Jeremy stop drinking and smoking.

Slowly I begin to drift and fall asleep.

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Everything will get better at some point. We just need some time; I need some time to get better. I look at a photo of mom and dad on top of my bedside table and slowly begin to drift to sleep.