Heya everyone! I'm back! First off, this is a lil drabble for AdamantiumDragoness. IT'S HER BDAY! Wish her a happy bday! Anyways, she requested a lil Father/son fluff with Danny and Vlad. I was happy to oblige. Enjoy! I don't own DP!

A cough escaped the young boy's mouth as he groaned and pulled up his blanket sleepily.

"Little badger? Was that a cough?" questioned a warm voice. Startled, the boy completely ducked his head underneath the warm blue covers. A door creaked. A silhouette looked around the darkened room, eventually resting his gaze on the young boy. Shaking his head, the now visible older halfa pulled down the covers, revealing a coughing boy.

"Daniel, why didn't you tell me you were sick?" Daniel dropped his gaze to the floor.

"I dunno." he muttered. Vlad sighed and ruffled his messy black hair.

"What shall I ever do with you, Daniel?" he started in a teasing tone. Daniel grinned; his father and him had a game they liked to play when he was sick.

"You could fly me off the roof!" laughed Daniel. It didn't last long, because another coughing fit began.

"Oh Daniel." stated Vlad seriously, ending the fun little game. "I'll get some soup started." Young Daniel made a face: he didn't like soup.

"But Fathe-" he started. A glare silenced him.

"No buts. Get some rest my little badger." said Vlad firmly. Grabbing Daniel's favorite teddy bear, he tucked both it and Daniel into the giant bed.

"Yes Father," said Daniel sleepily. He closed his bright baby blue eyes and after a few minutes, he began to snore lightly. Smiling, the older halfa kissed his forehead and ruffled his hair.

"Night, my little badger." said Vlad, as he shut off the light for the night.

Tada! Have a great birthday AdamantiumDragoness!