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Ch. 1:

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
-Writer Aldous Huxley

"Good morning, mon amis." Garcia said, walking into the round table room. "I have the latest in the strange and disturbing for you."

She hit the button on her remote.

"Three men have been murdered in Boston over the last four weeks." She told them, pulling up the pictures of the men.

"That's not much of a cooling down period." Prentiss commented.

"No, it's not." Hotch agreed. "What does Boston PD think connects the murders?"

"This." Garcia replied.

She pulled up three more pictures.

"Is that music?" Morgan asked.

"Yes." Garcia replied. "The killer left this music strewn around all three bodies. They all seem to be from the same piece, but Boston hasn't been able to identify it yet."

"It seems familiar." Reid murmured.

"There's a lot of anger here." JJ pointed out. "That has to be at least 20 stab wounds on each body."

"37 on the last one." Garcia confirmed.

"Does Boston PD have any idea what connects them?" Morgan asked.

"Not yet." Garcia replied.

"Well, victimology is all over the map." Morgan said. "The first one was a small blonde guy, while the last one was a big guy with black hair. You can't get any further apart, physically at least."

"Socioeconomically as well." Rossi said. "One was a nurse while another was a lawyer and the last was a grad student."

"Yeah, and the time between killings is getting closer." Prentiss said. "There was two weeks between the first and the second murders, and only a week between the second and the third."

"Yeah, which is why Boston wants you there as quickly as possible." Garcia said.

"Alright, plane leaves in 30." Hotch said.

They all got up to leave, but Reid stayed where he was.

"What's up, kid?" Morgan asked.

"There's something about this music." Reid replied. "I know it from somewhere. It's just frustrating that I can't remember."

"Well come on." Morgan said. "You can figure it out on the plane."

Reid nodded and followed him out.

"Okay, let's go over it." Hotch said on the plane.

"Four weeks ago, Tyler Myers was attacked in his house and stabbed to death." Garcia reported from her den via sat link. "He was discovered the next morning when his girlfriend came by to check on him after he didn't pick up his phone."

"No signs of forced entry." Morgan commented. "So either he knew his attacker or our unsub had a way into the house."

"Same on the other two houses." Garcia confirmed. "Second victim, Howard Lawrence, and the third victim, Richard St. Claire, both had no sign of forced entry at the crime scenes, and both were killed during the night and found the next morning."

"Have you found any connection between the victims?"Hotch asked.

"The only connection I have found is a bar in downtown named, imaginatively I might add, The Spot." Garcia said. "All three men have visited the establishment at some point, going back eight years, but never at the same time. Our most recent victim stopped visiting over 5 years ago, while our first victim was still going up till two month ago."

"Look into that, Garcia." Hotch ordered.

"Right away, Mon Capitain." She replied. "Peace out, my loves."

The video feed shut down.

"Okay, Reid and Morgan, you go check out this bar." Hotch said. "Prentiss and Rossi will go to the latest crime scene then the morgue, while JJ and I will go to the station."

The others nodded and broke up, while Reid picked up his file to look at the music again.

"What is it that's bothering you about that, kid?" Morgan asked.

"I don't know." Reid replied. "It's like…I know what it should sound like. I think I've heard it someplace."

He shook his head and continued looking over the case file.

Rossi and Prentiss walked into the bedroom of the latest crime scene and Prentiss winced.

"This is a lot of rage." She said.

It was dark outside, but there was enough lights inside to see how the blood had gone everywhere around the room.

"It takes awhile to stab someone that many times." Rossi pointed out. "So why didn't anyone hear him scream?"

"Also, our victim was a big guy." Prentiss said. "Could one killer have controlled him long enough to do this?"

"You think it was a team?" Rossi asked.

"I don't know." Prentiss replied. "But if it isn't, we're talking about either a very strong unsub or a very out of control one."

"Besides the mess, everything about this says organized killer." Rossi said. "He comes to the scene with the weapon and leaves with it, he is able to subdue and control a large victim, and he is able to get in and out without anyone the wiser."

"But the time between kills is getting shorter." Prentiss said. "He may be devolving."

"Or he's hurrying towards his goal." Rossi replied.

"You think he's a mission based killer?" Prentiss asked.

"Look at the scene." Rossi replied. "He mutilates the body, yes, but there doesn't seem to be any sexual component to these murders. It's like he's trying to punish them for something."

"Maybe they're stand-ins?" Prentiss asked. "The person he really wants to hurt."

"The victimology doesn't support that." Rossi replied. "I don't know, but something is off. This isn't like Zodiac or Foyet. I don't think he's just killing indiscriminately."

"Maybe Reid and Morgan will find something at the bar." Prentiss said, making her way out of the room.

"I hope so." Rossi replied, following her.

Reid and Morgan walked up to the dark little bar. Morgan grabbed Reid's arm and stopped him from walking right past it.

"What is with you?" Morgan asked.

"There's something about that music." Reid replied. "It's important, I just don't know how."

"Well get your head in the game, boy genius." Morgan told him.

"Yeah." Reid agreed following him inside.

"Thanks, guys!" A singer was saying from on stage as they walked in. "You've been a great audience!"

Reid froze and Morgan turned back.


"That's it!" the younger man exclaimed. "That's where I know this music from! She wrote it! I can't believe I didn't remember!"

"Slow down, kid." Morgan said. "How do you know she wrote it?"

"Because he was there when I wrote it."

They both turned to see the singer standing behind them.

"He was the first one who ever even heard that theme." She continued. "Hi, Spencer. Long time no see."

"Selena." Reid said. "I-You-Wow. You-um…you look great."

"Thanks." She said softly, smiling. "You too. So, what brings the big bad FBI profiler to this hole in the wall?"

"There's a serial killer in Boston." He replied as they moved over to the bar. "The only thing the three victims have in common is this bar."

He pulled out the pictures of the victims and laid them on the bar. Selena took one look at them and her hand flew to her mouth with a gasp.

"You know these men?" Morgan asked.

"You could say that." Selena said weakly, looking sick. "I dated all of them."

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