Chapter 1: New day, same stuff

The sound of the lovely birds chirping in the morning was like a melody of a thousand flutes, serenading to my ears. The sound was just so graceful and beautiful. The rays of the sunshine shone through my bedroom window, hitting my face with it's gentle warm rays. I smiled softly at how amazing this morning has become.

" YOU JERK WAIT TILL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU! YOU'RE SO FUCKED!" I heard a voice yell as loud as possible, making me flinch.

Spoke too soon . . .

The day started out with it's usual start, Kari yelling at Nora as usual in the kitchen table as I watched and sat there. Kari is one of my best friends! She is 17 years old, a junior soon-to-be senior. To me, despite her aggressive behavior, was a very nice girl, or should I say, young lady. She had long beautiful silky brown hair that I always admired. It always seemed very healthy, and flows whenever she walks. Her eyes were amazingly blue, like pools of blue. She was much taller than I was, since I'm short. Her skin was a milky pale skin tone, that was surprisingly soft no matter how much she beat people up.

"Ugh . . . Kari . . . give me one good reason why it was a bad idea to wake you up for food I mean C'MON IT'S FOOD MAN" I heard Nora yell.

Nora, well to me, seems like Kari's best friend. However, they're always fighting, usually it's because of Nora. He is 17 years old as well, a little bit older than Kari ( though most of the time she acts older than him ). He had the perfect shade of messy dirty blonde hair, it was average length. Not too long, yet not too short. His eyes is an amazing hazel color that can mesmerize any girl. He was really REALLY tall! He's like a big brother to me!

" You. Woke. Me. Up. With. A. PLAYBOY MAGAZINE YOU TWAT!" Kari growled at him.

Nora is the pervert of the group . . .

" Guys will you two stop fighting?" Alice chirped in, handing them their breakfast. Alice is my best friend as well, as I envied her because of her natural beauty. Her hair was a pixie style short, and she had amazing golden eyes to go with it. She's also one hell of a cook! Her skin was a milky pale too, and she's so soft you can sleep on her! She is not too tall, yet not too short. She has always been there for me when I needed her, and I grew up loving her like a sister. She is 18 years old right now

Her face flustered with a hot pink as two big hands were placed on her shoulder.

" Hey you " grinned Goku. He was a really buff guy, who I didn't like at first. The reason: I though all really muscular guys were mean. He is the sweetest thing you can imagine, especially to my Alice! I always felt like they shall go out, but sadly, they're only "friends" as they say. His hair was abnormal but great! He is 18 years old. Alice continued to blush as she handed him his plate of food.

" Thank you! " He grinned from ear to ear. He always loved food!

" Sissy . . . " I whined, grabbing her attention. " Where's my food~?" I pouted. She turned towards me and gave me her most heartwarming smile, handing me my plate. " Here you go hun." She said, her voice sounding like angels. I smiled softly. As soon as I was about to chow down, I heard a growl.

I looked up, to see Miku sitting across from me, his eyes shut with a scowl on his face. G-good morning." I stuttered. One eye flickered opened to look at me. I flinched. His eyes were an intelligent green color, but it always had a cold feeling. His hair is pitch black, spiky yet stylish. He's the delinquent type. He had a couple of piercings and one tattoo. For a 19 year old, the oldest in the group, he's really aggressive.

" What do you want now? Shortie." He growled at me as my eyes shot back down.

My name is Sapphie. Sapphie Mizuno. I'm just an average girl I guess. I'm only 14 years old, a soon-to-be-freshman. I have long black hair that I would just hate to cut. My eyes are a light shade of brown, such a boring color on me. I was the shortest one and the youngest.

Miku is always being mean to me. I guess he just doesn't like me.

" That's enough Miku. " Alice glared at him, handing him his plate. "Thanks witch." He snickered at her, proceeding to eat. After all, Alice is the Wicca in the group. she scoffed and began to eat. They were both brothers and sisters.

You may be wondering, where are the adults?

To be frank, we are all orphans at a young age, I was the one who never even met my parents while the rest did know their parents. We all somehow met and taken care of each other like a family. The only family I would love to have forever.

" We should get out of this house and do something!" Nora exclaimed as he was eating. Alice looked at him, drinking her favorite orange juice. " Well then what do you want to do?" She asked, raising an eyebrow." I chewed quietly anticipating his answer. We don't normally get out much, we just stay in the house hanging out. " C'mon guys! Let's just get out there and do fun things! Like go to the park, watch a movie, eat out! We all work but Sapphie so we have plenty of money to spend for just a day out! " He sounded so happy and excited. Kari simply gave him a head slap. " OW!" He yelled out, rubbing the back of his head while Kari kept on eating.

"Actually a day out might not sound like a bad idea Nora." Goku piped in. " I'm guessing staying cooped up in this place is getting to be boring, why not?" We all looked at each other. I actually did wanted to get out. Have some fun. Alice smiled. " Sounds good to me, all in favor raise you hand!" She cheered as everyone but Miku raised their hands.

" Gah . . . " He growled. Alice sticked her tongue out at him.

" Then it's settled!" Nora said. " Let's all get ready within the house and get out!"