Chapter 22 - No Sex…

He woke up in the night, breathing heavily against Nico's chest. The sheets were sticking uncomfortably to his skin, causing him to stir and kick them away. He was trying not to disturb the other demigod who slept peacefully next to him, he made sure he was warm before sliding out from beside him and sitting on the side of the bed. He dropped his feet onto the floor and rested his elbows on his knees, sighing deeply as he buried his face in his hands.

He glanced at Nico's bedside table, the clock said 2:56 A.M. It was obviously dark out, there wasn't a sound coming in through the open window, but there was a draft, the cold air hitting his hot skin, leaving him in somewhat of a cold sweat. He looked at his arms, covered in cuts, old and new alike. He didn't feel much toward them, he didn't regret them, he wasn't joyous over them, but they were his, and they had to be there, even if he did hate that he had to hide them from the world. If he could stroll around with them on show then he would, he didn't care -he didn't care about much- but the world made him feel ashamed about himself, the himself that actually managed to rise above his pain every so often, the world and everyone in it was fast to put him back into his place.

He jumped when he was touched from behind, hands holding his shoulders. It was Nico. Obviously. He let out a sigh of relief, covering the boy's hands with his own as he kneeled behind him, knees settling either side of his hips.

"What's wrong?" He asked sleepily, resting his chin on Percy's shoulder. "Was it another nightmare?"

"When is it not…" Percy replied, turning his head to look into Nico's dark eyes. They exchanged small smiles as Nico slid a little closer, his chest leaning against Percy's muscled back. He slid his arms around his ribs, hugging himself against him. Percy held the younger boy's arms, thumbs touching the remnants of old scars. "Did I wake you up?" He felt Nico shake his head slightly. "Good." He stretched a little in the other's boy's hold, his back flexing against him. He couldn't help but smile when Nico grinned and snuggled against his back, nuzzling his shoulder. "Since when did you get so affectionate?" He asked, making him chuckle.

"Since always." Nico was a little surprised when Percy pulled him swiftly, but gently, away from his back and to his side, fluidly turning to face him and press their lips together. The sea prince was holding him up around his back, half laying him in his lap.

Nico returned his kisses, sliding a hand into Percy's ebony hair, threading his fingers into the soft locks. He was disappointed when his boyfriend pulled away, withdrawing slowly. "Thanks…" he said quietly. Nico raised an eyebrow. "For being here."

"No problem…" he replied, a little dazed. Percy's eyes wandered down Nico's chest, followed by his fingers, coming to brush over the bar through Nico's nipple.

"Didn't this hurt?"

"Well, yeah" Nico said, giving Percy a lopsided smile. He still had his hand in Percy's hair, fingers toying idly with the dark strands.

Percy however was transfixed, piercings looked hot on Nico… he stood briefly to lift Nico up and move him further onto the bed before descending upon his neck, smirking at the gasp it caused from the younger's lips. He kissed and sucked at the skin, doing it as much for his own taste as he was to pleasure Nico. He knelt either side of Nico's right thigh and let his hands roam, caressing every inch of Nico's torso.

Nico's breathing sped up, he felt utterly dominated, he loved the feel of Percy above him. His arms just remained dropped to the bed, one beside his head and the other at his side, giving space for Percy to do those enchanting things to his neck.

When Percy finally lifted his head, Nico couldn't help himself but pull him in for a kiss. Leaning up eagerly and moving his lips against Percy's.

The older boy groaned a little, moving a hand Nico's hips and holding their bodies together. Neither of them knew who started moving against the other first, all they knew was that it felt good.

Nico hands flew to Percy's back, gripping his shoulders and trying to feel as much of him as he could get. A hand travelled down, fingers splaying over Percy's Achilles, causing the older boy to pull his lips away and elicit a deep groan, it only made Nico want him more, but with a moan of Percy's name, it seemed to make the sea prince think twice and pull away completely.

"I'm sorry…" Percy said a little breathlessly.

"Don't be…" Nico replied, staying where his boyfriend had left him.

Percy looked down at the boy laid in front of him. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just…" Nico's cheeks blushed crimson. "I was about to, um, not that it matters! I'm just not used to stopping so abruptly when I- yeah, it was kinda painful in a way…" Percy watched the way Nico stuttered, it was adorable… and how he went red… his eyes roamed down to the trousers he wore to bed, tenting at his crotch, wetness at the tip of his hardness already soaking through to the grey fabric, leaving a dark patch. "Sorry…" Percy dived back down to him, pulling him in for another kiss, an opportunity that Nico was all too happy to take. He positioned himself between his legs and they ground against each other, lust and teenage hormones taking over, Nico was quick to start moaning almost uncontrollably, his hands gripping at Percy's body, encouraging him to press down harder against him, grind harder as he spread his legs wider.

The older boy had released his lips in favour of hearing his voice, hearing him moan, hearing each one escalate as he rutted against him. He breathed hard against the boy's neck, nibbling and sucking almost harshly as Nico tried to claw at him. Even he saw white as Nico let out one high moan, arching up against him.

"Oh gods, Percy!" Nico cried, his body tensing as white stars exploded in his vision…

…They both came down, panting against each other's shoulders and neck. Nico didn't want to let him go, he was still buzzing with aftershocks and if possible, was slightly hornier than before…

Percy held himself up on his elbows, consumed by what had just happened between them and how beautiful Nico smelled… he didn't want to pull their pelvises apart, he was barely holding himself back from starting the whole thing again, he was overwhelmed with urges… he wanted to just push their clothes down, just feel his length against his own, just a little friction would do…

He lifted his head and started pressing deep kisses against Nico's lips as his hand travelled down between them, he tugged Nico's trousers down awkwardly while trying to push his down at the same time. The boy beneath him tried to help, pushing his clothes down his hips, his heart pounding as he felt the same need to touch, just touch…

Percy let out a sweet moan of relief as he held their half-hard members together, his fingers, wet with their release, stroking over Nico's sensitive flesh, stroking it against his own.

Nico's hips tried to roll up into the touch of their own accord, making Percy realise what he was doing, but before he had chance to pull away Nico caught his hand, making him shiver at the contact.

"It's okay…"

"Nico, I want this with you so badly, just to touch you… you have to tell me if you want this, really want this, because I don't want to stop until you're calling my name again…" The look in Percy's eyes was intense, but it made Nico's length throb in the most wonderful way.

"I want this…" he said, moving his hand, encouraging Percy to continue. His hand soon became redundant however when Percy's retook control, stroking them both back to full. Nico could only hold onto him, fingers digging into the older boy's skin as his toes gripped at the bedsheets. "Percy, Percy- ah, please-"

"Nico-" their moans became needy as the air hung with the smell of sweat. "I need to hear you Nico- I need to hear you moan, so damn beautiful- ah-"

"Percy- oh gods-" he had much more to say, but it was unfortunately cut off by the exploding force of pleasure wracking his body. "Oh fuck, Percy!" He came, thrusting needily into the other demigod's hand and against his hardness. He came down from the high to hear Percy groaning into his shoulder, spurts of his warm liquid splattering onto his stomach.

The sea prince just moaned at the pure pleasure of orgasming with Nico. "So beautiful, so beautiful…"

"Percy? Nico asked breathlessly.

"Yeah?" Nico didn't say anything else, he pulled himself from beneath his boyfriend and kicked off his trousers to leave himself naked. He hooked a leg back around Percy's waist before the older boy realised what he was proposing. "No, Nico, stop." Percy grabbed his leg and stopped him, trying to slow his breathing as he looked at him.

"You liked it…"

"I loved it."


"We can't. No sex." Nico pouted, completely put out but happy that Percy seemed so comfortable. "You're a horny little minx." Percy said, pulling him down for a kiss. Their foreheads were pressed together as their bodies returned to room temperature. Percy looked down and chuckled. "You're naked… I've always wanted to see you naked…"

Nico smiled, pushing strands of hair, who's hair, he didn't know- from between their faces to kiss him.

When Percy had a clear -not lust filled- head the next morning he felt bad about what he had done. Nico was innocent, and he'd perverted their relationship… but it had felt so right, so wonderful, and Nico had called out for him, moaned, almost begged him to carry on… he had liked it, had wanted to go further… but he shouldn't have.

He was a bad influence on Nico.

End of Chapter 22…

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