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Summary: 50 Sentences Challenge: exploring Zagi and Thor's relationship. Genre varies.

Disclaimer: WilderKaiserin does not own Jyu-Oh-Sei or any related properties or characters.

50 Sentences: ZagixThor

One: comfort.

It starts out as little more than physical comfort for emotional wounds – they've both lost companions, and Thor doesn't even want to think about propagating the new species – but it's not long before neither of them can pretend it's nothing more.

Two: kiss.

Their first kiss is strange – Thor can't help comparing Zagi to Karim, how much stronger and surer he is – but by the third, he's not thinking much at all.

Three: soft.

There's nothing soft about Zagi – never has been – except for silken whispers under twisted sheets.

Four: pain.

For months after Chimaera gains independence, everything hurts when Zagi moves; but he can forget the pain when he has Thor at his mercy.

Five: potatoes.

By the time those twins stumbled into the Forest of Semi, Zagi hadn't seen a plant that wasn't trying to kill him in years; when Thor mentioned potatoes, Zagi almost hit him.

Six: rain.

Chimaera can go years without rain – good thing, too, because the plants certainly don't need more nourishment – but the year it pours, Zagi takes full advantage of being trapped inside with Thor.

Seven: chocolate.

They never had chocolate in the gang on Iliad – hell, they rarely had food – but that noise Thor just made has to be better than any sweet.

Eight: happiness.

Zagi supposes he must have been happy sometime – maybe with the gang, before their rivals slaughtered them; maybe with Karim, years ago – but by now, it's so foreign that he's shocked to notice he might be.

Nine: telephone.

The telephone is one of the things that Thor misses most on Chimaera – when he's away, Zagi tends to make trouble about which no one can tell Thor until he gets back.

Ten: ears.

Zagi's ears aren't as sharp as a native Chimaeran's, but they're quite good enough to hear Thor beg.

Eleven: name.

Blanc Ro was only the name of a Ring's Top – Zagi Fenrir is wolf enough without it, as Thor learns very quickly.

Twelve: sensual.

There's a sensual, animalistic grace to Zagi's prowling walk, but Thor makes sure that Zagi never catches him staring.

Thirteen: death.

They both know that death will take Zagi first – between Thor's natural hardiness and Zagi's imperfectly-healed wounds, it's not much of a question – but they're going to make the best of the time they have.

Fourteen: sex.

Zagi doesn't know how to be gentle – even their first time, sex was rough and wild, just like Zagi himself.

Fifteen: touch.

From the first moment Zagi touched him, his hands lit Thor on fire, filling him with a desire he never knew he possessed.

Sixteen: weakness.

Even when he could barely move from the pain of his injuries, Zagi refused to show weakness – among the yado, revealing it would have killed him – but eventually, he trusts Thor enough to admit that he was scared.

Seventeen: tears.

Sometimes, Thor still cries over Tiz, or Third, or Karim – Zagi doesn't quite understand, but he knows not to leave until the tears stop.

Eighteen: speed.

Thor remembers a time when Zagi was as fast as he is, and he knows that Zagi won't stop training until he has that speed back.

Nineteen: wind.

The wind howls outside the Ochre Ring's fortress, but inside, Zagi and Thor take advantage of shared heat.

Twenty: freedom.

Chimaera's freedom came at a greater price than Thor could have imagined, but Zagi doesn't let him think about it too often.

Twenty-one: life.

"It's life, glorious and wild," Zagi says with a grin, when Thor asks why he doesn't mind Chimaera's chaos.

Twenty-two: jealousy.

It took months before Thor would admit that he'd been more jealous of Karim than of Zagi.

Twenty-three: hands.

Thor's hands are deceptively smooth and delicate for a warrior – perfect for making Zagi twitch and shudder at his touch.

Twenty-four: taste.

Cooking is not one of Thor's strengths, and the tajin aren't at their best this year; Zagi's been trying to get that foul taste out of his mouth for hours.

Twenty-five: devotion.

Thor knows devotion – to his family, to his Ring, to his friends – but Zagi's still figuring it out.

Twenty-six: forever.

Zagi has never let himself consider forever – it's too unreal, too strange a concept to even fathom for someone who has lived moment to moment for his entire life – but when Thor asks if he'll stay, he makes an effort to think about it.

Twenty-seven: blood.

Thor has never forgiven himself for the fact that he has Zagi's blood on his hands.

Twenty-eight: sickness.

Sometimes, Zagi's old wounds make him sick enough to land him back in bed for days, and no matter what Chimaera's leaders want, Thor doesn't leave his side.

Twenty-nine: melody.

Thor can't carry a melody to save his life, and he still doesn't know if Zagi can – the stubborn bastard would rather shut up forever than try a note.

Thirty: star.

The Balkan star system is just as beautiful as their native one in its own way – they just have to look.

Thirty-one: home.

Zagi has taught Thor how to see Chimaera as home.

Thirty-two: confusion.

Chimaera's politics confuse the hell out of Thor, and Zagi has become essential for keeping him sane.

Thirty-three: fear.

Back with the yado and the gang on Iliad, fear was weakness, and Zagi never let it show no matter how bad things got – but eventually, Thor realizes that the mask isn't all that's there.

Thirty-four: lightning/thunder.

Rain is rare on Chimaera and almost nonexistent on Juno, so thunderstorms have always unnerved Thor; Zagi is a very effective distraction.

Thirty-five: bonds.

Thor glares at Zagi from his awkward vantage point on the bed, straining against the bonds around his wrists as Zagi admires the view.

Thirty-six: market.

For the first few years, Chimaera's common market is deserted except for the former Ochre and Blanc Rings, which have been blackmailed severely by their respective Tops.

Thirty-seven: technology.

Sometimes Thor misses the technology on Juno – among other things – but he knows that Zagi would have suffocated there.

Thirty-eight: gift.

Zagi is gifted with words, far more so than Thor himself, but he's learned that Chimaera needs its leader to speak.

Thirty-nine: smile.

Getting a real smile out of Zagi is one of the hardest things Thor has ever done, but it's perfect enough that he rarely stops trying.

Forty: innocence.

Thor's innocence is almost as charming as it is frustrating.

Forty-one: completion.

They are equal and opposite, vicious and gentle, distant and emotional, feral and civilized – between them, there is completion.

Forty-two: clouds.

Stormclouds are common during Chimaera's night; they're all the more beautiful when the moonlight breaks through and dapples Thor and Zagi in silver.

Forty-three: sky.

Thor never realized how beautiful Chimaera's sky was until he watched the sunrise with Zagi.

Forty-four: heaven.

Zagi has never believed in the "life after" kind of heaven – if it exists, it's right here.

Forty-five: hell.

Thor once thought of Chimaera as a living hell – now, with Zagi at his side at the past at his back, there's no place he'd rather be.

Forty-six: sun.

The sunrise on Chimaera is stunning enough to make up for the months of frigid hell, especially when there's someone to watch it with.

Forty-seven: moon.

Moonlight is rarer than sunlight – storms block it out for most of the winter – and it's that much more beautiful when it cascades through the windows onto Thor's sleeping form.

Forty-eight: waves.

They go to the ocean one day, after Zagi has recovered enough to travel, and Zagi almost starts laughing when Thor drags him into the waves.

Forty-nine: hair.

When Thor's hair turned black at the roots, Zagi called him a skunk in negative until Thor finally sheared off the platinum blond.

Fifty: wild

Zagi is a wild thing, and Thor knows that will never change – but somehow, he doesn't seem to mind.


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