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I paced the floor, thinking about the acursed red thing my brother calls a hat. It has been annoying me since the day I came to the Special Zone and it still annoys me to this day. I really want it dead and my buddy Zara will help me do it. I then looked to a picture on my dresser and an evil grin grew on my face. Lets see that hat come back after what I have in store for it.

"Where have you been? I've been calling you for hours!" Zara exclaimed as I entered our secret hideout a.k.a. the basement of Zelman Clock. I smirked as I emptied a bag onto the table in front of her. She stared at it intently before looking up at me.

"What is all this stuff?" She asked her head tilted in confusion. I smiled before taking a book out of my black bag. She smiled like the Chesire Cat as she read the title.

Jiro-nii-san laid there snoring softly, sleeping like an angel. Perfect. Now was the best time to steal that monstracity of a hat, but due to Zara not being a Black Blood like me her footsteps were easily heard by both me and Jiro-nii-san. He woke up and stared into my eyes. I pulled a chocolate bar from my bag and his eyes widened, a bit of drool coming from the corner of his mouth. I moved it a few times, his grey eyes following intently and I threw it into the Mimiko's bedroom. Jiro-nii-san followed after it like a dog chasing a stick and I shut the door behind him and blocked with a chair. I walked back and pulled out my supplies, getting to work as Zara went off to find our cohort for this evil plot to destroy the hat.

I planted the hat into Kotaro's waiting hands and ruffled his hair.

"Listen Kotaro you have the most important job, when Jiro-nii-san comes out of the room make sure he gets his hat," I explained to the blonde child. "Now whatever happens you need to stay here and don't be afraid. If you stand your ground Jiro-nii-san won't be able to hurt you." Kotaro nodded before he stood a foot infront of Jiro-nii-san's prison. Zara and I ran to hide on the roof to await what would happen.

Kotaro's POV

I stood there like Sister told me to, waiting to prove I can stand up to Brother. He broke open the door and stood there looking very angry. His eyes were dark and scary, but I stayed like Sister told me to, she's so nice and I know she'll never hurt me.

"Why do you have my hat Kotaro?" Brother asked using his scary voice. I gulped and looked into his eyes and stood confidently.

"I made the buckle shinier to surprize you Brother," I said in a serious voice. Brother smiled and put his hat on. I heard a beeping noise before a big boom knocked us both over. A bad smell filled the air and before I could even blink I felt myself become airborne and hit the ceiling.

I looked to the ceiling and noticed a dent the size and shape of Kotaro. I looked into his room and saw Jiro-nii-san scolding Kotaro about the stink bomb in the hat. Zara and I ran off to laugh in the basement like the insane women we are.

"That my friend was priceless, but there was a hot on Jiro's head," Zara said between her laughs. I smiled before unvailing the list of ways we could destroy the evil monster known as a hat.

"Zara my friend, that hat will die or we'll die trying," I said before laughing crazily and Zara applauding me.

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