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Summary: After a fight with his brother Kyouya goes for a walk, on the way home he finds a box with two ginger golden eyed kittens. What's the worst that could happen? Oh... they turn human that's what!


Chapter 1

Kyouya Ootori huffed in annoyance as he walked along the main road he'd had a fight with Akito his older brother during dinner and instead of loosing his temper like his brother expected he instead turned around and calmly walked out. 'foolish idiot' he growled as he kicked a stone long the pavement. His father as usual was running them ragged having them compete for the title of head of the company. Kyouya's best friend Tamaki had said it was pointless for Kyouya to worry but what did the blonde really know. After all he had his inheritance all ready handed to him on a silver platter.

With a small sigh Kyouya pushed up his glasses that had a habit of sliding down. Walking through an archway he walked into a luscious rose garden his parents owned and ran through their medical field. Sitting on a bench his fingers ran lightly through his hair taking a deep breath to calm down. He admired the large fountain before him looking for any sort of fault with it but was stunned to find there wasn't a single thing wrong with it.

As the hours passed he ignored the calls from his limo driver and from Tamaki who'd obviously been drafted into looking for him. He frowned standing deciding that after 3 hours he could go home and finish his homework in peace knowing his brother would have gone to bed by now. He walked his hands in his pockets as to keep them warm, rounding the corner his eyebrows rose seeing a box sticking halfway out of the hedge that lined the boundaries of his parents home. 'Odd that wasn't there when I got left.' He walked over to the box curiously it was shabby and weathered it looked like it was going to fall apart. He nudged it with his foot casually about to walk away when it moved a scratching sound inside it. 'Boxes don't make noises.' He reached out with his hand lifting the lid of the box.

Two pairs of golden eyes peaked out at him, two small ginger kittens mewled sitting up on their hind legs their front paws on the box lid trying to climb out as they continued to mewl. It was obvious they'd been dumped and left for dead and for some reason it pissed Kyouya off. The smaller kitten of the two stared up at him whilst the other seemed to have given up trying to escape the box. Kyouya lifted the box reaching inside smiling when both kittens seemed to liven up and rub against his hand. He stroked them both before glancing around frowning no one was around and it was dark. He looked up feeling a rain drop land on his face and then down at the kittens if it were to rain they wouldn't survive. He sighed rolling his eyes carrying the box into the estate with him.

He never would understand what compelled him to take them with him but he watched them an amused smile on his face thinking maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. Both were currently sitting on his bed sniffing the sheets curiously their tails swishing side to side curiously. It hadn't taken him long to figure out the differences between the two. If it wasn't for their size and personality they were identical leading him to believe they were siblings maybe twins. The younger kitten scampered over to Kyouya who'd taken a seat on the bed with his laptop telling Tamaki about the kittens. Tamaki had over reacted insisting that the next day he was coming to visit and see them. The smaller kitten pawed at his hand and he sighed wiggling the pencil he was holding side to side allowing the kitten to paw at it. The other was curled up on the edge of the bed its tail lolling side to side casually.

Kyouya frowned and stood up leaving as he went to his sisters room returning moments later with two ribbons he'd found. Catching the youngest was easy and he tied a blue ribbon around its neck loosely in a bow doing the same to the other who'd hissed at him afterward. They didn't seem to mind the ribbons pawing at the others in curiosity before settling down at the foot of the bed falling asleep in a ball.

He yawned slightly removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes tiredly removing his clothes folding them neatly and climbing into bed falling asleep.

It was midnight when something peculiar happened inside the Ootori house. Kyouya slept soundly, had he been awake he'd have seen it.

"Hikaru your heavy get off" a soft voice whined followed by movement at the foot of the bed.
"Sorry Kaoru" another voice replied.

Had the youngest Ootori been awake he'd have seen two twin red headed boys his age sat at the foot of his bed golden eyes almost glowing in the dark, on their heads sat cat ears and they had tails which lolled from side to side. Both were naked except for the ribbons around their necks. The boy with the blue ribbon the younger of the two was Kaoru; his older twin was Hikaru sporting a pink ribbon. Hikaru sighed standing up stretching before glancing at his brother who was eyeing the boy in the covers curiously his ears perked with his head dipped to one side. "Hika… do you know what's happened? Someone… took us in… no ones ever done that before" he said softly his eyes gazing at the sleeping boy with admiration.

"I know" Hikaru smiled softly before paling "Kao what are you doing!" he hissed watching his younger twin crawl under the blankets and reappear beside Kyouya's sleeping form. "He's so warm" Kaoru purred softly snuggling into the boy who was in such a deep sleep he hadn't noticed, Kaoru purred his ears flicking lazily showing he was happy and content. Hikaru sighed softly yawning, he was tired after all so he didn't bother to argue further, he followed his little brother and climbed into the bed on the Ootori's other side. Both looked at each other for a moment smiling before they snuggled in purring and fell asleep.

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