I Don't Own Ouran

Chapter 11

Hikaru yawned softly rubbing his face with a warm towel as he stood in the shower that had been prepared for him by one of Tamaki's maids. Tamaki was unlike anything Hikaru had expected the boy was happy, bouncy, lively, passionate , kind, loving and a downright dominant in the bedroom which was something that had shocked the man who was normally a Seme.

Granted when Tamaki had gained control of their kiss it hadn't bothered him but when he had tried to take it further Hikaru had not expected Tamaki to roll them over growling in his ear like an animal. Tamaki had made it very clear that he was the one in charge and what shocked Hikaru the most was how easily he accepted this chain of events.

"Hikaru can I come in?" A voice called and Hikaru flushed slightly responding with a curt yes. The door opened and through the misty glass he saw Tamaki enter to brush his teeth. "You want to go see Kaoru and Kyouya today?" Tamaki asked his usual bubbly voice infected Hikaru's heart making him feel giddy.

"Sure if you want to it's been what 4 days since we last saw them?"


Hikaru made a small hmm noise as he shut the water off, wrapping a large blue fluffy towel around himself stepping out of the shower. Tamaki was leaning against the marble top counter giving him an appreciative glance. Hikaru's tail was wrapped around his own leg as his ears wiggled fluffing up as they shook water off. He stepped into Tamaki's arms snuggling up against the blonde who was in fact taller than him. "Hikaru."

"Yeh boss?" he asked a pet name he'd stuck to using mainly for the host club. He didn't get an answer verbally but rather physically as Tamaki pulled him close kissing him with such a passion it sent his head spinning. "Tama…" he breathed softly as Tamaki kissed his neck lightly nipping to leave love bites. "Again so soon?" Hikaru asked groaned when he heard a husky chuckle come from the elder.

"You know me Hikaru I'm a passionate man and that includes my needs for you." Tamaki purred and Hikaru smirked god he could just imagine what the school girls would be like if they saw this side of Tamaki. The deviant side of him that was all for Hikaru.

Hikaru smirked pushing Tamaki against the counter he was originally leaning on. "Your such a needy man Tamaki, imagine what the princess's would think if they saw you like this being so un-princely and so perverted." Hikaru teased his hand venturing under Tamaki's pyjama trousers.

"But they'll never see it Hikaru, only you" The blonde prince smirked his hand going up to Hikaru's ears scratching them in a way that left the older of the Hitachiin twins in a moaning mess.

Both boys continued to kiss one another to smother their moans after all Tamaki's maids were out and about. Hikaru's hands jerked slowly up and down Tamaki's throbbing length causing the blonde to thrust up into the hand.

"Hikaru" Tamaki muttered grasping Hikaru's face kissing him hard "I love you" he whispered softly and Hikaru blushed Tamaki had said it a few times but Hikaru had never said it back when Tamaki had said it he'd normally answer with "of course you do idiot I'm me." But right now in this moment Hikaru's heart pounded like crazy and he moaned as Tamaki's hand grasped him throwing the towel to the floor.

"Tamaki… I love you to" he mewled holding onto the blonde tight.

Tamaki smiled as he pleasured his other half the same way he was doing him. Hikaru mewled softly glancing up at Tamaki who gazed at him with such tenderness, however his jaw dropped so suddenly it caused Hikaru to stop his movements confused.

"What is it what's wrong?" he asked confused glancing into the mirror. His eyes widened in shock and his free hand went up to his head. "My ears… where did they go" he asked touching the spot where his cat ears once were. He let his hand trail down to his back but there was no tail. "Tamaki…"


Tamaki turned his head going to the phone on the wall picking it up "Tamaki Suoh speaking… Kyouya? … Yes Hikaru's ears and tail just vanished, your saying Kaoru's did to?"

Hikaru stood quietly trying to think. 'The curse… until we are accepted either through friendship or love… Kaoru and I both lost our curse… which means … its because we said "I love you" to the special person in our lives?' Hikaru smiled walking over to Tamaki grasping the phone "We'll call yah back." Hikaru spoke before hanging up on Kyouya.

"What are you d…" Tamaki was silenced in a passionate kiss from the red head but soon succumbed to him. "Hikaru"

"Bed now" Hikaru purred taking Tamaki's hand dragging him into the bedroom to "celebrate" his new found freedom. Hikaru smiled brightly his golden eyes twinkling as Tamaki lay over him. "Tamaki."


"I love you" He said softly the smile on his face only grew as Tamaki smiled back leaning down to kiss him.

"I love you to my little Neko" He purred before claiming Hikaru as his lover.


Meanwhile on the other side of town a very similar boy with red hair and golden eyes lay with his love both laying in the bed naked not having any plans to move any time soon.


"Mmm Kitten?" The raven haired boy asked opening one eye he was stroking the red heads hair gently with a smile on his face.

"Can I still live with you or do I have to go home?"

"Well I couldn't toss a homeless kitten into the street so I guess you'll have to live with me." Kyouya spoke so casually it made Kaoru giggle in delight.

"I'm glad, I love you"

"I love you to Kaoru"


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