Quick fluffy one-shot in the Domestic Avengers universe.

Because new dads are adorable

I don't own Marvel, etc.

Steve was dreaming peaceful, about his old life and the old times now long behind him, when the baby monitor screeched. The sound filled the room and shook him from his slumber. He reluctantly cracked one eye open and sighed deeply.

"Tony," he groaned groggily. But when he went to nudge the man behind him, his hand fell on the cool, undisturbed half of the mattress.

He glanced to the glowing red numbers on the nightstand. 1:23, they read. Steve sighed heavily again and slung his feet over the edge of the bed. The monitor continued to roar and cry. He shuffled out of the bedroom and into the dimly lit hallway. But just as he was about to push the door open to the baby's room, he heard a familiar voice shush the distressed child.

"Shhhh, Peter shhhh," Steve heard Tony whisper. "You have to be quiet. Daddy is sleeping, buddy boy."

Peter's cries and wails began to quiet, morphing into soft whimpers. Steve peered through the cracked door and smiled softly. Tony was cradling Peter in his arms, pacing about the room.

"Atta boy," Tony cooed, "I could hear you all the way down in the workshop. You could probably take on the Hulk for loudest roar."

Steve chuckled lightly, remembering that mission in New York-their first mission- when Tony personally redirected a nuclear bomb away from the city and into a gaping hole in the skin of the universe. Then a Hulked-out Bruce caught him as he fell back to earth and literally scared Tony back to life.

"You know what, little man," Tony continued after a minute as Peter began to shift in and out of calm consciousness, "You're going to be just like your old man. Brave, strong, brilliant, and not to mention handsome." Tony chuckled a laugh and Steve rolled his eyes from behind the door. "Hey, maybe you'll even be a little like me, too."

Steve's mouth hung open slightly and a soft smile erupted onto his face. Tony grinned when a barely audible snore resonated from Peters sleeping form and he carefully placed the baby back in his crib. Steve retreated to their bedroom and made it appear as though he had never woken.

A moment after he settled himself into bed, Tony slipped through the door and shut it gently behind him. Then he silently climbed into bed. The supersoilder tossed over and rested his head against the genius' chest, the slight hum of the arc reactor buzzing just below his ear.

"He is like you," Steve mumbled as he made himself comfortable, " He has your habit of staying awake long past bedtime."

Tony smirked and ran his fingers absentmindedly through Steve's hair. They laid together, entangled in each others arms, just about to doze off, when the monitor exploded again with the wailing cries of baby Peter ringing thought the bedroom.

"Your turn, Cap," Tony yawned, flipping himself away from the blaring noise.

Steve just sighed and rolled out of bed, stretching his arms and back as he made his way out of the room. "He also has your pigheadedness," he grumbled as he shuffled through the door.

Tony chuckled, spreading his appendages out in the newly free mattress space. It was going to be another long night.