Dear readers,

I regret to inform you that I cannot continue this story. Thought I wish to, other matters have become more important. I'm sorry for all my readers, who truly enjoyed this story, and I will try to come back to it sometime, but I cannot promise anything. Tiger's Destiny has now been released, and as I have already read it, i hope all of you enjoy it.

I will be kind and tell all of you what was to happen in my story. Durga was going to make Kelsey and Astra "soul sisters" which meant they could hear each others thoughts, share memories, and share knowledge (in other words, Kelsey becomes pretty badass). Then they were to be captured by Lokesh and Kelsey uses the whole, pain is power idea and pretends to go crazy and love Lokesh and then kill him. Then i was going to leave the adventure to Colleen and my epilogue would be Kelsey marrying Ren and Astra marrying Kishan.

Again, I am sorry that I could not finish this story.

May Tiger's Curse live on in your hearts, thought the series is over.