"Wyatt, what are you doing she's a good witch!" Chris yelled horror filling ever inch of his voice. His brother let out a sinister chuckle,"There is no good or evil Chris you should know that by now, there is only power." Looking directly into his brother's fear filled he murdered the witches.

Chris's eyes snapped open, his body jolting up right. Panting he could fell his heart racing and the beads of sweat trickle down his face. Dazed and confused it took him a moment to figure out where he was. Laying on the lumpy couch in the back room of P3. Sighing he laid back down muttering to himself, "It was just a bad dream, nothing more than that." It didn't make him feel any better though, he knew that it wasn't just a dream, it was was reality. He'd been having a lot of nightmares lately, all of them different and just as traumatic. After finally managing to relax a bit his nose began to tickle mecilessly, nostrils flaring slightly he sneezed,"Huh- hurshhhh." He pawed at his nose irritated realizing for the first time waking up that he felt like crap. He paused for a moment assesing his situation,'Fuck.' he thought he was sick. He had been feeling run down lately but he didn't think he was getting sick He couldn't be sick he had to much to do but he supposed the lack of sleep and the demon hunting in the rain probably didn't help his case. Running his finges through his hair he sighed, there wasn't much he could do about it other than rest. Ha, his first lazy day since his moms death, kind of sad if you thought about it. He'd been really working himself into the ground since then. Just as he started to relax sinking back into the uncomfortable couch, his tired eyes started to slip closed again, Pipers voice rang out through his head," Chris!" It startled him a bit. He groaned realizing getting a little more rest was out of the question. "Chris!" "I'm coming, I'm coming," he mumbles annoyed.

~At the manor~

"I just think we deserve some answers." Piper said frustratee rubbing her forhead, angered by their young witch-lighter's recent actions. Phoebe placed a sympathetic hand on her should, "I know honey, but it's five in the morning he's probably asleep." She still managing to be so considerate at such an ungodly hour. "You know I really don't give a damn at the moment, because he dropped this bomb on me that my son is going to turn evil, I think I deserve some fucking answers. Chris!" "What?" The only word uttered by the annoyed young white-lighter, appearing in a flurly of light blue orbs. He looked as if he had changed into new clothes but his hair was disheveled from sleep. "Just a minute Chris, we'll get to you," Phoebe said in a stern gentle voice, it was same voice she would use when he was in trouble. Chris sighed annoyed wondering why they had called him here if they were going to make him wait. "I'm sorry Piper but, we need to be considerate of his feelings too," Phoebe scolded her older sister.

'Wait a minute were they talking about him?', he thought wondering what he had missed while he was spacing out. His thoughts were cut off by a furious burning sensation in his nose and he expelled a violent sneeze, "HISSHOO". He cringed it was harsh on his throat and made it burn. He looked up to find the three sisters now staring at him. He was busted. Phoebe was the first to speak up, he voice thick with concern, "Chris, Honey are you okay?" Chris felt a pang of sadness in his heart when he heard the concern in her voice, he wanted more than anything to say, 'No' but instead replied, "Yeah just a bit tired." She wasn't fooled seeing straight through his lie pressing a cool to his forehead, "I think you might have a fever," turning to face Paige, who surprisingly hadn't said anything since he had arrived, she asks, " What do you think, I'm not sure?" Paige move to where she's in front of Chris, standing on the her toes a little because of his height, pressing her small hand to his forehead," Yep, that's a fever."

Piper got up silently leaving the room returning with a small electric thermometer handing it to him, he weakly restates, "I'm fine, " but knew it was useless at this point, he was caught. "Chris, you're not okay so give up the act." She was obviously still angry but, had simmered down a bit showing her motherly side. Sighing he took the device slipping it under his tongue. Finally after a minute it beeps, and he remove it from his mouth a bit shocked he mumbles more to himself, "102, damn I didn't think it would be so high." His thoughts are broken when Piper snatches the thermometer from his hand, "102, Chris isn't good you should rest." Barely getting out a fragment of a reply, "But, the de-"Cutting him off Piper say in her stern motherly, don't fuck with me voice, "No, Demons can wait go rest NOW!" Holding up his hand in defeat he leaves, in a swirl of orbes, leaving behind three worried witches.

~Authors notes~

Mona: Hey guys Mona here, this is my first time posting a story here.

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