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Chris's POV

-P3 with the charmed ones plus a Chris-

Paige orbed me back to what one day would be my mothers club, but for now it was just Pipers club. I felt guilty for what I had said to Leo looking at the ground, avoiding eye contact like a small child who had been caught doing something wrong. Even though I could not see her I could still feel Pipers, disapproving gaze burning into my body. I shivered feeling cold while my head felt hot and uncomfortable. It was all too much and I began to feel nauseous. Turns out that nausea wasn't all in my head, and I found myself leaning over the trash can emptying the contents of my stomach. I hated this feeling of being so weak and pathetic. I felt a cool hand placed on my back, as began rubbing soothing circles into it. After I was done, I was shocked to find that the hand belonged to Piper. I felt like crying, because it hurt. She wasn't doing this because she loved me, she was doing this out of sympathy and that hurt the most. I had to stop feeling these feelings, they'd only make him show up and ruin it. Speak of the devil the astro me orbed in. He didn't have a snarky look on his face there was only pain and sadness,"Stop."The Charmed one must of not noticed them because there head jerked to look at him. "Stop it!" Piper stood moving toward him resting a hand on his shoulder," Chris honey calm down." The other me jerk away from her gentle touch," No stop, you don't care. Yo don't love me, Wyatt only matters even though I'm the one working my ass off to save him," his voice started shaking," I'm the one always cleaning up after his stupid messes." I wanted to stop him but I couldn't everything he said was true. "I hate you." He yelled a vase getting thrown across the room, smashing against a wall. The girls yelped, and Leo orbed in,"Chris stop." Leo was thrown against a wall pinned there," No you stop, you were never, it always Wyatt you never loved me." I wanted to stop him... no no I'm done I can't do this anymore. I let go I let him take control...I let angry control me...

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