Random story

By: CSI-Panther

Summary: Harry and surprisingly the Dursleys, are having a camping trip in the woods. But it's not all great because the Dursurleys have planned on leaving Harry there the moment his back is turned.

A/N: I don't own Harry Potter.

Chapter 1

" Wake up! " The high pitched voice of Harry's Aunt screamed as she hit the padlocked door to his room, causing Hedwig to screech at the noise.

" I'm up Aunt Petunia! " Harry called back as he rose from the worn and lumpy mattress that, like everything else in the room, except for his owl, trunk with all of his school supplies and his wand, had once been his cousin's, who had gotten tried of it and tossed it aside, like the spoiled brat that he is.

" About time! Now get dressed and cook the breakfast! " She shouted back and walked away.

Harry slowly got off of the bed and began to dress. He tried to dress as slowly as possible, but knew that he couldn't stall for much longer when he heard his cousin shout,

" Where's my breakfast! I'm hungry! "

" It'll be along in a moment darling as soon as the freak gets down here! " His aunt said, shouting up at him at the end.

" All right! " Harry shouted and came down the stairs, dodging a swing that was coming at his head from his aunt, who had a frying pan in her hand and waiting for him by the stove.

" Took you long enough Boy! Now get to it! " Petunia said and walked over to the table with her son.

By the time Harry's uncle came in, breakfast was done and so was his coffee. When he sat down, his plate was in front of him along with his coffee. Harry served the rest of the family and began to go back upstairs, not expecting to stay because he never ate at the table to begin with. But his Uncle surprised him by saying,

" Hold on a moment Harry. "

' Uh oh. He never calls me by name unless he's up to something. ' Harry thought as he turned back around and asked,

" Yes Uncle Vernon? "

" I have something to say and I want the whole family here to hear it. " Vernon replied, in an overly kind tone.

' Now I know he's up to something. ' Harry thought as he stood by the kitchen door.

" What is it dear? " Petunia asked her husband, also curious as to why her husband wanted her nephew to hear any of his plans.

" I believe that we need a little more family time. So I have decided to take us all on a camping trip for the weekend. " Vernon said with a sickening smile and a knowing look at his wife and son.

They caught on and smiled as well, " I think that's a wonderful idea dear! " Petunia said, clapping her hands in glee.

" I like that idea! " Dudley said with his mouth full of food.

They turned to Harry, " What do you think Harry dear? " Petunia asked with the same sickening smile that Vernon and now Dudley had.

" Oh. Yeah, lovely. " Harry replied in a bit of shock and suspicion at his family.

" Excellent! Now, everyone go pack and I'll grab the tent. " Vernon said and got up and left the table.

Harry went upstairs and packed some clothes in a backpack and mangaged to put some food that the Weasley's and Hermione had sent him in the backpack as well as his wand and his dad's cloak. He turned and picked up a paperclip and walked over to Hedwig's cage and began to pick the lock on her cage. A moment later the lock clicked and he pulled it off the cage and let Hedwig out. He then walked over to the window and opened it.

" There ya go Hedwig. Go to Hogwarts, it's safer there for you. " Harry said and watched her go.

The second she was out of sight, Harry heard Petunia shout, " Are you done packing! We're ready to go! "

" Coming! " Harry shouted and grabbed his backpack as he left his room and walked down the stairs and joined the Dursley's, they all went outside and into the car and off they went.

Here's ch.1! Hope ya'll like it!

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