Last Time,

" Now look what you did, Sev. "

' Sev?! ' Harry thought.

" What I did? Your the one that was shouting! " Snape said, but there wasn't any anger in his voice, in fact it sounded like a loving type of voice.

" Shh! It's alright Relmic. Mean old daddy woke you up again didn't he? " Lilly cooed.

' Relmic?! Daddy?! Just what the hell is going on?! ' Harry thought as he slowly backed away from the sitting-room.

Ch. 7

Harry returned to his room, after using the bathroom. He didn't know what to think after what he had heard earlier.

" Maybe their telepathic? " He thought outloud, sitting down at his desk.

" No. That can't be it. I know I heard a baby cry and not a neighing. Maybe they can talk? But why don't they do that with me? Do they not trust me enough? That still doesn't make sense. I can't just ask Snape, he'll know that I was listening. I'll just watch Lilly and Relmic more closely. " He continued to say as he put all of his school things away and got ready for bed.

The next month was quiet. Harry noticed that Lilly and Relmic were no different then what he had seen the first two days when Lilly brought him there. He didn't mention what he had heard. He stayed quiet for the rest of the month, which Snape noticed and found a little more then odd.

One day at lunch, Snape asked, " Why so quiet Potter? Is the food not to your liking? "

Looking up, Harry quickly lied, " Nothing sir. The food's great. I'm just thinking of the new year at school. "

Snape remained unconvinced, but let it go. For now. Nodding, Snape went back to his lunch.

After Harry finished his lunch, he looked up and asked, " Sir? "

" Yes? "

" Are there any chores I can do? I'm finished with my homework for the summer. "

Raising a brow, Snape looked at Harry in confusion, though it didn't show on his face.

" Wouldn't you rather be flying around, like any other quidditch loving teen? " Snape asked.

Harry's eyes widen at hearing that. " I can fly? But what the underage law? "

" It only applies if your doing magic, not flying. " Snape replied and before he could blink twice, Harry was out of the dinning room.

" Don't run in the house! You'll fall and break something! " Snape called after the running footfalls of the pre-teen. Which reminded Snape that the boy's birthday was at the end of the month.

He heard the door shut and realized that he forgot to tell Potter about the wards. " All well. If he goes out of bounds, they'll just knock him back. I hope he doesn't fall off when he does. I don't need to care of an injured Potter in addition to him staying here. " Snape said outloud to himself, trying to convince himself that what he said was the truth and not really caring about the boy.

He looked out the window in time to see Harry go by and spin around and do a double loop before going straight again.

" Hmph. I'll give him some credit. His father didn't fly that well when he was on a broom. Then again, Lily was the one who was a bit of a daredevil. " Snape said fondly remembering when he and the boy's mother was young and he would watch her fly and try to get him to come in the air with her even though she knew that he couldn't fly that well.

Lilly was outside eating grass when she heard Harry whoop and holler in the air. She looked up and saw him do his little stunt and gave a sort of smile at seeing him happy. She went back to her grazing a moment later. Relmic also looked up and saw Harry flying and spread his wings and took to the air to join him. When he did, Lilly kept her eyes up at the two.

Harry heard the sound of feathered wings and turned and saw Relmic flying beside him. He smiled at having someone to fly with and they flew for several minutes or maybe an hour or two, Harry wasn't sure, he was having fun just floating in the air and racing with Relmic, he was pretty fast in the air like was on land. It was getting dark when they landed, near the forest that Lilly had pushed them away from, but it was on the opposite side of the house and out of Lilly's sight.

Lilly was getting worried, she had lost sight of her son and Harry. She searched the skys until she heard Relmic.

Relmic's ears twitched toward the forest and Harry tensed, he knew that that couldn't be a good sign.

Harry heard a rustling and looked over to the woods. He saw a massive form move in the dying light. Relmic knew that they should run and quickly pulled on Harry's sleeve, bringing Harry back to his senses and they took off towards the house. A thudding sound hit Harry's ears and he quickly looked behind him and saw a large brown bear( I don't know if there's any bears in England. But i'm putting one in here. ), Harry ran faster to get further away until he was even with Relmic. Of course it also might've helped when he imagined the bear as his cousin and his friends running after him. ' Those 'Harry hunting' days are paying off. ' Harry thought as he and Relmic continued to run, but the bear was gaining on them.

" Come on Relmic, we have to keep going! " Harry said, noticing that Relmic was starting to slow down. But then he fell over and hit his knee on a sharp rock, hissing in pain, Harry got up again and tried to keep running, but with his knee bleeding and hurting, he tripped again and fell over into another, slightly wider, stream and quickly turned over in time to see the bear was right there, standing on it's hind leg's, paw raised..

Relmic saw Harry fall but kept going, wanting get to his mother to let her know what was happening. He saw her and whined out franticly. Lilly looked up and saw her son running towards her but no Harry. Her eyes widen and she raced off to where Relmic had come from, neighing as loud as she could to get Snape's attention inside.

The bear's huge paw came down but was toppled over by a red blurr. The bear and Harry looked and saw Lilly standing between the two, ears folded back as flat as she could get them to her skull. The bear got up and charged her. Lilly turned around quickly and kicked the bear back, striking it in the face. The bear stumbled back from the kick and came back at her swinging it's paw at her, nearing getting her on her flank, but only snagged the hair on her tail.

Lilly neighed at the slight pain from the pull and kicked back again and reared up and stomped on the bear's head. It only shook it's head and swung at her again, this time the bear got her by the leg and she fell over.

" Noo! " Harry yelled and picked up a rock and threw it at the bear's head. He only made the bear angerier,

" Rooaaarr! " it went as it went after him again.

Snape was in his study, his window was open to let in the cool air, when he suddenly heard Relmic whining loudly and then heard Lilly neighing as loud as she could and he looked out the wind and saw her run by to the other side of the manor. He quickly left the study, through the window. He slowed himself down and landed on his feet, running after Lilly. He got to the other side of the manor in time to see Lilly fall and Harry yell and throw a rock at the bear that was attacking them.

Harry raised his hands to protect himself, though he knew it was no good. He waited for the blow and his death when he heard a shout and a flash of red light,

" Sectumsempra! "

Flash! " Ruughh! " Thud.

" Lilly! Harry! " Harry heard Snape yell as he ran towards them.

Harry was shocked to hear Snape call him by his first name that he didn't notice when the man was right in front of him, Lilly beside him, both looking down at him in concern and worry.

" Harry. " Snape said again, putting his hand on his shoulder and gently shook him.

Harry looked up at him finally and Snape asked, " Harry, are you alright? " In a gentle voice that Harry didn't think the man was capable of having.

" My...My knee. " Harry answered in a still shocked voice.

Looking down and seeing the blood on his pant leg, he picked Harry up, wet clothes and all, and hurried back to the manor. Lilly went to go get Relmic and brought him into the house. They would not be staying outside for a few nights.

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