Sunlight streamed in through the Venetian blinds, warming her face as she stirred from a sound sleep.

It was quiet in the room save for the gentle hum of the air conditioner. The sheets were warm and satiny against her skin; the pillow beneath her aching head was gloriously stuffed and she never wanted to move again.

She had been drinking last night, that much was obvious, judging from the familiar throb in her temples that heralded a vicious hangover. Her mouth was dry, and when she sat up, she felt dizzy and needed a moment to make sense of her surroundings.

The digital clock on the bedside table read 11:43 am; she cursed lightly under her breath. The others would be angry that she'd overslept, when they'd made plans the day before to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant at ten. Vaguely, she tried to remember what had happened last night and came up completely empty.

Well, she would need to shower, definitely. A night of the hardest partying of her life left her feeling sweaty and rough. Sakura swung her legs over the side of the bed, the sheets falling from her body, and the unexpected draft caught her off guard.

Surprised, she looked down to discover that she was completely naked. What the hell did I do last night? she wondered. Sakura never slept naked. Somewhat embarrassed, even in the solitude of her hotel room, she grabbed the sheets she'd just discarded and wrapped them around her body before moving towards the bathroom.

The room, she realized slowly, as her mental faculties returned to her, was a mess. Clothes were strewn across the floor, blankets thrown over upturned chairs, one of the curtains dangling precariously off the curtain rod over the window. The pounding in her head made it difficult to retrace her steps last night, and the sorry state of the once-pristine Caesar's Palace room was a complete mystery to her.

She tripped and nearly dropped to the floor over one of her discarded stilettos and cursed colorfully under her breath. The sudden movement made her head spin again and she grabbed the wall for support, one hand holding the sheet around her body, her pink hair a curly, wild mess in her eyes.

The metallic pressure around her finger drew her attention.

Sakura rarely wore jewelry, having no patience for anything that could be so easily lost, so the ring on her finger befuddled her. It was silver-no, white gold, with a small but breathtaking diamond inlaid in the center. She was bowled over at its beauty, and her first panicked thought was that she'd gotten drunk the night before and swiped it from a jewelry store. This thing had to cost thousands of dollars; she dreaded spending even a moment in a Vegas jail for shoplifting!

As she contemplated the mystery of the beautiful (probably stolen) ring on her left ring finger, a muffled groan arrested her attention.

Oh thank God, Ino, Sakura thought in relief. Her best friend and roommate for their trip was probably recovering from the same aching hangover that she was, and hopefully she would be able to shed some insight on what the hell had happened the night before. She looked around towards the bed, but found it empty.

She froze.

Ino wasn't in her bed.

So who the hell groaned?

Sakura looked back around the room and to her complete and utter shock, saw a long, muscular arm sticking out from underneath the rumpled covers on the bed.

Her eyes widened.

No way, she thought. I slept with someone last night?

She wracked her brains desperately, trying to figure out who it was, and what she was supposed to do with him now. Absolutely nothing came to her to remind her of what she'd done last night. Or, more specifically, who.

The man (God she hoped it was a man) was hidden from view, his head buried beneath a pillow, and only his arm visible. Sakura's eyes traced the sinewy, corded muscles and jumped when his fingers twitched. A glint of metal caught her eye, and she realized he was wearing a ring.

Who do I know that wears a ring? she thought wildly. Not Kiba, not Naruto, not Sasuke-kun, not Shikamaru...damn it, it must be a stranger then, great, Sakura, meet some guy your third night in Vegas and bring him to your room and GOD WHAT IF HE'S MARRIED OHMYGOD YOU BANGED A MARRIED MAN YOU WHORE!

Sakura was panicking by now. It was as if the previous 24 hours had been completely erased from her memory, and now there was a married man she did not know lying in the bed she'd just vacated.

And where the hell is everyone?

She made the plan quickly. Grab her clothes (she spotted the body-con dress she'd squeezed into the night before lying on the overturned chair) and get the hell out of there before the stranger woke up, hopefully find one of her friends and forget this whole debacle ever happened.

It was a good idea.

At least, until there was a muffled groan from the bedsheets, and the stranger woke up. Sakura gulped as she saw a messy mop of jet black hair and a familiar face emerge from the cocoon of covers she'd just vacated. Her stomach dropped.

"Hn," Sasuke muttered. He ran a hand over his face, rubbing his eyes sleepily as he shook his messy hair. The covers slipped further down his chest to reveal that he was shirtless. Sakura's face turned scarlet as she counted the various dark marks on his neck and clavicle made (obviously, horrifyingly) by her.

Then, because her life couldn't get any worse, Sasuke glanced down at the ring gleaming on the ring finger of his hand.

Of his left hand.

Sakura watched his brow furrow in confusion, before his eyes widened, and she couldn't stop the squeal of horror that erupted from her throat.

Sasuke's eyes snapped to her face in alarm, and slid slowly over her body concealed sloppily in the wrinkled bedsheet, down to the absurdly beautiful ring on her finger, before back to her wide green eyes.

Vegas. Matching rings. Splitting headache. No memory. Sex.

Sakura wasn't able to read Sasuke's thoughts often, but there was no mistaking the absolute horror that filled him up from within.

He opened his (gorgeous) mouth and said,


What the hell happened last night?

note.. About the last thing in the world I should be doing with ONE DAY BEFORE I GET MARRIED is putting up a new story, but I have marriage on the brain and I am too anxious to do anything logical right now. Terror is mine. LAST NIGHT AS A BACHELORETTE, Y'ALL.

So here's a story about weddings.

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