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"She's not pregnant and I made her take a test right in front of me," Edward says through the phone.

I'm relieved beyond belief for...everyone involved.

"Oh mygod. So she was lying? Who does that?" I ask angrily. I'm pacing the kitchen still in my pj's. He called so freaking early but I don't care. He's coming home and he's not having a baby with another woman.

He groans. "I kind of had a feeling, but I had to make sure, Bella." I completely understand and I tell him this. He promises to see me later tonight; he's driving back home as we speak.

I miss him.

I wake Alice up and tell her everything. She's not amused so I leave her alone. I make breakfast for everyone. We have a great morning since I'm in such a good mood. Heart shaped pancakes for everyone!

Even my morning classes notice. No homework for everyone!

That night when I hear Edward's car in the driveway, I throw the door open and run out to him. I barely give him a chance to get out of the car before I attack him. "Oh my god! I missed you. Never leave me again! And you're late." I growl into his lips.

He chuckles but grabs onto my hips and joins me by kissing me back just as fiercely. He tastes amazing.

Lips, teeth, tongue. I take it all. Mine.

He pulls away and I whine a bit. He chuckles. "Hi." he smiles with his eyes. He's surprised at welcome.

I bite my lip. "Hi." Oh yeah, now we're shy. I grab his hand. "Come on. Let's get inside, she wants to see her Daddy." The smile that spreads across his face is...gah! He loves her so much.

"She's still awake?"

I roll my eyes. 'Cause yeah, we've been waiting since he left.

"DADDY!" The high pitch squeal erupts from the living room the minute she sees him. Of course I didn't tell her he was here; I needed my moment with him. And what a moment it was!

I bite my lip and watch as my baby throws herself at her Daddy. Best scene playing out in front of me.

"How's my baby girl?" He kisses her cheeks and swings her around. She giggles. Her eyes scrunching up like his.

"You're here?" she asks.

He puts her on her feet again. She's got her footie pj's on; ready to be tucked in by him. "Yes, I'm here." He leans down and kisses the top of her head. "How about we go read a bedtime story? It's really late, and Mommy has to work tomorrow."

I let them do their thing alone this time. They both deserve it.

When he comes back out five minutes later, I immediately think something is wrong.

"She's was out the second I laid her down. I didn't even get to read her the story. I just sat there and watched her sleep for a bit." I pout my lip and walk over to this fukcing awesome man. I throw my arms around his waist and bury my face in his chest.

"We both missed you." I put my chin on his chest and look up at him. "I'm glad your back...with no baggage," I tease. He laughs and dips down for a kiss.

I'm really liking this.

The kissing.

"You're the only baggage I want." He kisses my nose.

"You're so romantic!" I fake swoon.

We kiss some more in the middle of my living room. He envelopes me in his arms,and I just want to stay here forever; in the safety of his arms.

I won't even deny it. I've given myself to him completely with no regrets.

He pulls away from my mouth taking my bottom lip with him, before he releases it. I suck it into my mouth; tasting him and feeling his teeth marks on it. So hot.

I want his teeth marks everywhere.

He cups my face with both hands, his thumbs rubbing small circles on my cheeks. His eyes on me are loving and passionate. He traps me and I can't look away. I don't want to.

"I love you, Bella." Deep and longing eyes stare back at me. "So much, baby."

"I love you too."

This is my happiness. And nothing hurts.

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