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"We're not ready for that."

"I think we are." He challenges again.

He's so frustrating sometimes.

"I think we're not. End of discussion."

He laughs. "You're not ending this conversation. Not this time." He pulls me close to him and nuzzles his face in my neck. "Give me a good reason."

"First of all, this is hardly the time to have a serious conversation."

"What's wrong with now?" He looks at our naked bodies all tangled up in his bed sheets. "I say it's perfect." He grips my waist and pushes his hardness against my thigh. He's probably already forgotten all about the important conversation he was trying to have with me while he did delicious things to my body.

I'm way smarter than that, though. He won't be distracting me today.

"Fine. Let's do this!" I jump out of the bed and collect my clothes from the floor. "Get dressed; we're going to the living room."

"What? Why? We were about to go for round three," he whines.

"No. We're going to have this conversation you want to have. And we're doing it in the living room!" I yell as I walk out of the room.

"But I'm not gonna wear a shirt!" he yells back and I roll my eyes.

"That's fine with me!"


"We're not moving in together."

He groans and plops himself down on the couch next to me.

"Bella…what's the big deal? We're together all the time, whether it's here or your place. I've proven to you that I'm not going anywhere; not without you guys. Not ever…you're my family."

It's true that he's been trying his best to reassure Sophia and me that he won't walk out on us, but that little part of my brain that remembers what he did to me won't let me take that step.

I want us to live together as a family, but not until I'm sure and get rid of the fears that I have.

Up until now, we've done a lot things as a family and also as a couple when it comes to just Edward and I. We cleaned the slate many months ago, seven to be exact, when he came back from Texas without baggage. Not only did he have to work on being a dad through the good and bad, he also had to work on being a man that deserved my love; a man that would one day become the man of our family.

Edward quickly showed us that we were his first priority. He made himself present and available for any of life's obstacles and milestones, that up until then I was doing alone with Sophie. Now I had someone to hold my hand and feel the exact same pride when our daughter excelled in something…or when she was really bad at daycare and got kicked out for the second time. He was there to hold my hand while I cried and worried about finding a new day care and letting me know that he was there to share the responsibility.

We were in this together and I couldn't love him more in those moments.

He was our rock.

But would I be making a huge mistake if we merged our lives together at this point in our lives? Was he ready for it? Was I?

"Do you love me?" He asks.

"Yes. Of course I do but-"

He holds his hand up to stop me. "Guess what? I love you too. More than life. Not more than our daughter because she's everything to me. But…Bella, you needed me to show you that I wasn't going to leave and that I was ready to take care of my family. I've done that…and I will keep doing that long after we've moved in together. Both of you are my responsibility and I will always do my best to take care of all of your needs and ours as a whole."


It didn't take a lot more convincing after that. What more could I want? The man professed his love for me and our family…and he was shirtless.

Goddamn! I love him without a shirt.

Our clothes ended up on the floor once again, sealing the deal. I gave myself to him and he promised to be very careful with the lives that he would now hold in his hands.


Three months later, it was official; we were now a Swan/Cullen home.

Combining our incomes, we were able to afford a three bedroom apartment. Nothing fancy, but just right for us. Sophie loves her new room since she got to pick out the paint color and brand new bed set thanks to Daddy. She's got him so wrapped around her finger it's comical watching him with her.

The extra bedroom is a great office for Edward and me but apparently Edward has other ideas.

"And look baby, we can make this office a nursery soon," he says as he comes up behind me and wraps me in his arms. I snort.

"Edward, I'm not having another baby unless we get married. And I'd really like to enjoy this space before I have to deal with another child, so don't try to propose! I can already see you getting down on one knee right now." I laugh and when I look up at him he looks hurt.

"You wouldn't want to be my wife?"

"Well of course I would! I just meant that I didn't want you to propose for the sole purpose of making this a baby room."

"Okay so that's your only objection to me proposing?" The glint in his eyes scared me a little.

"Edward? What? You're being weird."

"Come with me." He laces our fingers together and walks down the hall to our room.

I really didn't want to be side tracked with sex because I've been working really hard all morning getting the rooms all put together so that we could finally have our first night in our new home.

"Edward, I really don't have time to—" My mouth drops open as he opens the door to our room with a sweep of his hand.

I walk in and take in the scene in front of me. I know I didn't do it so I turn around and look at him. He has his sexy smirk on while he leans on the door frame.

"You did this?"

"Yep." He nods and smiles bashfully.

"What's the occasion?" I ask as I run my hand over the bedspread covered in fresh pink rose petals. The scented candles all over the room give it such a beautiful serene look, I want to cry. He did all this for me. There's a tray with champagne glasses and a bottle chilling in a bowl full of ice. I'm so caught up in the moment and taking everything in that I don't hear him behind me until he calls me.


I gasp and cover my mouth with my hands.

Edward is down on one knee holding out a tiny box. He's nervous, yet so perfect.

He smiles and takes a deep breath. "Today we finally bring our family together under one roof. There is no one I would rather spend the rest of my life making a home with. Will you marry me?"

I sob out a heartfelt YES! And leap into his arms.

"I love you, Bella." he squeezes me and somehow manages to fit the beautiful ring in my left finger while I'm wrapped all over him.

"Did you just ask me to marry you?" I giggle into his neck. I can't believe it.

He chuckles. "Yes, I did. And you accepted; it's probably written in stone somewhere so you're stuck with me, future-Mrs. Cullen." He grins and leans down to kiss me.

"I like the sound of that, and I really don't mind being stuck with you. You're pretty." I nibble on his neck while he laughs.

I love him.

I love him.

This is one moment I'm glad that we've had the opportunity to share.

I make love to Edward for the first time as my fiancé in our new bed among the pink roses. I'm in heaven.

"Thank you for wanting to be here with me to create all the future moments in our lives. I love you, Edward." I kiss his lips and rest my head on his chest.

"Is that a yes to a baby too?" His smile is so wide, I can't deny him.

"It's a yes…in a year. But definitely a yes."

she's in a happy place...i'm in a happy place. Much love to you all.