I breathed out in relief as I heard the door click behind me. I'd had such an awful day, rehearsing the same scenes over and over again with Nora breathing down my back, being all too generous with her 'constructive' criticism. To be honest, I was getting so tired of everything. Tired of standing around all day listening to Nora jabbering on about herself. Tired of being the only one without a girlfriend. And, even though I'd never admit it, I was so tired of not having anyone to talk to. No Cat, no Frankie, and no Ed (not tonight, anyway. He had 'plans' with Nora. God knows why anyone would want to plan anything with Nora, but there you go).

I was just about to take my coat off and collapse on the sofa when Lexy called out,

'Hiya! Is that you, Tess?'

Wow. I thought I was alone; Lexy was supposed to be working tonight and Sadie had to work late (…of course she did). But there was no mistaking that accent! I stood in the living room door but before I could speak she started talking,

'I swapped my shifts around, I've got the night off so I got us a DVD, popcorn and some fancy wine if you're up for that?'

'It's better than the 'crying into my pillow' that I was planning on!' I smiled. I couldn't believe she was here; in one way I was glad because if I'd been alone all evening I literally would have just cried and eaten ice cream in a dramatically depressing way, but all the same I wasn't really in the mood to try and impress her so she was just going to have to cope with the tired, unmotivated Tess (a side of me I'd always tried so hard to hide from her. I find it hard enough to get women to fall in love with me when I'm bubbly and cheerful, God knows what I'd do if I couldn't act).

'Aw, what's up? Come sit here and tell me all about it,' she grinned, patting the sofa next to her. I sat down and my eyes filled with tears (great timing Tess, what a fantastic way to make yourself more attractive).

I'd hardly said two words before she reached out to touch my cheek and hushed me. And then suddenly she was kissing me and I couldn't really breathe because I was still crying and my face wasn't exactly dry but she didn't seem to mind, she just pulled me closer.

I can honestly say that it was the most beautiful kiss I've ever had, and I know that sounds ridiculously soppy but there's really no way to describe it. We only kissed once the whole evening but I'm so happy because that meant more to me than jumping into bed with her. We watched the film and she held me in her arms and now she's asleep and I'm watching her breathe (not in a creepy way) and she kind of seems too good to be true, to be honest. I don't mind if we never have a real relationship. I love her so much I'll just give her everything I possibly can while she'll still take it.