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Chapter 3: War's A Charmer

Zhen Ji, Wang Yi

Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao

Sun Xiang Shang, Sui Neko

Diao Chan, Zhu Rong

Miya Tuenola, Xia Wu

Yue Ying, Cao Fang Zhang

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"Alright men get ready! This wave's coming big!" Gan Ning instructed to his ferocious and fearless "pirates." They sprung onto the battlefield and all of a sudden, a wave of almost three dozen Wei privates and sergeants charged forward. Gan Ning slash and hacked his enemy officers. Ling Tong jumped from his horse and put his hands on his hips, rolling his eyes and sighing, "Gan Ning is too cocky, now-a-days... Am I right Sui Neko?" He turned to her who had a mask of annoyance and anger on her pale face. She quickly turned her head and her shoulder length, black ponytails followed suit.

All her heard from his wife was a 'Hmph'. He rolled his eyes again and scratched the nape of his neck telling her, "I'm gonna'... Go do... Er, fight some enemy officers. I'll lead the men to the center of the battlefield and you stay here and guard this garrison..." With that, Ling Tong mounted on his horse and sprung to the battlefield. With his presence gone, Sui Neko turned her head and glared at the spot where he once stood.

Prancing through the gates of the garrison was the Two Qiaos, twin and doubled fans in their small and dainty hands. "Let's go fight us some dogs out there, guys!" Sun Ce called to his mean as he dashed past the three women and the garrison. His soldiers followed behind him roaring for Wu's victory. Da Qiao sighed heavily and played around with her black hair tied into two braids, entwining her fingers in her hair. Xiao looked back at Da and Sui before breaking their silence sassing in her squeaky voice, "Am I the only one mad at Lord Zhou Yu right now?" Da and Sui turned to the youngest Qiao who had a slight scowl formed in the features of her face. Sui and Da retorted the same question, saying their husband's names instead of Zhou Yu's name.

Sui, Xiao and Da chatted away about their husbands until Sun Xiang Shang sprinted over carrying her two Chakram blades with her. There was a bit of blood smeared on her arms and she carried a scrap of blue cloth belonging to a Wei officer.

She cheered, "Ha-ha! Look at this strip of clothing I got from defeating those dogs from Wei! How's about later us women have a bon-fire and burn it!" Sui turned to Sun Xiang Shang and walked in front of her sneering, "It seems Lii Bei has kept you happy, I see." The woman dropped the cloth and brushed her short and dark brown bangs from her eyes, clenching her fists. She stomped on the blue cloth and sternly warned to Sui Neko, "Don't. Say. His. Name. Right. Now."

A smirk appeared on Sui Neko's pale face and her blue eyes lit up in amusement.

"So the Shu Lord has upset the 'Happy-Go-Lucky' Sun Xiang Shang, huh." Sui Neko teased. Sun Xiang gave the girls a quick nod before glaring, "Men are so stupid these days... Always underestimating women..."

"And let me guess, Zhou Yu ordered you to 'guard' this garrison Xiao? And brother Ce, told you to watch Xiao, Da? And Ling Tong told you he was going to lure enemy officers to his center for an offensive attack, possibly including Gan Ning in it and Zhou Tai was going to be his defensive ally, so he told you to watch the garrison, huh Sui Neko?"

The women yelled in unison, "Exactly!"

"Well... Ling Tong has not gone into detail of his plans.. But you're catching onto it..." Sui Neko sweat-dropped and explained to Sun Xiang.

Da espied, "So that must mean Liu Bei sent you back home to us temporarily to keep you from battle. Is that right Sun Xiang?"

She nodded her head and rolled her emerald green eyes sighing, "Men are such buffoons, huh ladies?" The three other girls agreed exchanging short laughs, before getting in a fighting stance as a swarm of Wei officers charged with spears and swords roaring at the women.

"Here's to proving all men wrong!" Sun Xiang Shang yelled as they charged to the swarm of soldiers, weapons clutched in their hands and fearless faces amongst each other.


"Zhen Ji" Cao Pi sighed to his wife. Zhen Ji stood with her Flute clutched in her left hand and her right hand on her hip. Her porcelain leg was revealed from the slit in her long, flowing purple skirt and her high heels dug slightly into the earth. She turned to Cao Pi acknowledging him but not looking at him completely. Her eyes shifted to the material of the tent they were in. "Yes, My beloved?" She answered in a strained voice.

"I need you to stay at the Main Camp. Do not leave once so ever; I don't need you getting in my way of this battle." He ordered, walking out of the tent past his wife; his blue cape followed and flowed through the breeze as he left. Zhen Ji narrowed her eyes and scowled, crossing her arms across her chest. "Insolent Husband." She muttered.

The battle commenced and Xia Wu fleetly ran, her small body resembled a child running through a field containing many flowers and long grasses. Dian Wei caught up to the little women as she held her giant fan by her side.

"Little woman, why the long face?" The tan guy teased as he sprinted with his huge axe in his hand. Xia huffed and then beamed, "Oh it's nothing! Now let's go beat us some honey-buns!" Dian Wei laughed at her "Philosphy of the Enemy" and along came Xu Shu, prancing on his black horse. "Hi Honey!" He squealed in his husky and deep, sort of child-like voice. "Did I hear the word honey-buns? We can't go into battle without a full stomach you know!" He chimed. Dian Wei let out a hearty laugh and patted Xu Shu on his shouldered, "Sorry pal, no food right now." The big man pouted as he shifted his huge and metal mallet made for pounding over to lean on his shoulder. "Awww..." He groaned.

Xia huffed and pouted with a form of annoyance and slight anger, before speeding up her sprint. As soon as Wu privates were spotted, she tackled on to the ground and leaped up in the air, swinging her big fan. Daggers at the tip of her fan shot out, stabbing various enemy officers and killing them. "He-he! Yeah! Sorry if I was too mean!" She shouted to the now dead privates before charging to another group of Wu officers and fighting them off.

Zhen Ji watched from afar, stomping the ground in frustration, "This is a simple waste for me to just sit around here! I am capable of fighting in this battle!" She growled. Miya Tuneola mounted on her horse sighing to Zhen Ji, "Well then just charge out to battle." Miya took a small bottle of sake from her pouch strapped to her horse and chugged it all down and throwing it too the ground. She tapped her horse on it's backside and it galloped forward gaining momentum as she dashed into the battlefield. Joining her was Wang Yi and she teased, "Drinking too much will make you faint in battle~" Wang Yi stuck her tongue out and sped up before she could hear or see Miya's reaction. "Coward!" Miya boomed in anger and annoyance.

"My love, she's right. You could faint when fighting our enemy..." Zhuge Dan chimed to his wife. She hissed at him and he winced in slight fear. "Don't you dare talk to me, bastard! Hmph! Locking your own wife in a room and siding with her nemesis and rival? Go away!" Miya screeched at her husband and she kicked her horse slightly on it's side making her horse dash forward with more agility and speed.

Zhen Ji paced back and forth and thinking if she should defy Cao Pi or listen to his orders. "Oh what the heck." She sighed. The woman pranced onto the battlefield, her woman privates and sergeants followed behind and they left the Main Camp to handle some of Wu's idiots taking their reserve captains and raiding Wei's Supply base.

Cao Pi connected his long swords and moved with elegance and slight force, slicing up some of Wu's officers. He glanced over to see Zhen Ji, playing notes on her flute and slashing at the enemy's throats with her small blade, killing a flock of the privates. He rolled his eyes and continued on with the battle.

"Hey Zhen Ji!" Miya shouted as she approached the other woman. "Get a load of my moves." Miya taunted a Lieutenant general from Wu and his shoulders. She posed cutely and winked; her scanty dress helped to make her seductress appearance work. She flipped her wavy purple hair and smugly smiled. The men halted their attack and stooped in awe at how she looked. Miya slowly walked over and put her hands on her curvy hips as one of the enemy officers shouted, "Show us more Wei wench!" Miya stopped showing off and twitched, "Did... zou just call me a wench?..." She screamed in anger and tackled the men to the ground attacking them with her rapier. She slashed and sliced them, meeting at a deadlock with the Lieutenant officers was pushing him back.

"That will teach zou not to mess with Miya Tuneola of Wei!" She finished him off and her orange and mystical eyes flared in anger.

"Ugh! Such a waste... Blood got on your outfit, Miya." Zhen Ji pointed out as she walked over to Miya who clenched her fists in anger. "Eh, it'll come out with a few scrubs." Miya brushed off.

"... And I'm pretty sure Zhuge Dan would just love scrubbing my garments until they are very.. Clean." she added in a mumble.


Yue Ying let a sigh escape her lips as she overlooked maps of the land and province Shu traveled to. "Set up a perimeter here and we will attack there." Liu Bei ordered. He painted a red circle over the map marking a garrison. He then placed little flags over escape routes and told to Zhang Fei, "Get our reserve captain ready and have their amor and weapons prepared. I anticipate for Shu to carry out a victory against Wei... We may have a small treaty with Wu, but they are still enemy."

Zhang Fei stretched out and yawned loudly. His daughter rolled her eyes and she nudged Guan Ping. "Guan Ping and I can take the east side, and maybe gather reinforcements." Guan Ping agreed with her. Liu Bei flashed them a warm smile chiming, "That won't be necessary; Zhuge Liang has contacted Meng Huo and his forces. We will have enough reinforcements to take down both Wei and Wu." Yue Ying frowned at the mentioning of Zhuge Liang's name.

Liu Bei turned to Cao Fang Zhang who sat in the lower corner of their tent looking over and writing down possible tactics and strategies Shu could pull and surprise the enemy. "Cao Fang, why don't you see if your husband can have an ambush set up for Wei and possibly secure a route for us to infatrate the enemy's Main Camp?" Liu Bei inquired to the calm and strategic woman. She exhaled heavily and nodded her head then lowly huffing, "I would My Lord... If I knew where Pang Tong was at the moment..." Outside Cao Fang looked calm as ever but inside... She was going berserk and raging. Pang Tong had recently pissed her off.. And by her not knowing his whereabouts, that made things worse.

"Very well then." Liu Bei simple said. "Prepare for battle. Liu Bei rallied to every officer of Shu.


Yue Ying galloped on her horse, swinging her scythe at Wei troops as if they were grass she was cutting. She cut them all down with just one slash from her scythe's blade. Her horse leaped in the air and landed on another Wei officer, crushing him. Yue Ying ruffled her hand through her long and now wild light brown hair and exhaled deeply. She dismounted off of her horse, killing troops on foot now. Yue Ying started to sprint and out of nowhere, music began to play; An E flat and A sharp to be exact. A couple of her own private level soldiers cringed from the high pitch and fell to the battle ground, dead. Yue Ying gave a death glare as Zhen Ji appeared out of nowhere.

The women scowled at each other. Yue Ying sat still in a fighting stance waiting for Zhen Ji to say one of her slick comments; as did Zhen Ji. "Hmph. I see your mouth has not opened to say or further insult me or my husband." Zhen Ji spoke. Yue Ying continued to glare and her grip on her scythe's hand tightened, "As it is the same response for me... You have not insulted my Zhuge Liang at all..."

Zhen Ji huffed and put her hand on her hip, removing her Flute's mouth-piece from her lips and letting her hand drop to her side. Yue Ying's eye brow winked up and Zhen Ji said, "I loosened my attacking stance, as you should do the same." Yue Ying hestitated for a second but she got out of her fighting stance and stood up straight, "Well aren't you going to explain to me why you have not insulted me or my husband?" The woman questioned.

Zhen Ji examined her nails that had purple nail polish painted on them and she pursed her pink lips. "My Lord has... Disrespected me and literally pissed me off..." She explained to the anxious looking Yue Ying.

She nodded to Zhen Ji's explanation and agreed, "It's the same scenario for My Zhuge Liang and I..." The women exchanged glances amongst each other and they both inhaled and exhaled for a second, not saying nothing.

Fo once... They had something in common.

Wang Yi watched from afar at Yue Ying, Wei's enemy and Zhen Ji, her ally exchanging words. She approached the women and stopped at Zhen Ji's side. She positioned in a defensive stance but Zhen Ji stopped her and commanded, "Return to the Main Camp at once."

"But.. Lady Zhen Ji.. She's the enemy from Shu!" Wang Yi started to protest but Zhen Ji narrowed her eyes at her and Wang Yi sighed heavily, she played around with the ruffles on her light blue, short gown and retreated.

Cao Fang Zhang ran upon the two women and stopped in the middle. "Yue Ying. I am here to assist!" She announced. Yue Ying gave her a wary glance and Zhen Ji bowed her head slightly sassing, "Obviously, we are not fighting so there is no need to gain on me." Cao Fang for once glared and hissed at her, "Watch your tongue, Wench from Wei. I have no respect for Wei including it's people." Zhen Ji and Cao Fang exchanged death glares. Along came trotting Xia with Zhu Rong.

"Lady Zhen Ji~" She chimed just like a Happy-Go-Lucky person. Zhen Ji did not lose her gaze... Er, glare from Cao Fang but acknowledged Xia Wu yelling, "What?"

Xia Wu giggled and she grabbed the wild and bewildered Zhu Rong exclaiming, "I made a new friend out on the battle-field! She's married just like us and hates her husband just like us at the moment! They have been through quarters just like us!" Sui Neko got a puzzled expression in the features of her face and she said to Xia Wu, "Little one' I think you me Quarrels." Xia thought for a moment before chiming, "Oh yeah!"

Zhen Ji finally broke her glance with Cao Fang and turned to Xia Wu looking down at her; she was short after all. She gazed at Zhu Rong who had her hands on her hips waiting for something. "Well welcome to the club." Sun Xiang Shang exclaimed towards the group of gathered women. Xiao Qiao skipped over as well being as oblivious as ever greeting the women as if they were neighbors or friends. "And just what club has started? All I know is that we are all in battle- - -" Zhen Ji started.

"We are gathered- - -" Yue Ying started to say.

"In the center of the battle-field, - - -" Cao Fang added.

"We all are married women- - -" Xia Wu and Xiao Qiao chimed together.

"We hate our husbands right now and I wouldn't mind giving them a heck of a beating or burning them to a crisp- - -" Zhu Rong spoke.

"And we feel unappreciated and want- - -" Da Qiao started to say but Miya sprung forth in the center of the women screeching, "Tear them limb from limb and grind their bones and- - -"

"Turn them into dust!" Sui Neko added, high-fiving Miya.

"Woah there sisters; Us women want to tell those me how we feel and get our well deserved respect!" Sun Xiang Shang finished in a loud and victorious voice.

Miya frowned slightly and crossed her arms joking, "Can we add world domination in that, too?"

Everyone gave a quick glance to her and they burst out laughing. "Wait! Don't forget me! Lord Lu Bu has been very mean and inconsiderate to me so I want to join this little female gathering as well!" Diao Chan blurted out. Everyone looked to her. They exchanged looks and then all agreed. The women were going to have things their way for a change.

They hooted and hollered in agreement. "Okay Ladies; first we need to agree no fighting amongst each other and be bestest bestest friends ever!" Xia chimed hugging her arms around her small chest. Xiao beamed at her and hugged her exclaiming, "Yeah! Yeah! What she said!" Da rolled her eyes and said, "I propose that we at least make this look un-suspicious... By the way we are all gathered here talking... It makes things look weird."

Yue Ying spoke up, "I agree. For now, we can put our differences aside and get along..." Everyone murmured in agreement to their little Treaty.

Zhen Ji sneered, "To think... A Woman's Treaty amongst the Three Kingdoms... Intriguing it is.." Sun Xiang sighed, "Hows bout' we meet somewhere to discuss this later on? And just because we came to an agreement doesn't mean we know what we are gonna' do to get the men to respect us more."

Cao Fang nodded her head to Sun Xiang Shang's statement adding in, "I agree with her; what are we going to do?"

Diao Chan grabbed her maces and started to twirl around, "A dance!" She chimed. Miya shook her head 'No' and teased, "No, No, No! Miya Tuenola doesn't dance... I can act though.."

"Whatever it is that we do it has to be durable something that really reaches out..." Sui Neko retorted to all of their responses.

"Agreed?" Cao Fang asked all of the girls.

They nodded their heads all at once saying in unison, "Agreed."

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