Kidd8D: Hey this is my first Soul Eater Fan Fiction! ~YEAH~

Soul: Where is Maka?

Kidd8D: Why, do u like her?

Soul: No way I would like a tiny tit girl like Maka! *Blushes*


Kidd8D: u liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike her and she liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes u.


Kidd8D and Soul *in unison*: OWWWWWWWWWW!

Kid's First Love

Chapter 1: Truth or Dare

"I'm bored!"said Soul. "How about we play Truth or Dare?"said a dark blonde girl. "Great Idea." said Death The Kid. "I'M GOD I'LL GO FIRST!" said Black*Star, "Okay Soul Truth or Dare?" "Dare." Said Soul. "OKAY I DARE U TO KISS MAKA." Black*Star said very loud like usual. Soul *blushes* but does the dare. After they kiss Maka MAKA CHOPS Soul for that. "Kid Truth or Dare." Soul said with a smirk on his face. "Truth." Kid said with a sad face. "Kid who do u like?" Soul said. "The person I like is Liz." Everyone is shocked expect Kid, and Patty. Patty already knew Kid didn't like Liz she knew he liked Maka but just saw Soul kiss Maka and he is tiring to make Maka jealous like he is. "What?" Kid said. Maka started to walk away from the group because she very liked Kid and she MAKA CHOPED Soul because she wanted to kiss Kid, but he likes Liz. Liz though Kid liked Maka, but at the same time likes Kid so what can she do betray a friend by going out with the guy she *MAKA* likes or go out with the guy she *LIZ* likes? Maka cried all the way home while running.

~ Kid's Mind ~

What now I lied and Maka problomly hates me now and Liz is following me everywhere EVERYWHERE what do I do NOW? I'll go ask Soul he lives with Maka I bet he like Liz too I mean they problmly like each other? But where is Maka? I hope she is okay.

~ Next Day~

"Maka wake up." Soul said angrily, "u stayed in ur room all day yestday come out." "NOOOOOO!" yelled a very angry Maka. Soul kicked the door open and Maka MAKA CHOPED him. "OWWWW what was that for?" "For kicking the dooor open!" Maka shuts the door and gets dresssed then opens the door eats and leaves for school with Soul bearly following Maka.

~At School~

"Okay class we will be destecting mice today."Mrs. Stein said with a smile. "EWWWWWW mice are so gross!" some girls were saying. Kid was stairing at Maka unoticeable and Liz was stairing at Kid very very noticeable. "Liz stop staring at Kid funny it is creeping me!" Soul was telling Liz to stop stairing at Kid with that werido face while Maka quetily ran out of the classroom.

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