I know this was probably done about fifty times already but in my defense I just finished watching Dempsey and Makepeace after finding it online and I love the show so this is my take of what happened just after the season 3 finale!J

She had butterflies flitting aroud her stomach as she repeated the words she had said a thousand times before 'this is Charlie over' but it wasn't because of what she was saying it was because of what she was thinking,Dempsey's recent admission to be had never expected it and with Dempsey being such an introvert she questioned whether he might have had some assistance perhaps in the form of their Captain,who always seemed to be hinting at something beyond the lines of a platonic 's voice broke her from her thoughts.

'so I take it by this that you're going back to the force?'

Makepeace: 'I suppose so,well it couldn't hurt since you're one member down now….

Dempsey gives her a sarcastic smile as he gauges that she is hiding her true explanations for coming back behind excuses of 'duty' and couldn't allow himself to tease her about this however as a sudden realisation hit him.

Dempsey: 'great,that's just great Makepeace….you know you're one troublesome broad you know that?'

Although she was used to his wacky mood swings this caught her off guard and if she was honest,it also hurt.

Makepeace: 'what have I done now? I told you not to call me a broad…. You scoundrel!'

'whats a scoundrel,some kind of fruit?'

''Dempsey whats wrong?you very rarely use that serious face'

She wasn't expecting the next line and it did more damage than any injury she's had since working with Dempsey.

'I'm going back to New York….I got the tickets booked and everything'

'but you've tried leaving before and you came back,couldn't you just cancel them?'

Dempsey leans,head down,face withdrawn against the police car with his lower lip between his teeth.

Makepeace recognises his contemplative face,enough to know he was struggling with his thoughts.

'there's something else isn't there?…come on Dempsey tell me'

'thing is,I already told my boss I'd be back in a couple days'

Instead of sharing Dempsey's anxiety Makepeace was angry.

'Dempsey.I thought you 'knew' I'd come back to the force,why make such plans if you were so sure,does Spikings know about this?'

'look Harry, I heard you loud and clear when you told me -the third time- that you weren't coming back,this was going to be my last is probably reading my letter of resignation as we speak.'

Even thought this was a tense moment Dempsey couldnt help but make a joke

'besides I thought nothing could pull you away from the allure of the museum!'

'its quite a fascinating collection actually but I suppose if it doesn't have guns chases in it,it wouldn't be your cup of tea'

He smirked at this until both registered the seriousness of his actions.

'well then..I guess that's it..it was splendid working with you left tenant…

Dempsey wasn't listening however as he was formulating a plan

'why don't you come with me huh?I mean you could use a tan no offence sweetheart,what do you say?'