'so Annie I'm almost surprised you're not here with a strapping young man instead of me tonight'

'oh well you asked me first you know'

'is there really nobody special in your life right now?'

Makepeace feigned shock and hoped Annie didn't notice her wince when she spoke the word 'special'.

'uh..it's a bit ambiguous at the moment you know Im not entirely sure what's happening on that front'

Makepeace followed Annie's eye movement as she spoke and was instantly discouraged to set eyes upon the subject of their current was shocked but also secretly aware of the fact that Annie did have 'nobody special' in her life and Makepeace couldn't help but feel sorry for she put on her best indifferent face when he mad his way to them.

'What an attractive surprise to such a dingy joint?'

'detective Paul…um…hi thank you'

For a second Annie had thought Det. Paul was addressing Harry because even with her formal work clothes on she was still the more beautiful of the made himself clear however when he leaned in to whisper in Annie's ear and ignored Makepeace.

Makepeace observed a pleasant blush mark Annie's face this time however and decided she would soon take her leave.

'oh Paul…this is Lieutenant…I mean Harry Makepeace,you have probably met her around the office'

Makepeace couldn't help but hear the change from Det. Paul to the more informal she was still retaining anger towards him and replied with a handshake

'you can call me Lieutenant Makepeace'

She was caught off guard by his question

'lieutenant (heavy emphasis on the title) Makepeace may I talk to you for a moment please,don't worry Annie Ill be right back..hey why don't I put on the ole juke box'

'when they were over by the juke box Makepeace felt very uncomfortable like making small talk with a suspect,which she never did before.

'so did you like the flowers lieutenant? I know they're Annie's favourites'

'hmm flowers don't really hide your ill manner Im afraid'

'ok I deserved that I suppose but listen..I think we got off on the wrong-

'opening yes I believe we did what with you cat calling at me but I will admit I misunderstood the relationship between you and Annie-

'no I did make her feel uncomfortable and I am still apologising for it me behaviour was completely unacceptable'

'tonight has certainly proved a learning experience for me'

'do you see what I see then,a rare and unique gem,beautifully carved and perfect to me'

'I want you to promise me you will take care of her,I really care about this girl and I will be keeping in touch even when I go back home'

'would it be pushing my luck if I asked you whether you thought she is attracted to me?'

'factoring in my womanly senses Id have to say definitely yes to that question'

'thank you lieutenant'

'I suppose you must call me Harry now'


When they shook hands a secret aggrement passed between them stronger than any law written on paper.

Truth was she believed they could balance each other out,she would mellow him out and he would introduce her to more of the world.

After all Makepeace was just like Annie once,before her 'Detective Paulie' widened her horizons and opened her to the broader picture.

'oh and Harry I must give you a reason for my behaviour to you'

'there's been several journals written on the macho method that I think are legit enough to leave it at that'

She didn't expect the yearning feeling she felt as she watched a romantic scene play out before her as wound an arm around Annie's shoulders.

That was until she spotted a familiar face just enter through the door.

He winked at her and her heart responded.