The next morning it was all work and it made for a tense atmosphere in the precinct as they had made some progress on the case of the pizzeria robbery.

Their lead suspect had made yet another visit and the package he was bringing was unlikely to be pizza dough unless it came from an airtight bin-bag these days.

'its not even Christmas and he's bringing them presents,how thoughtful'

Only Dempsey could make such a morbidly humorous joke about such a serious situation.

Makepiece had come to think of it as his way of coping with the stress of dangerous situations..she didn't have long to ponder about this as he caught her on the arm of her coat and asked

'lets go see santa and tell him he's been naughty this year'

'oh Dempsey do you have to be so cheerful given our present situation'

Not fazed by the collective use of the noun 'our' and not noticing Makepiece's momentary blush,Dempsey answers simply

'what Im happy you want me to shed a tear and an apology for good measure..we're going to arrest a creep'

'All Im saying is that you could be a bit more subtle,its no wonder your enemy list is longer than your friend's?'

'Look I don't make friendly with trash ok? That reminds me though…Ive had this craving for pizza the last couple days and baby I think tonight is the night'

She shook he head in exasperation as Dempsey finished his encore performance.

If she had to weigh up the pro's and cons of his personality she would have to note that she was constantly surprised by his change from the roguish,harsh,discriminating detective to the caring,kind and sweet man.

He had two persona's that clashed with the other's qualities and she felt a little lost like a psych nurse at times,trying to coax him back to the bettter side of him the Dr Hyde side.

She also reasoned however that this brash side of him would keep her excited and the partnership or whatever it was alive and keep them both on top of things.

One glance around the streets and Dempsey knocked on the pizzeria door

It opened after the third ring

'hi would you like some cookies?'