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-( - )-

The green and gray Titans stopped by the common room on their way out. Robin and Starfire were sitting on the couch together, whispering sweet nothings to each other, while Cyborg, who was wearing a chef's hat, was concocting something in the kitchen. Raven phased partially through the door, only her head was exposed, and shouted. "We're going to the bookstore. We should be back before dinner time. If anything comes up, call us."

Before anyone could reply she vanished back into the door and was gone. Robin looked his girlfriend in the eyes and said "We? Who is we? Does Raven have a new friend we don't know about?"

Cyborg laughed from the kitchen. "It sure can't be the grass stain. Other than comic books he never reads anything. He wouldn't be caught dead in a bookstore."

Starfire raised her hand, pointing upward with her index finger. "Actually, one can purchase the comic books and the graphic novels at the bookstore."

Robin and Cyborg looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces. They then shook their heads and laughed nervously.

"Nah! No way." Cyborg chortled as he got back to whatever he was cooking.

Robin got cozy again with his alien girlfriend. "Really, what were we even thinking? Raven and Beast Boy? As if."

Starfire gave her beau a tender kiss and smiled. "Oh, I do not agree."

Robin laughed. "Oh come on, Star; Raven and Beast Boy? That's like mixing oil and water."

"More like mixing dynamite and fire." Cyborg quipped. "They're complete opposites."

The princess kissed her beau a second time. "You are the clueless, my dashing boyfriend."

Cyborg turned off a mixer he was using to make his patented, homemade pizza dough. "So, little lady, you think that something is going on between our Raven and the Green Bean?"

"I do not think, I do the knowing." She harrumphed.

Both young men burst out laughing. The princess frowned. "You think that I am doing the barking up the wrong tree?"

"We know you are." Cyborg laughed. "There's no way in hell Raven and BB are dating."

She crossed her arms. "I see. So tell me, are you willing to make the wager?"

Cyborg smiled. "Sorry, little lady; that would be like taking candy from a baby."

"We don't want to take your money from you, Star." Robin interjected. "It wouldn't be sporting, given the circumstance. I mean, come on, Raven and Beast Boy?"

"Then let us not wager with money." She grinned evilly.

-( - )-

The changeling and the sorceress emerged on the Tower's roof top and took to the sky. No one down below in Jump City gave them a second look as the sight of a green eagle and a caped gray skinned girl flying overhead was one the citizenry had grown accustomed to seeing soar in the sky. Their flight was quick and they landed in front of the brand new Soto's Ice Cream parlor. The changeling, back in his human form, gallantly opened the door for his companion and she entered the establishment first.

It was early in the afternoon and the parlor was relatively empty. As they headed for the counter to order, the changeling raised a hand to stop his gray friend.

"I said this one was on me. You go ahead and sit down and I'll get you a raspberry sundae."

"A raspberry sundae? How did you know?" She gasped.

"How do I know? It's your favorite."

"But … I never told you that. I never told anyone that it's my favorite."

"Of course you did … how else would I know?" He grinned before rushing off to the counter to place their order.

With her brow furrowed she found a small table and sat down. She was wracking her mind, trying to remember when she ever told anyone about her favorite ice cream. When did that ever happen?

Raven looked up towards the counter and saw him chatting with a girl who was taking their order. She was tall, blond and busty and was shamelessly flirting with him. Raven suddenly had an odd feeling that was new for her and she suddenly felt compelled to go to the counter and give the young woman one of her better four eyed glares, but remained seated at the table.

As she stared at the counter her feelings of jealously were quickly replaced when she noticed his now broad shoulders. He wasn't the scrawny kid he used to be anymore. His birthday was next month and he would be turning eighteen. He was now slightly taller than her. Her eyes wandered down his now well shaped and muscular back to his tightly spandexed butt, which she stared at for an indeterminate amount of time, until she was distracted by the sound of giggling. She turned towards the sound and saw two girls about her age, seated at a nearby table. They both grinned at her. One subtly pointed at the changeling's butt while the other girl made a thumbs up gesture.

Raven blushed and looked away from them. Using her powers and she quickly erased the blush from her face and just in time as a grinning changeling, carrying their ice creams, turned around and headed back to their table.

"One raspberry sundae for the most awesome lady Titan." He cheered as he placed her frozen treat before her.

"Thanks." She replied meekly without looking up at him. She carefully tasted her sundae. "It's very good, thank you."

They made small talk while eating their ice cream. Raven noticed that the two girls were still staring at them, and she was again feeling uncomfortable. She stood up. "I think I'd like some water." She blurted before hurrying off to a water fountain and while she had a drink the two girls stood up and approached Beast Boy. She watched out of the corner of her eyes while she pretended to continue drinking water. They exchanged a few words with him and pulled out their autograph books, which he cheerfully signed. He then gestured Raven to approach. Without being asked she autographed their books and didn't even look at them. The two girls thanked the Titans and went their merry way. Once they left the parlor Raven spoke to him in a low voice.

"Beast Boy, why were they staring at us? People in Jump are used to seeing us, but those two girls wouldn't take their eyes off of us. They stared at us the whole time while smiling like idiots."

He chuckled. "It's because they're shippers."

"Shippers?" She asked innocently, even though she clearly knew the meaning of the word.

He blushed slightly. "Yeah, shippers … have you ever heard of fan fiction?"

"Uh … yeah, I have. What about it?"

"Well, you might not know this, but people write stories about us, you know, the Titans."


"Yeah, they do and … uh … some people write stories about us … I mean you and me."

"You mean … romantic stories?"

His blush intensified. "Yeah … I know … crazy, huh? So uh, a shipper is someone who 'ships' a couple."

"I see. So these two girls, who are shippers, were excited to actually see us together."

He nodded sheepishly. "I guess they were … but you know what was odd? They also knew that raspberry sundaes are your favorite. I wonder how they knew that. I sure never told anyone about that … I'll bet Star did."

Raven had an odd feeling. It also disturbed her that they knew. It didn't make any sense. How could have known that raspberry was her favorite?

"I think we should get to the bookstore before it gets too late." She droned in her monotone.

He agreed and they headed out of the parlor.

-( - )-

Later that afternoon, back in the Tower.

"Thanks for coming with me, Raven. It was fun."

"I also had a good time. And thank you for paying for the ice cream."

He grinned as he held his stack of new comic books. "My pleasure. See you at dinner."

Raven's bedroom door slid shut. She dropped her new books on her desk and sat down. She was still wondering how those two girls, who were complete strangers, knew about her favorite dessert. She leaned back in her chair and drummed her fingers on the desktop. Her laptop was also on the desk and she stared at it. Suddenly she gasped and sat up straight. She flipped open her computer and opened the folder where she kept the first romantic story she wrote about herself and the changeling: Opposites Attract. She quickly typed in the word 'raspberry' in the search field and the list of files was reduced to single file: chapter 6. She opened it and found it. She almost fell off her chair as she read the passage. In the scene Beast Boy takes her out for ice cream and asks her what she would like. Her response: A raspberry sundae was her favorite.

Raven quickly searched her other stories and found that she mentioned that fact in other tales. She went back to Opposites Attract and began to speed read the chapters. To her dismay she realized that she revealed facts about herself that only her team mates would know. Most were simple and trivial things, but there were enough of them to give away the true identity of the fan fiction writer known as 'Dark Raven of Azarath', at least to her teammates.

It was so obvious that even he would be able to figure it out … if he hadn't already.

Raven began to hyperventilate. He couldn't find out about this … if he did … oh Azar, what was she going to do? Was there anything she could do at this point?

She clutched her head as she tried desperately to remember if she ever told him that raspberry was her favorite, but she wasn't sure. If she did, she could delete all her stories before he read them. But if he had already read them, then he was probably wondering about who Dark Raven of Azarath really was, and if she deleted the stories she would be exposed, it would be too obvious. And if he figured it out then he would know that she wrote all those steamy stories about them.

Raven leaned back in her char and groaned.

"I'm an idiot! What am I going to do?"

A loud knock on her door startled her and her chair fell back and crashed loudly on the floor. The door slid open and to her immense relief she saw that it was Starfire who entered the room.

"Are you OK?"

"I lost my balance and fell … I'm fine." Raven stammered as she remained sprawled on the floor.

Starfire offered her hand and helped her get back up, after which she looked at the laptop, nodding approvingly.

"I see that you are working on your stories."

Raven's face fell. "You mean you know?"

"That you are 'Dark Raven of Azarath', yes I have known for some time. Your stories are very well written and entertaining. You have a large fan base and should be the pleased with yourself."

Raven buried her face in her palms. "I am so screwed."

The princess placed a hand on her shoulder. "You are worried that Beast Boy has read your stories?"

"Worried? I'm terrified … Starfire, if he reads those stories I …"

"He has read them and he is a huge fan."

"Nooo." Raven whimpered.

"But he has not figured out that you are the author."

"He hasn't. How is that possible?" Raven marveled.

Starfire snickered. "He is a boy. Plus it would never cross his mind."

"But the clues are all there."

"Yes, they are. If it was Robin, he would see them."

Raven glared at the princess. "Garfield is not stupid."

Starfire smiled even more and clapped her hands. "Glorious! You have referred to him by his real name. And you are correct; he is not stupid, it is just that he would never believe that you would write sensual love stories about you and …"

"OK, you made your point." Raven interrupted. "The question, however, remains. What am I going to do?"

The princess beamed. "Is it not obvious?"

Raven shook her head. "Uh, no; it's not."

"You are going to confess to him."

Raven looked panic stricken. "Are you insane? I can't do that."

"Why not?"

Raven quickly composed herself. "I'm not ready to tell him how I feel."

"But you went on a date with him today."

"It wasn't a real date. We only went to the bookstore."

Starfire nodded. "I understand. You need to do the courting the proper way. I believe that you should ask him out."

"Me? Ask him out on a date? Are you joking?"

"Raven, in your stories you asked him out on the first date nine times."

"That's in stories! There I could construct fantasy worlds where no one would notice us and I had complete control of everything that happens. This is the real world. People were staring at us all day, and now I understand why! They've all been reading my stupid fanfic stories and they want them to come true."

"Do you not wish for them to come true?"

Raven blushed. "OK, fine, I do. They're my most inner fantasies. But Starfire; where in Jump can I take him so we can have some privacy?"

Starfire pulled two tickets from her belt and gave them to her friend. "I thought you would never do the asking. I purchased these for you."

Raven looked at the tickets.

"Jump City Comic Con? Are you crazy? There will be thousands of people there! We'll stand out like a green and gray pair of thumbs."

Starfire grinned. "No, you will not. People will think you are the cosplayers. You will be congratulated on your realistic costumes. But no one will know that you are the real Raven and Beast Boy."

Raven's eyes widened in surprise. "Starfire! You're a genius!"

A smug smile appeared on the princess's face. "Yes, I know. The Comic Con is this weekend. And don't forget!"

"Forget what?"

"To confess to him, silly!"

-( - )-

"Raven, this awesome!"

"Don't call me that. Call me Rachel."

Raven's convention badge identified her as 'Rachel Roth'. Beast Boy's said 'Garfield Dayton'.

"Sorry … 'Rach'. Isn't this cool! And I can't believe all the cosplayers. I've seen at least fifty Ravens, and some of them are pretty good."

They stopped to pose for another cosplayer, who was dressed in a shabby, off the rack Space Trek costume. He snapped a few shots on his phone.

"You guys are awesome; you look just the Titans!" He congratulated them.

"Thanks, dude!" The changeling replied.

After the geek was out of earshot Raven spoke up. "Starfire was right! We can hide here in plain sight."

He took her hand. "You got that right. Aren't the cosplayers amazing?"

"Some of them are." She smirked. "Did you see that guy dressed as Brother Blood?"

He snickered. "Yeah, he kind of had a gut."

"Kind of? He could have come as Santa Claus."

"Now, now, Rave, there is no judging at Comic Con. We're all here to have a fun."

She nodded. "You're right. And speaking of fun; is there a panel you'd like to see? So far I've picked all of them."

"Actually, there is one I want to see. It's a fan fiction panel."

"A fan fiction panel?" She gulped.

"A Teen Titans fan fiction panel. They have some great writers here today. Still Too Old for This, Star of Airdrie, Sir Alwick, Kryalla Orchid and … damn … it says here in the program that they couldn't contact 'Dark Raven of Azarath' so they invited that Force jerk instead. The guy's a douche, why did they invite him?"

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Hmmm … that could be interesting."

The Chromatically Challenged Couple made their way to the ballroom where the panel was to be held. There was a large crowd and they were a bit late, so they got stuck sitting near the back of the room. Within minutes the panel began. Sir Alwick served as the moderator and the panelists introduced themselves and they briefly chatted about their experiences as fan fiction writers. After about 15 minutes they opened up the mike to the audience for questions.

At first the questions were the expected softballs: what is your favorite story, how do you handle flamers, what's the best way to get people to review, etc. After about 20 minutes someone asked a real question:

"Why isn't Dark Raven of Azarath here? I mean, she's gotta be the best Titans fanfic writer in the whole world."

Sir Alwick was the first to answer. "We tried to contact her, but as you all know her fan fic account has PMs blocked, so we couldn't reach her. I'm sorry."

The audience groaned unhappily. Raven felt a little disappointed with herself. She had no idea that she had so many fans, but she was resolute to remain anonymous. That is until HE spoke up.

"She isn't that good." TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne shouted into his mike.

The audience booed its disagreement.

"Oh come on, her writing style is jarring …"

Beast Boy noticed that Raven was beginning to scowl. "Uh, Rach, are you OK?"

"… her plots are predictable and syrupy …"

Raven's eyes were now glowing red.

"… but worst of all, she has no clue what the Titans really are like …"

Her fists balled and dark energy formed around them.

"… her Raven is completely out of character … "

She began to growl.

"… and she didn't have the guts to come here."

Beast Boy heard a fluorescent bulb explode in the distance. Raven stood up and levitated above the crowd. Her cape billowed behind her.

"I am here, you idiot!"

The crowd gasped when they saw the city's gray guardian floating above them. TheForce's eyes bulged in surprise.

"I didn't mean you, Miss Raven, and I am very pleased to meet you. I meant the writer known as 'Dark Raven of Azarath.'" TheForce sweat dropped as he tried to defuse what he thought was a misunderstanding.

"I am Dark Raven of Azarath!"

Beast Boy looked up at her. "You are?"

The other writers became ecstatic and invited Raven to join them on the stage. TheForce quietly retreated and was not seen again for the rest of the convention and Raven took his seat, tossing his place card into the trash. The crowd went crazy and they peppered her with all sorts of questions. Until THE question was asked by a fan who was cosplaying as the demoness.

"Miss Raven … do you really love Beast Boy? Or is that just … you know … just something you made up for all the shippers?"

The changeling was still seated in the crowd, which fell silent.. Raven gestured to him. "Beast Boy, would you mind joining us here on the stage?"

He morphed into a bat and flew up to Raven, landing beside her and resuming his human form. The audience murmured in hushed tones as Raven stood up. She locked eyes with the changeling. He grinned at her and she smiled back.

With no warning she lunged for him, grabbed his shoulders and kissed him. He was momentarily petrified but quickly recovered and wrapped his arms around her as they continued to smooch.

The crowd exploded, cheering their approval and their vicarious happiness. Cameras snapped photos and took videos, which were uploaded to youtube within the hour.

-( - )-

The next morning, back at the Tower …

"Ready to go back to Comic Con, Rave?"

The sorceress placed her dirty breakfast plate on the counter, which was covered with stacks of dirty dishes.

"I am, though I think we can forget about hiding in plain sight today."

"It'll be fine." He glanced at the filthy kitchen. "Uh, whose turn to clean the kitchen?"

"It think it's ours … if we hurry we won't be late for the Pretty, Pretty Pegasus panel."

Starfire intercepted them. "You may leave now; I have arranged substitutes for you to clean the kitchen."

"Substitutes?" Raven asked.

The princess clapped her hands. The sliding doors opened and Robin and Cyborg, both dressed in French Maid uniforms, went into the kitchen and began to clean up. The changeling began to snicker, and within moments was rolling on the floor. Raven stared at them stoically.

"I don't want to know … come on, Gar; let's go."

They held hands and phased into the floor, gone for the day.

"This isn't fair … you knew." Robin grumbled.

"I said that I knew." Starfire replied. "You chose to not do the believing."

She left them behind in the kitchen as she returned to her room and smiled.

"Like taking candy from a baby."

-( - )-

For those of you wondering why BB's name tag said "Garfield Dayton" and not "Garfield Logan" he was going incognito to Comic Con and was using an assumed name. Raven did the same with "Rachel Roth". Some think that Rachel is Raven's real name, but it's not. It was an assumed name she used when she briefly attended high school in the comics in the 2000's, which was odd as she attended college (as herself, not incognito) in the comics in the 1980's.