Toxen's eyes blinked until they were completely open. She was resting in bed. She noted the mirror on the wall and leaned forward to look in it. Her eyes were bright emerald green; her hair was of the darkest mauve; and most noticeably, the right half of her head looked…shaved. The other half was long and spiky/curly.

"Hello darling. I see you've awakened." A man with silvery toned hair greeted.

"Superior? I'm trying to sleep." She said.

"Oh? It's your first official day in the Organization and you're already sassing me?"

It's true. Her initiation day was yesterday, and she still had to meet everyone fully.

Xemnas left.

She put on her coat, put her hair in a high side ponytail and after taking care of her morning hygiene, she began the day. Closing the door behind her, she left the room and bumped into a boy.

"My bad…hey! You're the new member! Uh…Toxen, right?" the boy with sideswept blonde hair asked.

"Hey. Yeah, that'd be me. Excuse my being naïve, as you know, I'm new."

"S'ok, I was one of the newest before you joined. I understand completely." He reached out a hand for a shake, a seemingly genuine smile naming his thin, pink lips. "I'm Roxas."

"Nice to meet you, Roxas." She shook his hand.

"Hey! Roxas! That the new rookie?" A guy with flaming red hair questioned, sliding down the hall smoother than butter in a hot pan.

Roxas nodded.

"Well, Toxen, My name's Axel. Got it memorized?" He extended his hand out to her.

She shook it and her lifted her hand up to his mouth and kissed it. She blushed.

"Way to go, Axel." Roxas said flatly, face-palming himself.

"It's the way to treat a lady."

"What about Larxene?"

"That's no lady. That's a…that."

"I'm taking it Larxene just ain't your bag?"

"HELL no."

"I dig what you're sayin'."

"Way past cool."

They fist bumped.

Roxas looked utterly confused. "Okay…Anywho, why don't you let us show you around? It'd be a pleasure."

"Cool, let's hit the road."

"Hey, Zexion! The rookie wants to meet you." Axel informed.

Zexion looked up and saw Toxen.

"Toxen, this is Zexion. He's extremely and unbelievably short, so you might have to kneel to-ouch!" Roxas punched Axel's shoulder.

"Not everyone is as tall as you, Axel." Toxen said.

"Yeah! Anyway," Roxas said, "Zexion owns this library."

"Smooth. I love reading."

"Keep doing so," Zexion stated, "Or else you might end up like Axel."

"Hey! I turned out great!"


Toxen laughed.

"Now please leave, if you would. I don't like Axel's loudness disturbing the peace."


"Do you see what I mean?"

"C'mon Axel. Let's just go." Roxas said.

Axel made a face at Zexion and guided Toxen out.

"Where to next?" Toxen asked.

"We could go see Xigbar." Axel said.

"Eww…do we have to?" Roxas asked.

"Come on." Axel said.

They went up to the balcony.

Xigbar was apparently a man of older age, black haired with streaks of white and some gray. He pulled his hair into a low ponytail regularly. Axel said he had the most annoying speech pattern known to mankind. He was talking to a youthful boy with dirty blonde hair, styled interestingly in what seemed to be a mullet. He had eyes of the prettiest blue and a goofy smile.

Toxen squinted at him. He reminded her of someone she met in her human days…she just couldn't put her finger on it. Those days are foggy. He was handsome though.

"Aww, Roxas! You didn't tell me Demyx'd be here!" Axel whined.

"He's not that bad." Roxas admitted.

"You know, I can hear you!" Demyx yelled, "What the heck, man?"

"Like, just ignore them Demyx." Xigbar said.

Too late. Demyx was already storming over to the three. His fake anger faded when he noticed Toxen. "Hey! I remember you! Uh…Toxen!" he gave her a broad smile and pulled her into a hug.

Her face turned red with blush.

Axel and Roxas looked at each other, an eyebrow raised on each male.

"Cool to see you again!" He said, pulling away from her.

"Uh…yeah." She said, rubbing her arm, "Vice versa."

"You know, I thought it was awesome, the way you totally kicked Xiggy's butt during sparring the other day." Demyx flattered.

"Oh…that was you?" She said staring at Xigbar, who angrily reddened in the face.

"Oh yeah! I remember that!" Axel said, "Man, that Duexblade of yours is amazing!"

"Thanks." She said, laughing at Xigbar's reaction.

"Shut up!" Xigbar yelled. He was already taking a disliking to her.

"Yep. Xigbar can't accept defeat." Roxas laughed.

"I'm just glad I didn't have to fight you." Demyx admitted, "I wouldn't've lasted seven seconds in there! I better get training for when I do have to face you!"

"We all should." Roxas chuckled.

"Oh stop!" Toxen laughed a bit.

"Yep. All of you. With an exception of me." Axel said.

"Riiiiiight." Roxas said.