Summary: Looking for a fun night and fantastic tumble in the sheets? Look no further. Name: Kagome Higurashi. 28; Female; Tokyo; highly experienced. Happy to dress as your sexy doctor. Cost: $600 per hour. Serious replies from ALL types welcome. Can a fake Craigslist post create real love for a lonely hanyou?

WARNINGS: Language, Mild OOC

Part One

June 6

3:00 AM

Souta Higurashi watched carefully for any sign of movement from the sleeping woman to his right as he tip-toed through her room. Kagome had always been an incredibly light sleeper, so he moved with extreme caution, the thrill of the crime pushing him forward with stealth he didn't know he possessed. Sliding open the top drawer of her temporary closet, he reached for a pair of scissors in his pants. He grinned mischievously and quietly pulled out as many bras as he could from the drawer before proceeding to snip them straight down the middle, cutting off the clasps and separating the two halves.

'Ha. Ha. Stupid Kagome, she should know better than to leave her door unlocked by now. Who's the loser now?' Souta snickered gleefully to himself.

When he was sure he had finished thoroughly destroying every bra she owned, he snuck out of her room, closing her door silently behind him.

Sneaking back into his own room, he powered on his computer and tried to contain a wicked cackle as he opened up a webpage for Craigslist.

''Grow up!' she says. 'You're 18 years old, an adult, so stop acting like a kid!' He mocked her voice in his head. 'Psh, why would I grow up when this is so much fun?'

A chat box with his partners-in-crime Kohaku and Shippo popped up on his screen.

Shippo: Mission successful?

Souta: Bras terminated. Wicked Witch none-the-wiser.

Kohaku: Hot Wicked Witch

Souta: Gross, man. Cut it out.

Shippo: Well...She is pretty hot. And Kohaku's legal

Souta: Ew, seriously. Accomplices are not supposed to find their leader's sister "hot." Not how this works, guys.

Kohaku: But can't you guys just imagine her walking around all day, completely braless? Man...I wish I were her patient today.

Shippo: Yeah...We should have cut her panties too!

Souta: No! And I don't want to! Focus, lackeys!

Souta would have banged his head against the table in frustration and to get rid of that mental image were he not afraid it would waken the Wicked Witch.

Souta: Moving on to phase two. No more distractions, guys.

Shippo: Are you sure we should actually do phase two? Seems like it could be dangerous...

Souta: Yeah, come on. Posting on Craigslist will be hilarious! Imagine the look on her face when some stinky old guy walks up to her apartment, ready to woo her! She'll want to kill us, but she can't because our safe little behinds will be an hour away!

Shippo: Well, alright...

Kohaku messaged his assent as well, and the three began writing the fake ad.

At the end of their brief brainstorm, they finally came up with: Looking for a fun night and fantastic tumble in the sheets? Look no further. Name: Kagome Higurashi. 28, Female, highly experienced. Happy to dress as your sexy doctor. Cost: $600 per hour. Serious replies from ALL types welcome.

Souta chuckled to himself, amused by the work of his team. Kagome would shit elephants when she found out. 'Highly experienced. Ha! As if!' After including a few more details about Kagome's supposed "areas of expertise" and a fake email address, he sent a message to his friends about their success.

Souta: Perfect! I think we've got our final product.

Kohaku: Hmm...What if no one responds? I mean $600 per hour is pretty pricy...Most only charge a hundred or like...$300 max. Maybe we shouldn't even put a price...prostitution is illegal, remember?

Shippo: Well, well. I didn't know you were our resident prostitution expert!

Souta: Ha! I'll add this to the list of things to tell Kohaku's future girlfriends.

Kohaku: Ugh, shut up. I do a lot of...research.

Souta: Right...Also, no one even cares about that stupid law. It's not like police officers are just browsing Craigslist all day trying to catch the occasional prostitute. And I'll attach a picture of her to make sure someone responds.

Kohaku: ...if you think that's safe...alright...

Souta: Alright, well your jobs are done for the night. Er, except can I go to your house Shippo tonight? Don't really wanna be around when the witch awakens...

Shippo: Sure, man. Come in through the back.

Souta bid his two accomplices good night. He reviewed the ad one last time, looking over the picture of his smiling sister, and pressed submit, forever sealing her fate.

He wrote a quick note for his mother saying, "Bathing in alternate dimension. Back later," and snuck out for Shippo's.

Oblivious to his early-morning activities, Kagome slept on.

6:00 AM

Kagome vaguely registered the beeps of her alarm clock, but her sleepy mind tried to resist their pull. She let out a disappointed groan when the blissful clouds of sleep began to clear.

'You want to sleep in.' The devil Kagome whispered in one ear.

'No, you must go save lives!' The angelic one insisted.

'Blood, guts and needles or dreams about animal sex with hot men? I know which one I would choose.' The devil had a point, Kagome acknowledged.

'But the people need you! Could you really let someone die just to make up for your nonexistent sex life?' The angel cried out, but Kagome gave a wry look at the angelic Kagome. She wasn't doing a good job endearing herself to Kagome.

'Ugh. I'm pretty sure hearing voices in my head is a symptom of craziness...' Kagome thought, pushing the angel and devil mini-versions of herself out of her mind. She tumbled sleepily out of bed to her closet, ripping open her underwear drawer.

Souta Higurashi would have heard the ear-splitting scream that followed had he been there, but miles away, he chuckled to himself at the thought of her reaction.

Kagome stormed downstairs, having gotten dressed and ready, minus her bra, and cursed her immature, stupid, ridiculous brother to an early grave.

"Mama!" Kagome caught sight of Souta's note as she headed to the kitchen. Her mother came rushing down and she waved it at her furiously.

"What's wrong, Kagome dear?" Her mother asked, still half-asleep and dressed in her pajamas.

"That devil child of yours!" Kagome raged. She knew she was being rather unreasonable in yelling at her mother, but since Souta was currently "bathing in another dimension," she didn't really have any other outlet.

"Kagome, calm down, calm down." Her mother said soothingly. Kagome took deep breaths, counting to ten slowly in her head to expel her rage, though the technique was proving somewhat ineffective. "Now, dear, what's the problem?"

Kagome angrily slammed the destroyed bras on the counter top, glare still fixed in place. "This. This. Is. The. Problem!" Her mother's mouth dropped open, but she didn't respond. "Mama, please. Control that demon! I'm a doctor, and this is just…just – completely unprofessional! I don't have time to go home and change either because I have the morning shift today. Plus, these alone cost more than a hundred dollars!" Fuming loudly, Kagome continued her rant. "By his age, I had a direction in life and I was well on my way! Souta just sits around…and…and – cuts up people's bras!" She didn't bother to wait for her mother to reply. She spun on her heel and thundered out of the room, leaving her mother still staring agape at the bras.

When Kagome left, her mother had to stifle her laughter. 'Maybe she needs this. Goodness knows Kagome could loosen up every once in a while.'

7:00 AM

Sliding her car into her assigned parking space, Kagome tried not to think about the bad start to her morning. She could feel her bare breasts chafing against the cotton of her shirt, and hoped that they wouldn't be obvious behind her white coat.

'Souta is a brat, a stupid, overgrown child, but that does not mean I should let him ruin my day.' She had repeated to herself throughout the car ride from her mother's home to the hospital where she worked. She liked to return to her old home on the weekends to visit her mother and grandfather, but the immature 18-year-old that shared approximately half her DNA was making each visit more miserable than the last. 'The kid needs to get a job...or a life...or something!'

Plastering a smile to her face as she entered the building, Kagome mentally chanted, 'Fake it 'til you make it, Kagome!'

"Good morning, Ayumi!" She greeted, hoping it didn't sound as superficial as it felt.

"Morning, Kagome!" Ayumi, the receptionist, waved in kind.

"What have you got for me?" Kagome leaned over the desk, her mood already cheering up by just being in the building, around her co-workers.

Ayumi pulled out a list of names and room numbers and read off Kagome's cases.

"Thanks, Ayumi! I'm on it." She grabbed the files for her first patient and made her way through the fairly empty hallways to the listed room. The lack of support for her breasts meant they bounced a bit uncomfortably, but Kagome was determined to brush the stupid prank out of her mind. Her patients needed her calm and focused, not angry.

She knocked lightly on the examination room door to alert the patient that she was there before stepping in. A jovial, middle-aged, lightly balding man bid her good morning.

"Hello, Mr. Hayashi," she smiled in greeting. He returned it eagerly and Kagome remembered why it was she loved this job. "So what's the problem today, Mr. Hayashi?"

"Well…oh I'm so embarrassed to say this!" Mr. Hayashi flushed crimson.

Kagome gave him an encouraging smile. "Mr. Hayashi, this is what I'm here for, so please don't be afraid to say whatever is bothering you."

"Alright…lately when I pee…for some odd reason, my gods it just really burns! I'm afraid it might be my prostate...could be prostatitis or worse! I was hoping you could check it out, doctor." He explained. Smile still in place, Kagome snapped on her gloves, patted the examination chair and got to work.

10:30 AM

The steam of the Jacuzzi tub swirled around the two teen boys as they relaxed in their swimsuits.

"Hey, Souta, have we gotten any responses on the craigslist thing yet?" Shippo, the younger boy with fire-red hair, asked the boy to his side.

"Mmm…" Souta roused himself from a sleepy haze. "I don't know. Wanna get out and check?"

"Sure." The boys climbed out of the tub and scrambled to Shippo's room, where they eagerly logged on to check for any responses to their fake ad.

Souta scrolled through a number of emails that were clearly spam, when one in particular caught his attention. "Hey, Shippo! Check it out! This one looks legit."

The boys skimmed through the email quickly and Souta mumbled out a few key details. "Old…but looks young, silver-haired…works in 'law enforcement'…virgin…Ha! Shippo, my man, this one is perfect!" Souta cackled to himself as he thought about his stern older sister's reaction. "Now, we just have to give him her address and time. And action!"

Shippo peered over his shoulder, reading the email. "Hey, Souta, are you sure this is safe? I mean, one, this guy could be a psychopath for all we know and two, he works in law enforcement, so couldn't he arrest her or something?" He asked, nervous now that there was an actual response. It was one thing to embarrass Kagome, but actually sending a stranger to her doorstep was a whole different beast. "What does 'law enforcement' mean anyway? Why'd he put it in quotes?"

"Dude, don't worry so much! If I know my sister at all, the guy won't even get past the lobby. Plus he's apparently old, and Kagome's been trained for…what, ten years? self-defense. And if he were going to arrest her, why would he put that he worked in law enforcement in the first place?" Souta reasoned calmly, overcome by the excitement of his prank.

Shippo eyed the email warily. "Self-defense doesn't make her unbeatable. There are plenty of psychos that could easily kidnap her…" Something about what this guys said about being old but not looking old, and that silver hair made him sound like a –

"Jesus penis, you're such a wuss. Live a little would you? Not everyone is a psychopath." Souta rolled his eyes at Shippo's concerns, still typing away at his response email.

"Well…she's your sister, so I guess…" Shippo agreed reluctantly. "You're going to give him her actual email address now? Couldn't that...I don't know…backfire if she notices something funky?"

"Look, when this is all over and I get to see her storm into my room, exploding brains and kittens everywhere, I'll be sure to take some pictures and we'll laugh about how stupid you were to be such a worry wart." Quickly scanning through his email to make sure the details were correct, he readily pressed "Send E-mail."

"Now, we wait…" Souta grinned to himself. This would get Kagome back for all the times she called him a slacker. No slacker could have executed this as perfectly as he had.

3:00 PM

Kagome speed-walked along the hospital hallways, her shoes squeaking noisily against the shiny tiled floor. As she turned a corner, she gasped, narrowly dodging a potentially embarrassing collision with Hojo, the hospital technician.

'Oh man, not him…' She couldn't help grumbling in her head, though a smile quickly plastered itself on her face at his hasty and nervous apology.

"Oh goodness! I-I'm so sorry!" He exclaimed, blushing bright red. "H-aha, so u-um…H-Hi K-Kagome! It's a nice hallway we have here…" When she cocked her head in confusion at his comment, he quickly added, "I mean, a nice hallway for us to…you know…meet in. I wouldn't have picked another hallway!"


"O-Oh, I mean the walls and the floor are so…nice! Like your skin! Y-you ha-have really nice skin and do-you-want-to-get-dinner-with-me-tonight?" Nearly hyperventilating in front of her, Hojo looked at her with hopeful eyes, and Kagome really wanted to pretend that she hadn't heard his question – which wouldn't really be difficult considering he had gotten it out in one breath. Hojo was…nice, but they just had chemistry…and communication problems.

"Kagome! Room 15 in the East Wing!" She heard someone from behind her call out and nearly sighed in relief.

"Sorry, Hojo! Didn't catch that! People dying and all! I have to go arrest the cycle of life!" Spinning around just in time to have a file shoved at her face, she mumbled out a thanks and headed for the East Wing.

'Gah! They've had me flying from room to room all day!' As the soles of her feet rubbed uncomfortably against her shoes, Kagome resisted the urge to reach down and massage her feet. To be totally honest with herself, Kagome was exhausted. She usually hated coming in on Mondays because she had to wake up an hour earlier, but after dealing with her brother's stupid prank and running back and forth in the hospital, she wanted nothing more than to collapse onto her bed and sleep for the rest of eternity, or at least until her next shift.

A soft buzzing in her pocket slowed her in her steps, and she reached in to pull out her vibrating cell phone. She flipped it open and checked her text messages, a confused expression marring her face at the strange message she had received.

From: Private Number

Text: Thanks…I really appreciate this. I hope I'm not being awkward by thanking you or whatever…don't really know how this works…and I guess I'll see you at six tonight?

'Must be a wrong number,' Kagome thought, quickly sending a message back that he or she had the wrong person and deleting the text. As she proceeded to her room, she chuckled to herself. 'Ha, I wonder what lucky person is going to get that awkward invitation.'

3:10 PM, Somewhere Across Town

A silver-haired figure landed quietly on the thin outdoor railing, an incredible feat even for someone like him considering how easily the metal stairs squeaked under just the slightest pressure.

A soft voice spoke into his ear through the tiny earphone. "Paging Fluffy Pup, paging, paging! Target spotted? Operation: Bye Bye Onigumo in motion?"

Resisting the urge to growl, he harshly whispered back, "Miroku! Be serious for one fucking minute, would you? I'm trying to capture the leader of drug dealing ring here!"

"Alright, alright! Have you got him in sight?"

He quickly scanned the building, amber eyes immediately catching the black-haired, smarmy, disgusting human lounging around in the lobby. "Yeah. I've got him. I'm going to wait for him to – hey…wait a second! What have I told you about calling me that ridiculous name? I've got a real name: Inuyasha. Use it."

"But Fluffy Pup is so cute! Just like you!" At Inuyasha's furious growl, the voice quickly appeased him, "Just kidding! No more Fluffy Pup! Got it, chief!" Restraining himself from ripping out the earpiece entirely, Inuyasha focused again on the gang leader Onigumo that was his current assignment. He had found the perfect spot to apprehend the criminal earlier in his stakeout, and now it was simply a matter of waiting for the man to move to said spot.

'Come on…move your lazy ass, will you?' Unfortunately for Inuyasha, the notoriously violent drug dealer apparently hadn't been in the mood to cooperate for the better half of an hour. 'I have better shit to do that sit around waiting for this guy to finish sitting around doing nothing,' he mentally growled, and his mind wandered back to the unopened text message he saw on his phone that he really wanted to check.

When he was ready to start pulling his hair out of sheer boredom, the man finally made a move. Inuyasha watched with great anticipation as the black-haired man finally stood up and walked towards the elevators. 'Almost there…'

As soon as the man stepped foot into Inuyasha's scouted area, Inuyasha launched, powering himself through the open window above and landing softly behind a door. He vaguely heard Miroku's panicked voice in the background yelling for him to wait for backup, but right now, all he cared about was hunting down Onigumo. The target was quickly approaching, and Inuyasha's muscles tensed in preparation.

'One, two, three…' Not half a second after the man's foot passed Inuyasha, he leapt, simultaneously grabbing the man in a chokehold and jumping right back out the window. The stunned Onigumo immediately began struggling, kicking his foot backwards to break Inuyasha's knees, but Inuyasha continued on as if nothing were wrong.

"Who the hell are you?" The captured man screamed furiously, though his voice was strained by the noose that was Inuyasha's arm. "Do you have any idea who I am?"

"Yup." Inuyasha stated simply.

"Then you know not to fuck with me, moronic sack of shit!" He screeched. Inuyasha easily ignored him, tuning him out and only tightening his arm when Onigumo attempted to turn back and look at him. Running swiftly to the area he knew Miroku was located, the sound of his earpiece finally began to register.

"…reckless! You reckless, stupid, arrogant, thinks-you're-too-good-for-everyone-else… GARHARFJER!" Inuyasha winced as he finally acknowledged the frantic screaming in his ears.

As soon as he caught sight of his crazed partner, he rolled his eyes skyward and roughly tossed his captive to Miroku's feet. "Aw, did I worry you, sweetie?" He asked mockingly. Miroku was the closest thing he had to a friend, and certainly the only person with whom he could joke like that.

"THAT WAS NOT ACCORDING TO PROTOCOL!" The violet-eyed man screamed, pointing his finger angrily at the mess of a drug dealer on the ground. "I demand that you bring him back and do it again!"

Onigumo chose that moment to stand up, but Inuyasha quickly grabbed the back of his head in his clawed palm, and pushed the dark-haired drug dealer straight into the containment cell in their car.

"We work for a fucking underground vigilante group. You can't get more against protocol that that, right?" Inuyasha reasoned, climbing into the car without waiting for Miroku.

Sputtering after his partner, Miroku hurriedly jumped into the car before the silver-haired madman took off without him. "Sure, but do we even know if he has a gun? What about a bomb? A hand grenade? Anything pointy? There are too many unknowns, Inuyasha! I told you to wait!" The violet-eyed man cringed mildly at the wild pounding coming from within the containment cell, indicating Onigumo's,..displeasure at being detained.

"Keh, I can smell explosives, I've already survived eight gunshot wounds, and some puny guy like him won't be able to get a knife near me," Inuyasha responded readily, speeding down the street to their drop-off point.

"That's not the point!" When Inuyasha merely shrugged his shoulders, Miroku threw his hands up in frustration. "Fine, but you have to get him out of the cell."

They arrived at the drop-off area, a small warehouse, and Inuyasha swiftly headed to the containment cell.

'I just want to get this over with and get the fuck out of here.' For once, he had plans and right now he was consumed by a gut-churning feeling of nervousness and excitement. He slid open the containment cell, spotting Onigumo's aimed gun before Onigumo could even see him and yanking it out of the man's grasp.

"I'll kill you al – what the fuck?" In the sunlight, his captive finally got a clear look at the silver-haired captor. Yelling in terror, Onigumo ripped himself away from Inuyasha and backed himself against the furthest wall of the cell. "W-ha-what the hell are you?" The drug dealer took in his captor's long silver hair, sharp fangs, jagged claws, golden eyes, and the two triangular ears topping his head.

"Someone you don't want to fuck with," Inuyasha leaned in, sneering with a terrifying glare. "Get out." He demanded.

"Don't touch me, you freak!" Onigumo shrieked, and when Inuyasha growled furiously, Miroku quickly stepped in, yanking the uncooperative captive from his cell.

Miroku took Onigumo straight into the warehouse, the two easily disappearing behind the steel doors.

Inuyasha waited outside impatiently, trying not to think about the way the drug dealer had reacted, but as the minutes dragged on, he couldn't help the anxiety that built up inside him. The man had unintentionally brought up all the fears Inuyasha had about the woman he was meeting tonight. What if she reacted the way Onigumo had? Sure, the ad had said that "ALL" types were welcome, but Inuyasha wasn't a fool. There was no way the girl, no matter how experienced, would imagine her client looked like him…like a monster…a freak – and a one-of-a-kind freak at that.

'Maybe this is a bad idea,' Inuyasha thought, suddenly wanting to back out. 'I don't really know her, and what if she hates me and just shoves me out of the building or causes or scene or what if she tries to stab me or what if she…makes fun of me?' His mind rambled, listing all the terrible possibilities that could come about tonight.

Her picture – this Kagome Higurashi – had seemed nice. He remembered stumbling upon it in the early morning after drinking his way to the deep end of a Jack Daniels. He was nearing a century, and despite his gift of a youthful appearance, he'd never once had anyone significant in his life. Loneliness was a bitch, and her smile had alleviated it, if only for a moment. That's why he had sent that impulsive email, Inuyasha thought, and now he was pretty sure he was regretting it. He had been too nervous to include any of the more…revealing details.

'How do you even bring it up anyway? Hey, I'd like you to take my virginity, and uh…by the way, I have fucking dog ears.'

"Keh, yeah right." Inuyasha scoffed at even the idea. She'd print out his email just so she could crumple and laugh at it. 'Course now, she'll have to find out about my fucked-up-ness in person. Thanks, drunk Inuyasha, way to think ahead.' The night could go one of two ways: she called the cops on him or she was really willing to do all types and it could be one of the best nights of his life – though, frankly, that wasn't saying very much.

"Inuyasha, my man!" Miroku called out, drawing Inuyasha out of his depressing thoughts. His cheery partner turned on the swag and sauntered over to the brooding Inuyasha. Inuyasha tried not to roll his eyes. "Kenji" – the man whom Miroku just met at the drop-off – "just gave me two hot-off-the-press tickets to one of those fighting things you always like to go to!"

"Those fighting things?" Inuyasha couldn't help snickering lightly at Miroku's highly evolved terminology.

"Yeah. Like the guys punch each other…and kick and stuff and…you know," Miroku trailed off, having apparently run out of possible moves the "guys" used.

"You know, for someone whose job completely revolves around fighting and taking down criminals, you sound like you know shit about fighting."

"Yeah, well 'shit' has been enough to get me by," Miroku hmphed and turned his nose upward snobbishly.

"Right. Well, sorry but I actually have plans tonight," Inuyasha mumbled, hoping Miroku wouldn't pry for any more information.

"Plans?" Miroku's eyes lit up in excitement and Inuyasha refrained from cringing at the curious look in them. "With whom? Doing what? How many at a time? Can I come?"

"Keh, none of your fucking business!" Inuyasha responded, wanting to get off the topic as soon as possible. It wasn't like hiring prostitutes was really legal… "And get your mind out of the gutter!" Though for once, Miroku's mind was right to be in the gutter, but he wasn't about to say that.

"Cooome on!" The black-haired man whined, giving Inuyasha the best puppy dog face he could manage. "You're already ditching me, so you are officially obligated to tell me why."

"The hell? That's not a rule!"

"It's in the bro-code. Rule #76, page 153 in the Modern Miroku Translation," Miroku smiled cheekily, batting his eyelashes at Inuyasha. Inuyasha rolled his eyes at his partner's childish antics but had to bite the inside of his cheeks to keep from smiling. Miroku and his stupid "bro-code."

Miroku grinned, unconvinced. "Oh no you don't! I see that smile!" Inuyasha's smile disappeared into a glare.

"I ain't tellin' you nothing," he grumbled, making his way back to the van.

"Please? At least tell me if it's a girl!"

Against his will, a light blush dusted Inuyasha's cheeks and Miroku latched onto the evidence with unyielding claws. "I knew it! You sly dog, you! So is she hot? How'd you do it?"

Inuyasha would have thought he was mocking him if it weren't for the fact that Miroku was just about the only person who wouldn't be making fun of him.

"Keh! I just acted like my charming self! How else do you think?" Well that was about as big a lie as he could tell, Inuyasha thought.

Miroku gave him a deadpan look. "Are you getting sarcastic with me? Because you're about as charming as soggy cereal."

"Yeah? Well, soggy cereal is getting ass tonight and you're not." Inuyasha retorted, finding the confidence to hide his insecurity. He pulled up to Miroku's home. "Now, get out."

"Alright, alright!" Miroku climbed out of the van. "But I'm getting all the juicy details tom – "

Inuyasha slammed the door and sped off.

It was nearing five o'clock and he needed to go home and get ready. 'Here goes nothing.'

5:55 PM

"Blahhhh…grrrph," Kagome groaned as she stepped out of her car, arching her back to loosen her muscles and crack her stiff joints. She quickly looked around to make sure no one had heard her strange noise, because that embarrassment would be just what she needed to end her day.

'Myyy beeedd,' she mentally droned, feeling an awful lot like a zombie right then.

As she entered the lobby and reception area of her building, the door man gave her his usual greeting and she waved exhaustedly, trying to put on a cheerful face through her exhaustion.

A slight prickling at the back of her neck suddenly had her swinging her head back to scan the lounge behind her. There was nothing out of place. The doorman gave her a questioning look and Kagome waved him off sheepishly.

"Sorry, just stretching my neck" was her lame excuse.

'Ah, must be going crazy,' she decided, shrugging at the thought. 'I could have sworn I felt someone looking at me.' Waving off the strange feeling, she pushed the elevator button, tapping her foot impatiently when the elevator stopped for what felt like an hour on one of the floors.

"Finally!" She muttered when the elevator began moving again.

A little old lady exited the elevator, waving cheerfully at some place to the side of Kagome. Kagome looked around her, trying to find what – or whom – the lady was waving to, but saw nothing.

'Crazy old ladies,' she thought, heading into the elevator and pressing the button for her floor. As she felt the cage around her move up steadily, she leaned her head back and sighed in exhaustion. It was finally time for a long, relaxing date…with her shower and bed.

Absent-mindedly stepping off the elevator, she began making her way through the hallways to reach her apartment's door. She stuck in her key and turned. Swiftly pushing her door in, she looked up from the keyhole, saw the crouched figure through the glass door across her room, screamed and fainted.

Author's Note: Again, I am neglecting my other stories in favor of a new idea that won't let me rest. This is a short little story (probably two or three chapters) that's been bugging me for a while, and I was willing to write and put it up because it's so short (so hopefully it won't distract me for long).

Also, I am pretty sure prostitution is not allowed on Craigslist posts, so just play along, alright?

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