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Chapter 1: First Meeting

"What do you mean I need to clean my house?" Natsu complained as Lucy forcefully dragged him to the little cottage him and Happy live in.

"It's a pig's sty. I don't understand how you could get it so dirty again after I cleaned it for you that one time." She said irritably. Natsu just grumbled at her bossiness. He knew there was no way of getting out of it.

"I can't believe you live like this!" Lucy timidly picked up a sock full of yogurt and fish. "Is this why you come to my house all the time?"

"Pretty much." Natsu relaxed himself on his hammock that was already occupied by dirty clothes. Lucy angrily flipped him over.

"Help me clean this mess!"

"But that requires physical activity~" he whined. "Where's Happy? How come he doesn't have to help?"

"Who knows what Happy is up to, but you still need to clean this mess up." She said sternly. Natsu huffed but agreed anyway. He already had one too many lumps on his head from her earlier treatment.

For the next hour both teammates worked hard to get the garbage dump of a house clean. Natsu was currently sweeping while Lucy went through their closet. The tiny space was cluttered with all sorts of things that were almost unidentifiable. She was starting to suspect that Natsu and Happy might be hoarders.

Suddenly while she was digging more stuff out, something from the top shelf fell and hit her on the head. "Ow!" she squealed. Her hands flew up to rub her head as she stared at the thing that fell. A book? No, a photo album.

"What's this?" Lucy picked it up and read the cover. It said: "Natsu+Gray BFF" and the letters were created with red and blue construction paper. Lucy was about to open it, but Natsu snatched it out of her hand.

"Give me this!" he took it away as if he didn't want her to see it. Natsu's back was to her as he gazed at it. "It's junk." He said. His voice was solemn and almost bitter. Lucy jumped up before he had a chance to walk off with it.

"No wait! Let me see!" she ended up tackling him to the ground taking Natsu by surprise. She seized the item from his twitching hand as she sat on his back.

For Natsu, this brought back so many memories. Memories that he sometimes wants to forget. When it came to items like that, he couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic.

"It's huge! This is a wizard's guild?"

"Fairy Tail!"

"Fairy Tail?"

Enter Flashback:

Natsu was just being introduced to the guild by Makarov the guild master. He found Natsu looking lost around town wondering if there were any wizard guilds around. Makarov was explaining to Natsu about the guild he will allow him to join called Fairy Tail.

"Yes. Do fairies have tails? Nobody even knows if they exist in the first place. That's why it's an eternal mystery. An eternal adventure. That is the meaning behind the name." Makarov said proudly. The pink haired kid that was only slightly taller than Makarov bounced with excitement.

"I don't really get it, but awesome!" he chimed. Natsu pushed open the double doors to reveal a large mess hall full of interesting characters. There were many strong looking mages there and even children about his age.

Filled with enthusiasm, the boy sprinted down the aisle. "Oi oi? Who's this little fella?" a man with messy purplish hair noticed him.

"That's our new guild member. His name is Natsu Dragneel." Makarov introduced as he hopped up on the table. Said boy was staring at another kid sitting casually at one table. Natsu was staring because that one kid happened to be lacking clothes. I wonder why he's only wearing boxers. Is he an idiot? Natsu thought.

The other boy met eye contact with Natsu, noticing the pink-haired's staring eyes. "Huh? What's your problem? I don't like you're look." Those were the first words he said to Natsu. Before the young dragon slayer could reply, a girl with brown hair in an orange dress spoke up.

"Oh picking a fight?" One of the older gentlemen said.

"Do it! Do it!" the one with the weird hair cut cheered.

"Gray, your clothes." She mentioned. The raven haired boy looked shocked at his own nudity. Natsu turned his back on him.

"Oh, you're just a pervert." He muttered. The other kid seemed to hear his words and confronted Natsu bout it.

"Who're you callin' a pervert, squinty eyes?"

"I'm talkin' about you, droopy eyes!" The two were at each other's necks. It was unknown of who threw the first punch but they were already trying to kill each other.

"Nice and spirited they are." Makarov sighed as him and the other adults watched in amusement.

"That's how it should be." The thin man with weird goggles agreed. All of a sudden a young girl with really red hair walked up to the two fighting children. She pushed both of them away by their faces.

"Enough." She said. The boy Natsu was fighting backed off immediately, but Natsu wasn't gonna let some girl interrupt his fights.

"You think I'm gonna quit?" Natsu advanced both of them.

"That idiot!" The raven flinched. The girl single handedly laid lumps on both of their heads and slammed then the wall creating giant craters.

"Fools…" she huffed.

"Why me too?" the other boy rasped as they both slid down the wall.

"No fighting." The red-head said sternly with cross arms over her chest.


"S-strong…S-scary…" Natsu mumble incoherently as he rubbed his head that sported a large lump.

"What's your name?" the girl asked out of the blue. Natsu felt heat rise to his cheeks as she was talking directly at him. He muttered his name as an answer not being able to meet her unblinking eyes.

"Natsu huh? Listen. Everyone who comes to Fairy Tail are like family. And this is our house. A family's house is not a place to fight. Do you understand?" she explained. Natsu tilted his head, not fully understanding her words so he just sulked a little bit more. "I am Erza. Nice to meet you." She introduced herself.

"Erza's scary…" Natsu muttered with a pout.

"Tell me about it." The other boy agreed. The two met eyes and smiled at each other mutually. But then for that split second they looked away.



"What's your name?" Natsu asked even though he was still turned away. Even though they got off on the wrong foot, Natsu could feel a potential friend out of this boy. At least he wont be lonely and will have people to talk to now that he's new here.

"Gray. Gray Fullbuster."

End of Flashback:

"Is this when you first joined the guild? You all look so tiny." Lucy cooed as she hogged the photo album. Natsu looked from over her shoulder at the pictures of him and the guild getting to know each other.

Their were many pictures where you see Gray and himself giving each other glares and sometimes rough housing. Natsu sighed. Our relationship wasn't always like this. Unfortunately…

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