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Chapter 5: Happy Birthday!

"Ahh… I am so ready to go back home." Natsu sighed as he came up from the warm water of the hot springs. The young dragon slayer was now twelve years old and he was relaxing with Happy after a long mission. "I can't believe the hotel offered us a free room because we caught their burglar. It sure was nice of them."

"Aye! At least we're finally done. Now we can make it back to the guild in time." Happy said as he floated leisurely by. Natsu looked at him curiously.

"Huh? Is there something going on at the guild?" he asked his cat. Happy opened an eye.

"Don't you remember? It's going to be Gray's birthday soon. Hopefully we'll make it back in time for the party. Haven't you gotten a gift for him?" Happy used his tail to paddle himself along. "Do you think Gray likes fish?"

"Why do I have to get him a gift? What's in it for me?" Natsu said stubbornly as he rested his hands behind his head.

"Natsu, we go through this every year. You would complain about getting Gray a gift, and then you'd scramble to get him one at the last minute. And it always ends up being something crappy like a book." Happy laughed.

"Pff, it's not like he's given anything better to me on my birthday." Natsu huffed. Happy looked at the dragon slayer incredulously.

"Are you kidding me? Last year he took you to the 'all you can eat' beef festival out in Yubei. And the year before that he got you that phoenix fire lacrima you whined to everyone about-"

"Ok,ok I get it! But I don't have that much cash on me." I rubbed the back of my head with shrugged shoulders.

"What about the money the mayor gave you for this mission?" Happy suggested.

"But I was going to use that for…uhh…well you see I was gonna…" Natsu blushed as he knew he was a terrible liar. "Ok, fine I'll buy the little brat something on our way home, happy."

"You know Gray is older and taller than you right?"

"He's still a brat!"

"How about this?" Happy held up crystal fish sculpture. Natsu sweat dropped.

"I don't think so." He said. They looked through the shops and stores they had in town. Natsu soon grow frustrated as none of them could figure out what to get the ice mage. "Aghr! How should I know what that guy likes! It has to be something super awesome! Something that he'll be so touched from my gift, he'll worship the ground I walk on!" Natsu's imagination flourished.

"This is the coolest thing I've ever gotten in my life! Please, let me be your slave!" Gray would say as he'd bow to him at Natsu's feet. Natsu giggled evilly as he rubbed his chin. It was Happy's turn to sweat drop.

They were currently in a shop that literally advertised ice mage magic. It didn't look very legitimate but it was as close as they could get.

"Can I help you gentleman?" The store clerk came up behind them with a big smile on his face and his hands clasped together.

"We're just looking for a present for a friend." Happy said. The store clerk looked a kind of freaked out from a talking cat, but he just smiled nervously.

"Ah y-yes, of course. Allow me to assist you. Follow me!"

"Are you sure you wanted to give him that, Natsu? It seems so plain. There was a whole bunch of other stuff you could have gotten." Happy asked as he flew around the dragon slayer's head. Natsu clutched the bag in his hand. Within the bag was a small no bigger than his hand.

"I'm sure of this Happy. This is perfect. The moment I saw I just had to get it for him." he said with determination. Natsu thought back to what the clerk said to him.

"Oh this?" The clerk picked up the item. "This here is very special. It was forged in mount Gonthar by mountain dwellers almost twenty years ago. It is said to be so valuable that even the most powerful wizards seek its fine metals."

"Wow…" Both Happy and Natsu breathed. "I'll take it! How much?" Natsu asked.

"For you, only 1000 jewels."

"Really? What a deal! That's a lot less than I thought it would be." Natsu brought out his bag full of money. "Wait a second…if this thing is so valuable, than why is it so cheap?" He asked suspiciously.

"W-well you see uh…it's usually 3000 jewels but s-since I like you so much I'll give it to you for 1000!" he replied quickly. Natsu blinked at him for a second. The store clerk sweated nervously.

"Ok! Thanks old man, you're the best!" As the two left the store, neither of them heard the clerk sigh 'it's finally gone'.

"I hope we'll make it back in time." Happy said. "I call first finger swipe of cake!"

"Hey! Nuh uh, I called that for every single birthday in the guild." Natsu called out. The two made their way towards the train station, which Natsu wasn't too eager with. "Come on Happy. Can't we just fly their? I don't wanna ride the train." He whined.

"No way, because one: That would wear me out, what do I look like a horse? And two: We wouldn't even get to the guild in time for the party." Happy said as he literally had to drag the mage on board.

"I hate trains!" Natsu grumbled as he sat in his seat. It took Natsu a while to figure out that the train wasn't moving yet.

"Hm, I wonder what's taking them. The train should have departed by now." Happy said. The dragon slayer huffed. The longer they wait the better.

"I told you we could have just flown back home." He said irritably. The train's intercom suddenly came on.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but the conductor is a bit…tide up at the moment." The voice that came from the speakers sounded oddly sinister. "We are taking this train hostage you see." The people around them gasped and panicked around them. "Do not try to leave because anyone who tries, will be killed."

Happy and I exchanged grave expressions. "What should we do Natsu?" Happy whispered.

"We kick their asses of course!" Natsu said immediately. Right as the mage got up, mysterious men walked into the couch. They were huge compared to Natsu's twelve year old body, but his confidence did not falter as usual.

"Wel well well. Look at what we have here. I knew I smelled a rare gem." The guy that had the same voice as the guy talking on the intercom said. Natsu guessed that he was there leader.

"Yep it's defiantly here boss." One of the henchmen said as he looked at some kind of device. The leader walked up to Natsu and reached out. The dragon slayer was ready to attack when suddenly it he grabbed Happy instead. The tiny exceed shrieked in terror.

"Oi! Put him down you creep!" Natsu hissed. The man disregarded him and stuck his hand into Happy's back pack and took out Natsu's present to Gray.

"A present for me? You shouldn't have." The creep said.

"I said put him down!" Natsu punched the man in the gut. The man was obviously surprised from the strength of this pre teen.

"You brat!" the bandit heaved. The other men pulled Natsu back by his arms, restraining the dragon slayer.

"Bastard! I won't let you take that!"

"It's too late punk! I never would have thought it was being hidden by some shop radiating ice mage magic. No wonder the trail was off. We locked onto its location the moment you walked out of its barrier. I've been searching for this little thing for a very long time and I'm not gonna let some brat make off with it!"

"Just do what he says Natsu!" Happy squealed. "We can get Gray something else!"

"No!" The fierceness in Natsu's voice almost scared the little cat. "I've made up my mind and I'm sticking to it!" Happy could literally see the fire in his eyes. These were one of the moments where he strongly respected his best friend. It made Happy want to be strong like that too.

"A-aye sir!" Happy bit the hand of the guy holding him hostage which made him let go. Happy quickly took the box from the leader.

"Oww! Why you little!"

"Natsu, now! Everyone get down!" Happy yelled to the passengers who immediately obeyed out of fear.

"Karyu no Hoko!" Natsu's cheeks inflated. Fire burst from his mouth. The door of the train burst open. Happy and Natsu flew straight out of there.

"Natsu, what about the passengers?" Happy asked as they flew higher and higher.

"Don't worry, they were after us remember. They won't hurt them. Hopefully we can get home without being detected again. Too bad Natsu didn't know how wrong he was.

Gray POV

I leaned on the window seal gazing out the window. Don't worry guys, I'll be back before you know it! Gray remembered Natsu saying.

"What's wrong Gray? Aren't you enjoying yourself?" Erza came up behind him. Gray quickly smiled warmly.

"Oh sorry, I'm just a bit tired." I assured. I tried not to think about the idiotic dragon slayer, but he couldn't help feel a little disappointed. Even thought all of the previous years, Natsu didn't have the best gifts in the world, but whatever it was, he treasured it secretly. No matter what it was whether it was a book, paperweight or even that old clock.

Just like most if not all parties that was held in the guild, it lasted until the wee hours of the morning when everyone is passed out. At about 2:00 in the morning the doors slammed open. Natsu came staggering through the door.

I couldn't help but gasp at how beat up he looked. He looked just as worse as when he'd blindly take on Laxus.

"Natsu! What happened to you? Are you ok?" Mirajane raced to help the limping mage who was carrying an exhausted Happy on his back. He smiled a brightly as if he was completely fine.

"Hehe! Ran into a bit of trouble on my way here, but it was nothing to sneeze at! Don't worry! I'm just glad I'm back." He laughed hoarsely. And with that, he collapsed. Everyone rushed up to the worn out boy and the sleepy exceed.

"G-gray…" Natsu groaned. I raised an eyebrow. Natsu raised his hand up to me. In his hand held a box with a tiny bow on it. "H-happy birthday."

I took it and opened it. Inside was a chain necklace. On the end of it was a trinket shaped like a cross or even a sword. Natsu's nose twitched. "I smell food. Gimme gimme!" The boy dragged himself to the food table.

Present time:

Lucy stared at the picture of Gray and a beat up Natsu smiling while Gray held up a box with a necklace in it. "Was it your birthday in the picture?" she asked me curiously.

"Yeah, Natsu got me this necklace." I held up the one I was currently wearing. I wear this almost twenty-four seven since the time Natsu got it for me.

"Huh? Natsu got you that? You wear it like all the time." She noticed.

"Well it's not like he has a choice. He keeps the bandits at bay." Natsu said. Happy nodded in agreement. Lucy and I exchanged confused expressions.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. Both Natsu and Happy jumped, then turned around and whispered to each other. Little did they know that I could hear them.

"Didn't you tell him about the necklace?" Happy whispered.

"I thought you told him!"

I decided to ignore their chatter. Wherever or whoever Natsu got it from, it didn't matter. After all this has got to be the most thoughtful gift Natsu has ever got me so far. I might not show it, but I I'm very grateful for any gift that comes from that flame head.

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