It's Only But a Number



Hey guys so this is my first fanfic! I kinda really suck a writing and I just had this idea because I'm totally in love with Kato fanfics! I don't own the Hunger Games and we all know that! Tell me whatchya think! xx

Chapter 1:


It's a week before the big game and we're playing Capitol high school. I'm talking with the guys about which girls to ask to wear our jerseys. It's a classic Panem high school tradition; we ask our girlfriends or hot chicks to wear our jersey's to school the day of the game. Peeta says he's going for Clove. Ugh Clove she was a whorish brunette that lived on my street, and constantly threw herself at me.


Clove stopped me in the hallway and pushed me into the nearest janitors' closet.

"Oh Cato you looked so stressed"

She was running her hands down my chest and over my chiseled abs. I just stared at her unfazed. After seeing that she was getting nowhere she started to place hot open mouth kisses on my neck. I shoved her away and stared into her dark lust filled eyes.

"Please I could have any girl here and you are the last on my list."

And with that I walked out of the closet and headed to the office to pick up my tardy pass leaving behind a pissed off horny Clove.

Clove was nothing compared to Katniss. Damn I get weak just thinking of those soft pink lips just waiting for me to kiss them. SHIT I'm daydreaming about her again. I try to tune back into the conversation and Marvel's going on about how he's going to ask Glimmer, a blonde headed skank who is head cheerleader and of course is constantly following me around. I see her staring at me from across the hall eyeing me up and down. I just smirk and roll my eyes. The only person I wanted to follow me around couldn't give two shits about me. And speak of the devil I see Katniss walk in in the hottest outfit I've ever seen, my jaw literally dropped wide open. She was wearing ripped skinny jeans tucked into combat boots that hugged her ass perfectly, and her shirt hugged her in all the right places accentuating her boobs. Damn and her hair is in a perfect braid down her back. Whenever I see her all I want to do is run my hands through her soft brown hair. As soon as I looked everyone turned their heads.


"….Since when was Everdeen hot?..."

"….I'm tapping that…."

"….She'll be wearing my jersey….."

"….Bet she's great in bed…."

That last one did it and my anger was replaced with jealously.

"Sorry guys but Katniss is mine."

I started walking away but turned around to set Peeta right.

"Oh and Peeta I high doubt you would be able to handle her wildness in bed. Trust me I speak from experience."

I hear the 'burns' 'damns' and 'ouches' while I walk towards Katniss running a hand through my already messy hair and my jersey in my left hand.