Hey guys, K I am soooooooo sorry it's taken me 1000000001 years to update my story, I've had summer school with 30 pages of homework a night and I've been dealing with some personal stuff. But I've been reading a few other stories and I've seen a few more AU high school fan fics, one of them I don't remember has a similar beginning plot line to mines. Ahhh whateves haha lol k sorry kinda short chapter just so you guys are satisfied! More to come!

I'm trying to fight Peeta back, but it's no use, he's captain of the wrestling team, there's no way I can take him down. As soon as I'm about to give up, I hear one of the sexiest voices in school. Finnick Odair. (Spelling?) I've secretly had a crush on him since the seventh grade.

"I believe the lady said no."

Peeta just scoffed "Come on bro, I got needs."

Apparently Finnick and Peeta have a hatred towards each other, because the next thing I know, Finnick rips Peeta off of me, and I'm on the ground with Finnick punching Peeta in the face.

"Finnick! Get off of him!" I scream. Where are the god damn teachers when you need them? Finally after punching Peeta one more time, he gets off of Peeta glaring at me with dark eyes. I stare at Peeta who has a bloody nose and is scampering down the hallways.

"Finnick are you alright?" I cautiously ask him while placing my hand on his temple where I can already see a bruise forming.

"Nothing a kiss can't fix, baby" he smirks. I have to admit that that smirk looks as good and if not better on Finnick than it does on Cato. Finnick is one of the most coveted guys in school. Captain of the swim team and water polo team, every guy wants to be him, and every girl wants to get with him. He and Cato are in a close tie for the hottest guys in school.

I just roll my eyes, "I wouldn't count on that babe"

He pushes me against the wall. Shit! Why have all of these guys all of sudden started to pay attention to me? Maybe it's my new perfume? My braid? I don't know! He presses his lips against mine, and I have the sudden urge to kiss him back. They weren't frantic and sloppy like Peeta's, but they weren't as good as Cato's. I pull back from Finnick.

"Finnick, we shouldn't be doing this," I whisper.

"And why the fuck not" he mummers huskily against my ear.

"Because I don't feel the same way."

"It will just take time, Katniss will you wear…"

Before I can react another boy is again being ripped from me. Cato rips Finnick off of me and shoves him into a nearby locker.

"What the fuck are you doing to my girl?" Cato snarls and Finnick.

What the fuck I am not his girl, but I'm not going to say anything right now, I've never seen Cato this angry before.

"She's not your girl, heard she rejected you and your jersey this morning" Finnick scoffs at Cato.

Now Cato's just full on pissed, "Wrong you fucking prick! I didn't even ask her and as far as I'm concerned she wasn't about to say yes to you either."

"Wrong Harley, she was just about to say yes, and oh I bet she's great in bed, but hey you wouldn't know now would you?" Finnick asks quizzically.

Finnick is pushing his luck and before I know it Finnick and Cato are on the ground in a full-blown fight. I can see the blood on the ground while Cato's friends are trying to pry him off of Finnick. I feel like I need to move, but my feet are glued to the ground. Cato gets up and strides over to me and kisses me hungrily against my lips. I want this guy, no matter how hard I try to deny it; I am hooked on Cato Harley. I wrap my arms around his neck and run my hands through his perfect blonde, tousled hair. I finally pull back and walk away.

"See you at my house 4. Be there, I'll be waiting" I whisper seductively I wiggle my fingers bye and watch as all of Cato's friends along with Cato have their jaws on the floor, not believing what I just did.