Waking up before the alarm clock went off was always a bad habit of mine ever since you was little. Rolling over to check the time and seeing it was only 6:54am. ' 6 minutes.' You sighed pulling the cover over your face and closing your eyes taking in the last few minutes before the alarm would beep.

Beep... beep... beep

Moaning as you sat up in bed, reaching out to the alarm clock giving it a hard slap to turn it off you pulled your covers off and swung your legs out of bed. You gave a deep sigh. ' Another day, another mission.' You said standing up with a stretch and making your way to the window. You drew back the curtins letting the sun enter the hotel room. ' Another beautiful day in The City of Angels.' You muttered to yourself as you headed for the bathroom for a shower.

Los Angeles : The City of Angels or more like The City of Murders. Here to help out with the BB Murder Cases with L the world's greatest detective , Mello, Matt and Near. Two murders had taken place in 4 days.

First Victim : Believe Bridesmaid, male, 44 years old . Killed on July 31st 2002. Drugged then chock with a rope. His chest was slashed several times, the wounds were made to resemble letters in Roman numeral code spelling out the name of the next victim. Four straw dolls were found at the crime scene.

Second Victim : Quarter Queen, female, 13 years old. Killed on August 4th 2002. Also drugged before death and the cause of her death was blunt force trauma to the skull. Her eyes were also crushed. Three straw dolls found at the crime scene.

You showered, got dressed, tied your hair into plaits, then sprayed some perfume on your neck and pulling on some black boots. You made my way to the living room. Looking around as normal plates, cups, blankets, pillows, file cases and chocolate wrappers were scattered around the room. Tutting to yourself you began to pick plates off the floor, stepping over a bunch of building blocks you made your way to the kitchen. You never felt part of the team at times just the maid to tidy up after the boys and running errands when needed. Just one big happy dysfunctional family all with the different parts to play.

Naming each plate as I went along. ' Matt... Mello... Near.' Then picking up a cup and saucer. ' L.'

' Yes _ .' Said a voice from behind you.

You Span around with the surprise of the voice you threw the cup and saucer in the direction it came from, the saucer smashed against the wall and the cup fell to the floor not fair from where you were standing.

There standing next to the broken saucer stood a wide eyed L. One hand in his jean pocket, his thumb to his lips, his bad posture as always and eyeing you with thoughtful. ' Nice shot. ' He finally said after a few seconds as a small smile crept to his lips.

' Sorry you scared me. ' You tried to return the smile, but you started to feel embarrassed about what you just did. ' Be careful of the broken saucer pieces.' You looked down and L's bare feet. You walked away to the kitchen area and placed the plates on the kitchen counter.

' It's quite alright.' Said L, as he sat on a chair at the kitchen table pulling his legs to his chest and sat in his normal sitting position with his thumb to his lips.

You bent down and opened a cupboard door under the sink. ' Do you need anything ? You asked as you got a dust pan and brush out of the cupboard. ' Like breakfast or tea ?' Shutting the cupboard door you walked over to where the broken saucer was and swept up the broken pieces.

' I am fine.' Said L. ' But I do have a delivery waiting at the hotel reception desk that needs to be picked up for me.' He picked up a piece of paper between his finger and thumb then holding it up to study it. ' I have no clue what it is or who it is from.'

' Sure that's no problem.' You said as you stood up and made your way to the kitchen bin. ' A package from Watari maybe ? ' You emptyed the broken saucer piece into the bin and returning the dust pan and brush back under the sink.

' Yes, it could be from Watari. ' Said L.

' I'll go and get it now before I tidy up the room. ' You said, as you walk to the door.

' Yes that's fine.' Said L.

You opened the door, standing there was Matt with his hand held out as if he was about to open the door himself from the otherside. Without warn he grabbed you around the waist and twirled you around.

' Morning sweetheart.' said Matt, as he placed you down outside the hotel room door. ' What are you upto ?' He stood their with his arms crossed in his normal red and black striped long sleeved top, dark trousers and wearing his goggles as always.

' I'm off to collect a package from reception for L.' You said, as you watched him lit up a cigarette. ' I don't think you are allowed to smoke in here.'

' I make up my own rules.' Answered Matt, as he walked off to the sofa and sat down putting up his feet onto the coffee table, then turning on the tv.

' Well at least use a ash tray.' You said, then you turned around and walked into someone.' Oh sorry.' You said as you looked up to see Mello dressed in black leathers as normal.

' It's okay _.' Said Mello, as he went to join Matt on the sofa and pulled a chocolate bar out of his pocket. ' Where are you going ? ' He took a bite out of the chocolate bar.

' To get a package.' You said leaning of the door frame.

' Need any help ? ' Asked Mello.

' No it's fine. See you guys in a bit.' You answered, then shutting the door behind you and walked off down the hotel corridor to the lift.

You got to the lift you pressed the button and waited for the doors to open. It took awhile being on the 29th floor. The doors opened and you stepped inside. ' Ground floor.' You muttered to yourself pressing the G button. It was not long until the doors opened and you were at the reception area. You walked out and made your way to the reception desk.

' Hello, I am here to collect a parcel for a Mr Ryuzaki.' You said to a woman at the reception desk. ' It was delivered this morning.'

The woman looked up and smile at you. ' Ah yes, one moment please.' She said as she lifted a small package from under the desk. ' Mr Ryuzaki wasn't it ? Room number 2687 ?' She asked and she handed over the package.

' Yes that's right. ' You said, as you took it from her. ' Thank you.' You began to make your way back to the lift and pushed the button. The doors opened and you stepped inside and pressed the button for the 29th floor. As the doors were about to close a hand pushed them open again and a man stepped inside.

'Sorry.' The man muttered as he went to the corner of the lift.

' It's alright.' You said with a smile. ' Which floor are you going to? '

' 28th.' He said from under the hood of his black hoody he was wearing.

You pressed the button for 28th and then 29th.

' Thank you. ' Said the man as he put his hands into his hoody pockets.

' No problem.' You said as you wrapped your arms around the package. It was not long before the lift stopped at the 28th floor and the doors opened. The man walked out of the lift and walked off down the corridor. The doors closed and the lift went to the 29th floor.

The doors to the lift opened, you stepped out and started walking back to the hotel room. You turn a corner and kept walking until you saw the room 2687 not far away, but then you heard something from behind you and without warning someone grabbed you from behind around the waist lifting you from the ground. You let out a scream and threw the package at 2687 door with all your might, it made a thudding sound as it hit the door.

' You stupid bitch!' Shouted the man's voice, as he put a wet rag around your mouth and dragged you into a hotel room.

You tried to pull his hands away but his grip was to strong and you began to start feeling sleepy. The rag smelt sweet, it was choreiform. As your eyes got heavy and you began to stop struggling. You heard voices from outside the room calling your name.

' _!' Shouted a mans voice that sounded like Matt.

' What's this... ' You heard another voice that sounded like Mello.

' Hush now _.' Said the man with a low chuckle next to your ear. ' You're coming with me.'

You felt yourself being lifted up into his arms and you tried to look at his face. Your eyes began to blur and you saw red eyes before you blacked out.