The Legend of the Mirror of Truth

Episode 6 — Part 2 — Lake Hylia Reveals a Dark Secret

The dark angel gazed steadily at him as Dark Link tried to calm himself. Again, his dreams were plagues to his mind, and he did not find it amusing. He shuddered as he shook off his unease. and returned Pittoo's glance.

"Are you okay, D-Link...?" he questioned as his wings fluttered.

"Yeah..." I'm sure I've only about three hours left in control before I loose it... completely... I can't put Pittoo in harm's way again... "Hey, I've got an idea..."

"What?" Pittoo asked as he began to calm slightly and gaze steadily at him. He realized that the dark Hylian was alright for the moment, so he began to fidget with his silver laurel crown, taking it off his head and turning it in his hands, massaging each sculpted leaf with his thumb before flipping it again.

"You'll see..." he mumbled before grabbing the pillow and pressing it down over his face. He was playing with him for now, trying to see if he'd do anything.

"Right..." was the response, and even to the Hylian's sharp sense of hearing, it was barely intelligible. D-Link slightly lifted the corner of the cushion to see the angel's face, but couldn't. The child had turned his head so that it was aligned with the back wall of the motel room, so, instead, the boy garbed in grey threw it down on the bed and stood, stretching his muscles. His shoulders gave an audible pop which caused Pittoo to jump and look around at him. D-Link smiled reassuringly before heading over to the door. Once there, he turned to the dusky angel again who was trying to put his laurel back his head perfectly. "Urg! It's down a fraction of a centimeter on the left!" he griped.

The dark Hylian chuckled, sighed, walked over to him, grabbed the crown, and placed it down resolutely on his head before saying, "There."

"How did you do that?! I never get it perfect the first time!" His expression was one of awe and his rust brown eyes lit up with excitement as he looked straight into D-Link's crimson red ones.

"You know the bit's just in your head, right?" he joked.

"No, it isn't!"

"Yes, it is!" And with that, the Hylian opened the door to the room and walked out into the light sunshine. "You coming?"

"Uh... yeah... give me a sec..." His wings fluttered subconsciously as he grabbed the keys off the table and locked the door back behind them. "Let's return these and then we'll do whatever it is that your mind has in store for us..." He walked over to the receptionist counter, slammed the keys down, smirked, and turned to face his friend again. "So, what is it?"

"Like I said... you'll see..."

The Hero of Time had been trying his hardest to suppress a bout of laughter for a while now, and finally could hide it no longer. It was a soft sound, but enough to make the dark duo pause in their recount and stare at him.

"What the hell, Link?!" the dark angel asked, his curiosity visible in his expression.

"Sorry... I just... heh... found the bit where you obsessed over your laurel a bit amusing..."

Pittoo's face flushed, but he was saved the necessity of responding by his adoptive brother. "Well, you ogle over your belt and boots. You have a habit of tapping your left boot three times and your right, about five times consecutively, and then, you'll adjust your belt twelve times before deeming it's straight. Yet, you have the gall to call Pittoo obsessed?"

"Woah, hey! This isn't about me. And for the record, I do not."

It was Pit's turn then to add his piece, "Yes, you do! I've seen it!"

"No, I don't." the boy garbed in green denied to which all three of his companions rolled their eyes and responded with synchrony, "Sure, you don't..."

"Anyway, D-Link, you're narrating..."

"Yeah..." drawled the dark Hylian before launching, once again,into their back story.

The sun had risen a slight amount by the time our heroes reached their destination. Once again, they found themselves in the Desert Colossus and the dark Hylian was determined to end his troubles. Again, he led the angel to that room, but as before, it was empty. He sighed and beckoned his friend to follow him again as he led the way back out, but, a low cackling that Pittoo would never forget filled the space and resounded in their ears.

"He he he!" shrieked one.

"Ho ho ho!" laughed the other.

Our two protagonists swiveled to the source of the noise, weapons at the ready. There before them stood two of the ugliest hags you'd ever see. They leered at the boys with crooked teeth.

"Well, Koume, it seems our little pet has made pet of his own!"

"It would seem so, Kotake! But our little pet needs to return to our control!"

"Then let's get him!"

For some strange reason that he would only discover later, Pittoo positioned himself protectively in front of D-Link and separated the segments of his Silver Bow as he lowered himself into a battle ready crouch and said the stupidest line he could ever remember saying under such circumstances. "Over my dead body..."

Both of the witches shrieked in delight at him and cried as one, "That can be arranged!" Instantly, they launched their attack of fire and ice, and if not for Dark Link's quick response to this whole thing, Dark Pit reckons to this day that he would've died there... In the blink of an eye, the boy in grey was in front of the dusky angel with his magical Mirror Shield at the ready, hurling the blasts back at their castors. After brisk analysis, Pittoo snapped his finger to summon his Mirror Shield, and then joined in D-Link's efforts to end these old creepers. And, so, the fight persisted and the two managed to drive the Hylian's angelic guardian away from him, locking their trap.

"AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!" Dark Link screamed as he dropped his sword and shield, clutching his head in his hands. Faster than the angel could say anything, the witches had vanished along with the dark Hylian.

"No!" he yelled as he finally realized what he'd done. I'm so stupid! Why didn't I see what was going on?! In a flash, he'd made up his mind in acceptance of searching for the only one he'd ever thought of as a friend.

D-Link stopped and stared at Pittoo who had a sorrowful glint in his eyes... "Bro..."

The angel shook his head jerkily. "Come on, let's finish this, otherwise, we'll still be telling this come morning..."

"Okay, well I was completely unaware of anything that was going on at this point, so you take the wheel," he said as the two light counterparts gazed intently at them both, clinging to every word.


The angel frantically began to search the Colossus, but in vain. No matter where he looked, he could not locate Dark Link, but he would not allow himself to give up. Once he'd searched all over the Gerudo Desert and Valley area, he branched out further to cover every area he could. Finally, his search led him to Lake Hylia. It was here that he saw, believe it or not, Dark Link's light counterpart. Even from a distance, Pittoo recognized the overall form of his friend, and, seeing an opportunity, he followed slowly, hoping that this boy would lead him to whom he searched for. He was careful to stay out of sight and out of his impressive earshot as he observed, shadowing the boy as he moved throughout the Water Temple, and, as he'd gathered from talking with D-Link, this boy, wearing a blue tunic and hat, was impressively smart, and obviously a master puzzle solver. In about fifty seconds, he could solve any problem this temple threw up against him and progress to the next room. In a quarter hour, they came to a room who's floor was an ocean that seemingly went on forever in all directions, but, at its center rested an island where a lone tree stood. The boy walked onward, passing over the island and off of it again. He then glanced down at his reflection and, to his alarm, found that it was no longer there! Instinctively, he turned back to the island, and there, leaning against the tree, was Dark Link who began to laugh with a girth that was not his own.

"Welcome, Link! Lord Ganondorf wishes that you do not pass this room alive, so get ready!" In response, the boy garbed in blue pulled the Master Sword from its sheath and grasped his Hylian Shield. He was ready to fight to the death if need be. A few experimental slashes were enough to inform him that his dark counterpart mirrored his own movements, but, if he was careful, he could drop under the dark one's guard and end this quickly, and that is exactly what he did.

As soon as he left through the door, Pittoo rushed to D-Link's side and knelt. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glint on the ground beside the Hylian's ear. He looked at it closely and found that it was a shattered gemstone. He shook his head, trying to figure out what that could mean, then used his Health Recovery on him.

"Unn..." he muttered as his eyes flew open. "P-Pittoo...?"


"How did you find me?" the boy in grey asked as he sat up.

"I followed your counterpart, Link... I thought that if I did, he'd lead me to you and he did!" the angel smiled. The Hylian grinned and stood, offering his hand to pull Pittoo up as well who allowed him. Once they were both standing, D-Link pulled Pittoo into a hug and held him. "D-Link...?"

"Heh!" He released the angel as he laughed. In a moment, both of the boys were laughing. "Come on. Let's get out of here!" D-Link said as he pulled out the Negative Ocarina of Time and played Serenade of Water.

Pittoo once again stopped his narrative and glanced at the fire. He seemed lost in thought, and it was a few minutes before anyone could bring him back in. "Huh? What?"

"You okay, Bro.? We lost you there..."

"Yeah, D-Link. I'm fine... I just... well, you know what happened to me shortly after that..."


Pit's eyes shone in concern as he addressed Pittoo, "What happened?"

"... Koume and Kotake had a bit of revenge to dish out... And I was the target..."

After the high of battle, the two decided it was time to wind down, so D-Link called his horse and Pittoo became airborne. A while passed with no incident, but, suddenly, a tremendous heat lit up the angel's wings. "AAAHHHHH!" he screamed, fell unconscious, and plummeted to the earth below.

"What is that...?" His eyes focus on the falling form, bringing it into perspective, and he gasped. "Uh! Pittoo! Depona, hyah!" he cried as he spurred his horse into a gallop. As gently as he could, he caught the unconscious angel in his arms, making sure he had Depona match his speed perfectly to avoid injuring the angel further. "Pittoo! Pittoo!" D-Link called as he shook him, trying to rouse him, but to no avail. No...