Challenge fic: 100 to 400 word fic based on a summary we had to choose from a loooong list. I did 3.

Title: Breaking the Ice

Summary:When Emma threatens to take Henry away from Regina, Regina suddenly has flashbacks to the day she adopted Henry. She never meant to fall in love again but as soon as she saw the tiny baby, even her cold heart couldn't deny it; she was indeed in love, in a way she never experienced before.

Word Count: 341

"I am taking back my son!"

It was the first time since Emma Swan had arrived in Storybrook that Regina felt true fear.

Logically, the mayor knew that Emma did not have a leg to stand on when it came to custody of Henry. The law was on Regina's side, it was as simple as that. But the thought that she might actually lose her son, filled her with fear.

When she had first enacted the curse, Regina had spent days watching and yes taunting, Mary Margaret. Ordering everyone around, doing small things to make life miserable for those who deserved it had become an amusing past time and several years went by pleasurably and without much notice.

But things had changed. Years and years went by unnoticed by anyone but her. The pleasure she received from the others' misery, while still satisfying, started to eat away at the gaping hole in her chest that was the price of this curse.

An aching loneliness had begun to haunt her every waking moment.

The ice that encased her heart had only thickened during the eighteen years of living in Storybrook. She started to wish that her nights spent in the arms of the sheriff might melt it a little. It didn't.

When Mr. Gold had 'pitched' the idea of adopting a child, Regina had turned him down flat. But since he'd planted that little seed of an idea, it had grown until all she could thing about was having something of her own. Someone to obey, and maybe even love, her that wasn't magically induced to.

When the nurse had placed the infant in her arms, the crack of the ice around her heart breaking had seemed to be almost audible. It had been so long since she had felt love, she had been overcome by tears.

For the longest time, Regina had believed that she would never again experience love.

But she did love Henry. And if Emma Swan thought she could just take away Regina's son, well she was wrong.