Hello everyone! This is not a chapter, I'm very sorry, I know it's been just over a month since I last updated. Iv finished college and I went on a surprise holiday to see my best friend and when I got back my mum got news from the hospital about her operation which we have been preparing for. She is going in to hospital bright and early tomorrow morning for her operation and we don't know when she will be let out, so I'm very sorry but I won't be updating for maybe a week or two, just so I can be there to help my Mum in recovery! I hope you all understand and I will make it up to all you guys :)

When my Mum's recovered, I'll a load more chapters, extra chapters to Black Butterflies on Wattpad and also write about Bob as I have some sort of mini saga planned for him, next one will be Bob's hot date.

Also once Iv finished Love, Sex, Magic, I'll be taking a little break from that story and start another MV which I have some ideas for :)

Thanks for supporting this story so far, I hope I'm not letting any of you guys down!

I'm making this sound like im going forever lol, literally a week or two I will be gone for and then I will update! Promise!

Thankyou all of you :) x